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Most books can be ordered within 7-10 days, subject to availability. If you need a book urgently, or by a specific date, you can always contact us before ordering to ask how long it would take
Blinded by Corona: How the Pandemic Ruined Britain's Health and Wealth and What to Do about It - by John Ashton - £12.99
Professor Ashton has lifelong hands-on experience and a deep scholarly understanding of the science of public health, a discipline invented in Britain. In this scathing critique he notes that nothing that the UK government has done to deal with COVID ... more

Bringing Up Race: How to Raise a Kind Child in a Prejudiced World - by Uju Asika - £16.99
You can't avoid it, because it's everywhere. In the looks my kids get in certain spaces, the manner in which some people speak to them, the stuff that goes over their heads. Stuff that makes them cry even when they don't know why. How do you bring up ... more

The Verso Book of Feminism: Revolutionary Words from Four Millennia of Rebellion - by Jessie Kindig (Editor) - £10.99
Throughout written history and across the world, women have protested the restrictions of gender and the limitations placed on women's bodies and women's lives. People - of any and no gender - have protested and theorized, penned manifestos and writt ... more

The Cost of Free Shipping: Amazon in the Global Economy - by Jake Alimahomed-Wilson and Ellen Reese - £19.99
Amazon is the most powerful corporation on the planet and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, has become the richest person in history, and one of the few people to profit from a global pandemic. Its dominance has reshaped the global economy itself: we live in the ... more

On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal - by Naomi Klein - £10.99
For more than twenty years Naomi Klein's books have defined our era, chronicling the exploitation of people and the planet and demanding justice. On Fire gathers for the first time more than a decade of her impassioned writing from the frontline of c ... more

Amexica: War Along the Borderline - by Ed Vulliamy - £10.99
Between the interiors of the USA and Mexico lies a borderland: Amexica. A terrain astride the world's busiest frontier, teeming with migrants, factory workers, narcos, tourists, heroines and heroes, ranchers and rogues. A border both porous and harsh ... more

The People's Republic Of Neverland: The Child versus the State - by Robb Johnson - £17.99
There once was a time when teachers and communities were able to exercise democratic control over their schools. Now that power has been taken away, both centralised and privatised, under the guise of “reform.” There is a forgotten history of the ... more

This Land: The Story of a Movement - by Owen Jones - £20.00
The No.1 bestselling author of The Establishment returns with an urgent analysis of where the Left - and Britain - goes next.  We live in an age of upheaval. The global crisis of Covid-19 has laid bare the deep social and economic inequalitie ... more

Another Now: Dispatches from an Alternative Present - by Yanis Varoufakis - £16.99
What would a fair and equal society actually look like? The world-renowned economist and bestselling author Yanis Varoufakis presents his radical and subversive answer. Imagine it is 2025. Years earlier, in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, a ... more

Left Out: The Inside Story of Labour Under Corbyn - by Gabriel Pogrund and Patrick Maguire - £18.99
Left Out is the first full account of Labour's recent transformation and historic defeat. The 2017 parliament began with Labour on the precipice of power, and its left-most fringe - for so long alienated within its own party - closer to government th ... more

How To Resist Amazon And Why (Zine) - by Danny Caine - £3.50
When a company's workers are literally dying on the job, when their business model relies on preying on local businesses and even their own vendors, when their CEO is literally the richest person in the world while their workers make low wages with i ... more

Fake Law: The Truth About Justice in an Age of Lies - by The Secret Barrister - £20.00
Could the courts really order the death of your innocent baby? Was there an illegal immigrant who couldn't be deported because he had a pet cat? Are unelected judges truly enemies of the people?   Most of us think the law is only relevant to ... more

The Art of Disruption: A Manifesto For Real Change - by Magid Magid - £12.99
A guide to being courageous and community-minded, and to disrupting and dismantling age-old power structures in work, life and politics, written by someone who has done exactly that.  Let's be honest. Magid Magid's story seems an unlikely one.  ... more

She Speaks: Women's Speeches That Changed the World, from Pankhurst to Greta - by Yvette Cooper - £7.99
Looking at lists of the greatest speeches of all time, you might think that powerful oratory is the preserve of men. But the truth is very different – countless brave and bold women have used their voices to inspire change, transform lives and radi ... more

Bandit Capitalism: Carillion and the Corruption of the British State - by Bob Wylie - £14.99
The collapse in January 2018 of the construction giant Carillion, outsourcer of huge Government building contracts, is one of the great financial scandals of modern times. When it folded it had only GBP29 million in the bank and debts and other liabi ... more

Dispatches from the Vanguard: The Global International African Arts Movement versus Donald J. Trump - by Patrick A Howell - £10.99
Scheduled for release at the top of the 2020 US Presidential election, Dispatches from the Vanguard channels the global soul's hunger for freedom from authoritarian control.   Partnering with dozens of Pulitzer Prize Winners, New York Times Bes ... more

Three Years in Hell: The Brexit Chronicles - by Fintan O'Toole - £20.00
THREE YEARS IN THE TROUBLED BRITISH ISLES FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF HEROIC FAILURE.   In 2011 Queen Elizabeth made her first ever state visit to the Irish Republic. It was a great, moving occasion.   'In settling once and for all ... more

A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things - by Raj Patel and Jason W. Moore - £9.99
Nature, money, work, care, food, energy, and lives: these are the seven things that have made our world and will shape its future. In making these things cheap, modern commerce has transformed, governed, and devastated Earth. In A History of the ... more

Ecocide: Kill the Corporation Before it Kills Us - by David Whyte - £9.99
We have reached the point of no return. The existential threat of climate change is now a reality. The world has never been more vulnerable.   Yet corporations are already planning a life beyond this point. The business models of fossil fuel g ... more

How to Stay Sane in an Age of Division - by Elif Shafak - £4.99
It feels like the world is falling apart. So how do we keep hold of our optimism? How do we nurture the parts of ourselves that hope, trust and believe in something better? And how can we stay sane in this world of division?  In this beautifu ... more

Skin Deep: Dispelling the Science of Race - by Gavin Evans - £10.99
Racial differences are rooted in biological reality, right? That's certainly what a small group of anthropologists, psychologists and pundits would have you believe. Portraying themselves as brave defenders of the inconvenient truth, this group took ... more

Lowborn: Growing Up, Getting Away and Returning to Britain’s Poorest Towns - by Kerry Hudson - £8.99
A powerful, personal agenda-changing exploration of poverty in today’s Britain.  'When every day of your life you have been told you have nothing of value to offer, that you are worth nothing to society, can you ever escape that sense of being ... more

Unapologetic: A Black, Queer, and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements - by Charlene A. Carruthers - £11.99
A manifesto from one of America’s most influential activists which disrupts political, economic, and social norms by reimagining the Black Radical Tradition.  Drawing on Black intellectual and grassroots organizing traditions, including the Hai ... more

Fifty Years On: The Troubles and the Struggle for Change in Northern Ireland - by Malachi O'Doherty - £9.99
Fifty years ago, an eruption of armed violence traumatized Northern Ireland and transformed a period of street protest over civil rights into decades of paramilitary warfare by republicans and loyalists.  In this evocative memoir, Malachi O'Dohe ... more

Rule Britannia: Brexit and the End of Empire - by Danny Dorling and Sally Tomlinson - £9.99
When empires crumble, what happens to those left in the ruins?   In Rule Britannia, Danny Dorling and Sally Tomlinson argue that the vote to leave the EU was the last gasp of the old empire working its way out of the British psyche. Fuelled by a ... more

The Ungrateful Refugee - by Dina Nayeri - £10.99
A timely, provocative and personal examination of the refugee experience.  What is it like to be a refugee? It is a question many of us do not give much thought, and yet there are more than 25 million refugees in the world. To be a refugee is to ... more

Pandemic Solidarity: Mutual Aid During the Covid-19 Crisis - by Marina Sitrin and Colectiva Sembrar (Editors) - £14.99
In times of crisis, when institutions of power are laid bare, people turn to one another. Pandemic Solidarity collects firsthand experiences from around the world of people creating their own narratives of solidarity and mutual aid in the time of the ... more

See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love - by Valarie Kaur - £14.99
Renowned activist, filmmaker and civil rights lawyer Valarie Kaur made headlines when her 'Breathe and Push' speech on how to survive in a time of rage went viral with 30 million views worldwide. In this inspiring and timely debut, she shows you how ... more

Strike! (50th Anniversary Edition) - by Jeremy Brecher - £23.99
Jeremy Brecher's Strike! narrates the dramatic story revolts by working class people in America. This hidden history is told from the point of view of the rank-and-file workers who lived it, encompassing the repeated repression of workers' rebellions ... more

Superior: The Return of Race Science - by Angela Saini - £9.99
Where did the idea of race come from, and what does it mean? In an age of identity politics, DNA ancestry testing and the rise of the far-right, a belief in biological differences between populations is experiencing a resurgence. The truth is: race i ... more

The Little Book of Politics - by Various authors - £8.99
Packed with infographics and flowcharts that explain complex concepts in a simple but exciting way, this book is the perfect pocket-sized introduction to politics and political thought.   From the origins of democracy to Machiavelli's cunning ... more

Fully Automated Luxury Communism: A Manifesto - by Aaron Bastani - £9.99
A different kind of politics for a new kind of society—beyond work, scarcity and capitalism.  In the twenty-first century, new technologies should liberate us from work. Automation, rather than undermining an economy built on full employment, i ... more

Dying for an iPhone: Apple, Foxconn and the Lives of China's Workers - by Jenny Chan, Mark Selden and Pun Ngai - £14.99
Suicides, excessive overtime, hostility and violence on the factory floor in China. Drawing on vivid testimonies from rural migrant workers, student interns, managers and trade union staff, Dying for an iPhone is a devastating expose of two of the wo ... more

So You Want to Talk About Race - by Ijeoma Oluo - £8.99
In So You Want to Talk About Race, editor-at-large of The Establishment Ijeoma Oluo offers a contemporary, accessible take on the racial landscape in America, addressing head-on such issues as privilege, police brutality, intersectionality, micro-ag ... more

Dare To Be Great: Unlock Your Power to Create a Better World - by Polly Higgins - £7.99
'I know it may not yet look like it, but we are sowing the seeds of greatness for countless generations to come. That is the Great Work of our times. Yours and mine.'  This is a book unlike any other.  It does not tell you what you mu ... more

Abolish Silicon Valley: How to Liberate Technology from Capitalism - by Wendy Liu - £10.99
Former insider turned critic Wendy Liu busts the myths of the tech industry, and offers a galvanising argument for why and how we must reclaim technology's potential for the public good.   Meritocracy. The possibility of overnight success. Wha ... more

Resistance: A Songwriter's Story of Hope, Change and Courage - by Tori Amos - £16.99
Since the release of her first, career-defining solo album Little Earthquakes, Tori Amos has been one of the music industry’s most enduring and ingenious artists. From her unnerving depiction of sexual assault in “Me and a Gun” to her post-9/11 ... more

A Left that Dares to Speak Its Name: 34 Untimely Interventions - by Slavoj Zizek - £14.99
With irrepressible humor, Slavoj Zizek dissects our current political and social climate, discussing everything from Jordan Peterson and sex “unicorns” to Greta Thunberg and Chairman Mao. Taking aim at his enemies on the Left, Right, and Center, ... more

Forced Out: A Detective's Story of Prejudice and Resilience - by Kevin Maxwell - £14.99
Kevin Maxwell was a dream candidate for the police force – he had a long-held desire to serve his community, a strong moral compass and a clear aptitude for both the strategic and practical aspects of policing. And, as a gay black man from a workin ... more

City on Fire: The Fight for Hong Kong - by Antony Dapiran - £9.99
A long-term resident and expert observer of dissent in Hong Kong takes readers to the frontlines of Hong Kong’s revolution.  Through the long, hot summer of 2019, Hong Kong burned. Anti-government protests, sparked by a government proposal ... more

Poetry from the Future: Why a Global Liberation Movement Is Our Civilisation's Last Chance - by Srecko Horvat - £9.99
"A compelling vision, an urgent necessity, and not beyond reach"(Noam Chomsky) The past is forgotten, and the future is without hope. Dystopia has become a reality. This is the new normal in our apocalyptic politics - but if we accept it, our ... more

Can't Pay, Won't Pay: The Fight to Stop the Poll Tax - by Simon Hannah - £16.99
Thirty years ago, a social movement helped bring down one of the most powerful British Prime Ministers of the 20th Century. For the 30th anniversary of the Poll Tax rebellion, Simon Hannah looks back on those tumultuous days of resistance, telling th ... more

XOXY: A Memoir - Intersex Woman, Mother, Activist - by Kimberly M Zieselman - £12.99
Meet Kimberly, a regular suburban housewife and mother, whose discovery later in life that she was born intersex fuelled her to become an international human rights defender and globally-recognised activist.   Charting her intersex discovery a ... more

How to Argue With a Racist: History, Science, Race and Reality - by Adam Rutherford - £12.99
Race is real because we perceive it. Racism is real because we enact it. But the appeal to science to strengthen racist ideologies is on the rise – and increasingly part of the public discourse on politics, migration, education, sport and intellige ... more

Slowdown: The End of the Great Acceleration - Why It's Good for the Planet, the Economy & Our Lives - by Danny Dorling - £18.99
The end of our high-growth world was underway well before COVID-19 arrived. In this powerful and timely argument, Danny Dorling demonstrates the benefits of a larger, ongoing societal slowdown.  Drawing from an incredibly rich trove of global ... more

Skint Estate: A Memoir of Poverty, Motherhood and Survival - by Cash Carraway - £9.99
“Everyone has their price. It’s just not always monetary. Mine is though. 20 quid.”  Single mum. ‘Stain on society’. Caught in a poverty trap. It’s a luxury to afford morals and if you’re Cash Carraway, you do what you can to survi ... more

Imagine A Country: Ideas for a Better Future - by Val McDermid and Jo Sharp (editors) - £12.00
The first step on the road to change is to imagine possibility.  Imagine A Country offers visions of a new future from an astonishing array of Scottish voices, from comedians to economists, writers to musicians.  Edited, curated and introduc ... more

The Address Book: What Street Addresses Reveal about Identity, Race, Wealth and Power - by Deirdre Mask - £16.99
An exuberant work of popular history: why something as seemingly mundane as an address can save lives or serve the powerful.  Starting with a simple question, 'what do street addresses do?', Deirdre Mask travels the world and back in time to ... more

Battling Eight Giants: Basic Income Now - by Guy Standing - £12.99
Today in one the richest countries in the world, 60% of households in poverty have people in jobs, inequality is the highest it has been for 100 years, climate change threatens our extinction and automation means millions are forced into a life of pr ... more

Stories from a Migrant City: Living and Working Together in the Shadow of Brexit - by Ben Rogaly - £19.99
This book intervenes in the immigration debate, showing how moving away from a racialized local/migrant dichotomy can help to unite people on the basis of their common humanity.  Drawing on over one hundred stories and eight years of research in a p ... more

Radical Scotland: Uncovering Scotland - by Kenny MacAskill - £20.00
‘I have devoted myself to the cause of the people. It is a good cause – it shall ultimately prevail – it shall finally triumph.’ Thomas Muir   The Political Martyrs memorial in Edinburgh looms large on the city’s skyline but its his ... more

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