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Books about Liverpool & the North West, and books by local writers - brand new titles and lots of old favourites (browse related category Local Interest )

The Beatles in Pictures - by Ammonite Press - £9.99
The best-selling band in history, with sales of over a billion, The Beatles - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr - have had more number-one albums and sold more singles in the UK than any other act, and achieved more sales i ... more

Jurgen Klopp: The Biography - by Elmar Neveling - £16.99
"It is the intensity of the football, of how the people live football in Liverpool, all the Liverpool fans around the world. It is not a normal club, it is a special club."(Jurgen Klopp) Jürgen Klopp is the charismatic German manager who single-h ... more

A History of Women's Lives in Liverpool - by Gill Rossini - £12.99
The story of Liverpool’s women is one of diversity and contrast. This iconic port has welcomed countless nationalities over the centuries, both as residents and passing migrants; it has experienced both great prosperity, and crushing poverty. Liver ... more

Numero 6: Reliving a Historic Year Following Liverpool Football Club - by The Anfield Wrap, edited by Josh Sexton - £14.99
Numero 6 relives an unforgettable and historic year for Liverpool Football Club. A year of inexorable hope, unprecedented success and European adventure; where domestic disappointment was swiftly followed by incredible, dramatic triumphs on the highe ... more

And in the End: The Last Days of the Beatles - by Ken McNab - £16.99
This is the story of the last acrimonious days of the Beatles, a final chapter reconstructing for the first time the seismic events of 1969, the year that saw the band reach new highs of musical creativity and new lows of internal strife. Two years a ... more

Inn Liverpool - by Bob Thurlow and David Wrightson - £19.99
When Bob Thurlow wrote Inn Liverpool over 40 years ago, Liverpool was going through a decade of rapid change. The city centre was being restructured and many familiar buildings were demolished to make way for the new. Among the many losses were dozen ... more

Vegan North - by Anna Tebble and Katie Fisher - £15.00
Vegan North celebrates the best of the burgeoning vegan food scene across the north of England: down to Sheffield, across to Liverpool and Manchester, and as far up as Newcastle. The recipes and stories of restaurants, cafes, small producers, bars an ... more

The Well at Winter Solstice - by Eleanor Rees - £9.99
hese are the voices of those who are silent: in the graveyards, holy wells, the river, the changing tides. A ghostly choir of lost children, hermits, lovers and rough sleepers, serving maids and sailor boys, saints and hermaphrodites resounding throu ... more

Cinderella Soldiers: The Irish in Liverpool in the Great War - by Colin Cousins - £16.99
Based on extensive research, Cinderella Soldiers uncovers the experiences of the Liverpool Irish Battalion during the Great War. The ethnic core of the battalion represented more than mere shamrock sentimentality: they had been raised within the Cath ... more

The Beatles Book - by Hunter Davies - £16.99
Hunter Davies, the only ever authorised biographer of the group, has produced the essential Beatles guide. Divided into four sections – People, Songs, Places and Broadcast and Cinema – it covers all elements of the band’s history and vividly br ... more

Liverpool and the Slave Trade - by Anthony Tibbles - £14.95
During the course of more than four centuries, merchants in Liverpool were responsible for forcibly transporting over a million and a half Africans across the Atlantic to work as enslaved labourers on the plantations of the Caribbean as their ships c ... more

"For the Sake of the Women Who Are To Come After": Manchester's Radical Women 1914 to 1945 - by Michael Herbert - £5.95
This book tells the dramatic stories of Manchester women who campaigned for social change and progress in the years between 1914 and 1945.  It includes women who: campaigned during the First World War for a just and lasting peace that would prevent ... more

Truth Street - by David Cain - £7.99
On 15 April 1989, during the opening minutes of the FA Cup semi-final between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool, 96 men, women and children died in what remains the most serious tragedy in UK sporting history – the Hillsborough Stadium disaster. Thou ... more

Ships of the Chester River - by Richard Martin - £16.00
Ships of the Chester River is the history of more than 600 vessels that were launched after 1800 in the Dee estuary, in Chester and North Wales, and the families and companies that built them.   Although the industry on the Dee was not on the ... more

Liverpool Liver Birds - by Ali Harwood - £10.00
Join Liverpool's fabled feathered friends on an awesome adventure around their sensational city.... ....for curious folk of all ages. ... more

Flaybrick Hill Cemetery - Birkenhead Cemetery - by Roy Dutton - £9.99
Flaybrick Hill Cemetery (now known as Flaybrick Memorial Gardens)  Designed by renowned Victorian landscape designer Edward Kemp and opened in 1864. Flaybrick is the final resting place of over 100,000 people from the Wirral area and beyond, in ... more

The History of New Brighton Tower - by Roy Dutton - £29.99
One of the most important structures ever built in Victorian Britain, the tallest building in the land, it stood at 567 feet. The Tower had been constructed in record time. It towered over the greatest port in the land, a beacon to the shipping that ... more

Sixteen Decades in Wallasey - by Roy Dutton - £25.99
Reminiscences of New Brighton and Liverpool.   "The constant procession of ocean-going liners up and down the Mersey was a real spectacle. Wallasey has eight miles of promenade,fringed by golden sands with children's talent contests "Joytime" ... more

Pulp Idol Firsts 2019 - by Various authors - £4.99
Pulp Idol is a novel writing competition run by Writing on the Wall, Liverpool's longest running writing and literary organisation. Many new novelists, including Ariel Kahn - Raising Sparks, James Rice - Alice and the Fly, John Donoghue - The Death's ... more

Salah - King of The Kop - by Frank Worrall - £8.99
This is the story of the new King of the Kop.   When Mohamed Salah signed for Liverpool from Rome in 2017, his record fee was initially greeted with some scepticism. While he'd been singled out as a future star back in Egypt, and performed wel ... more

The Irish in Manchester C.1750-1921: Resistance, Adaptation and Identity - by Mervyn Busteed - £19.99
This book examines the development of the Irish community in Manchester, one of the most dynamic cities of nineteenth-century Britain. Based on research into a wide variety of local sources, it examines the process by which the Irish came to be blame ... more

Inside Pale Eyes: A Dream Noir - by Dave Ward, illustrated by Bryan Biggs - £5.99
A fractured narrative of grey twilight where half-glimpsed figures flicker through a deserted city-scape. Connection is everything, but nobody connects.  The flowers smell of passion. Of dust. Of dirt. Of hurt that floods a siren’s dirge up ... more

Zero Hours (The Manchester Trilogy, Book Two) - by Neil Campbell - £9.99
n this, the second volume of a projected Manchester trilogy, the young writer takes a zero-hours job in a mail-sorting depot but struggles to cope with the demands of menial work and the attitudes of his colleagues. Only after rescuing and acquiring ... more

Imagine John Yoko - by John Lennon and Yoko Ono - £35.00
In 1971, John Lennon & Yoko Ono conceived and recorded the critically acclaimed album Imagine at their Georgian country home, Tittenhurst Park, in Berkshire, England, in the state-of-the-art studio they built in the grounds, and at the Record Plant i ... more

Scouse Pop - by Paul Skillen - £25.00
Scouse Pop is a journey into the personalities and music of the successful pioneering Liverpool pop bands of the late seventies and eighties. It examines their motivations, their uniqueness and the routes to success which made them into enduring musi ... more

TranScripts - by Various authors - £2.99
Ten exciting new writers challenging what we think we know.   TranScripts was an exciting 8-week creative writing course for people in Liverpool who identify as trans* or non-binary gender, delivered in partnership with Writing on the Wall and Liv ... more

Cosmocartography - by Ciarán Hodgers - £9.99
Cosmocartography is the debut poetry collection from multi-awardwinning Irish poet Ciarán Hodgers. It investigates a wide range of personal experiences, challenges what it means to belong and documents the journeys we take to understand ourselves, t ... more

Bess - by Rose Thomas - £7.99
Bess, young, black and part of a new generation growing up in post-war Liverpool, faces age-old racism amidst new opportunities for work, and personal, social and sexual exploration.   Returning to Liverpool from her home in London, Bess ponde ... more

Freaks Like Me - by Georgina Peterson - £7.99
Georgie was just a typical teenager when it happened; she was studying hard for a place at her dream university and having fun with her friends on weekends. She always knew what was coming next. She had her entire life planned, until one night and on ... more

An Atlantic Light - by Tony Wailey - £6.99
The long poem in this collection concerns the snooker player, Alex Higgins, the footballer George Best and the boxer Johnny Caldwell. All died of drink, all died in poverty, whether relative or acute, all came from a city in one country and all found ... more

Boot Room Boys: The Unseen Story of Anfield's Conquering Heroes - by Peter Hooton - £20.00
Picture this: Saturday afternoons at Anfield, orange match balls, passionate terraces, a sea of red and Liverpool FC rules the world.  The Boot Room story starts in 1959 when Bill Shankly arrived and converted a 12 x 12 storage room into a me ... more

Liverpool: Gateway to Heaven and Hell - A Personal Odyssey - by Neil Deane - £16.99
This book on Liverpool offers the reader many things: a comprehensive social and cultural history; an insider travel guide; an analysis of the city's people and the places they inhabit; the gripping tale of the Beatles in their Liverpool home and an ... more

Beautiful World, Where Are You? - by Sinéad McCarthy (Editor) - £18.95
Published on the occasion of the tenth edition of Liverpool Biennial, this book reflects on the timely question: Beautiful world, where are you? It is derived from a 1788 poem by the German poet Friedrich von Schiller, later set to music by Austrian ... more

Peterloo: Voices, Sabres and Silence - by Graham Phythian - £16.99
On 16 August 1819 on St Peter’s Field, Manchester, a peaceful demonstration of some 60,000 workers and reformers was brutally dispersed by sabrewielding cavalry, resulting in at least fifteen dead and over 600 injured. Within days the slaughter was ... more

Liverpool's Musical Landscapes - by Robert Kronenburg and Sara Cohen - £25.00
Liverpool has gained a national and international reputation for popular music, most recently recognised in its designation as a UNESCO City of Music. This book examines Liverpool’s popular music through the history of the places where it has been ... more

Historic Streets of Liverpool - by David Paul - £14.99
The thriving city of Liverpool has become particularly well known over the last century for its maritime industry, contributions to sport and, of course, its legendary musical heritage. However, this city has a history that stretches back hundreds of ... more

The Beatles in India - by Paul Saltzman - £25.00
This new edition of The Beatles in India brings intimate images of the group, taken at an ashram in Rishikesh, India, to a wider audience than ever before, and commemorates the 50th anniversary of their famous trip. No photographers or press were all ... more

The Beatles: Yellow Submarine - by The Beatles, illustrated by Heinz Edelmann - £6.99
Join the Beatles as they set off on a magical adventure to bring music and love back to Pepperland in this anniversary paperback.  Once upon a time (or maybe twice), some 80,000 leagues beneath the sea, there lay a colourful land of music and ... more

The Blue Badge Guide's Liverpool Quiz Book - by Peter J. Colyer - £7.99
Celebrating Liverpool’s cultural heritage, world-class sport and unrivalled musical legacy, this quiz book invites you to come on a wide-ranging exploration of this vibrant city.  Peel away its many layers in the company of one of Liverpool’ ... more

Historic England: Liverpool - by Hugh Hollinghurst - £14.99
This illustrated history portrays one of England’s finest cities. It provides a nostalgic look at Liverpool’s past and highlights the special character of some of its most important historic sites.   The photographs are taken from the Hist ... more

The Terrible - by Yrsa Daley-Ward - £9.99
"A major literary talent... speaks about the power and powerlessness that young women are subject to in a wholly fresh, clear-eyed way... you'll find it hard to come away from The Terrible without a stab of recognition in your chest."(Stylist) 'You ... more

Shouldn't Throw Stones: The View of a Night Watchman - by Kevin Casey - £14.99
Shouldn't Throw Stones: The View of a Night Watchman is a body of work undertaken by photographer Kevin Casey, who has taken a job as a Night Watchman at the former Head Quarters of what was once an industrial powerhouse, Pilkington Glass. The modern ... more

We Shall Not Be Moved - by Brian Marren - £20.00
The city of Liverpool had frequently been prone to industrial unrest for most of its recent history, but it was the dawn of Thatcher and the sanctioning of neoliberal economic strategies which made Liverpool a nucleus of resistance against the encroa ... more

The Night Brother - by Rosie Garland - £8.99
Late nineteenth-century Manchester is a city of charms and dangers the perfect playground for young siblings, Edie and Gnome. But as they grow up, they grow apart, and while Gnome revels in the night-time, Edie wakes each morning, exhausted and uneas ... more

Twenty One: 21 Stories of Women Who Shaped Our City - by The Women - £9.99
*** This lovely book features NfN's Mandy - who is one of the 21 amazing women! ***   Since the suffragette movement in the UK first began to call for the overall emancipation of women in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the ... more

Stay With Me, Rhys - by Melanie Jones - £7.99
‘Stay with me, Rhys,’ I kept saying over and over again. ‘Please stay with me. I love you.’  There was still no expression in his eyes. I was talking and talking to him, desperate to let him know I was there, but there was no flicker in his ... more

From Pitt Street to Granby - by Prof. Mike Boyle, Tony Wailey, Madeline Heneghan - £4.99
This is an important second book from Writing on the Wall based upon the Granby community and shows how parts of that community had moved from the southern docks around Pitt street 'up the hill' to the present day area we know and love in Liverpool 8 ... more

Twenty Theatres to See Before You Die - by Amber-Massie Blomfield - £14.99
A love letter to British theatre, Amber-Massie Blomfield explores twenty of the strangest, most talked-about and influential theatre spaces across the UK. From ruined playhouse to proscenium arch, from an amphitheatre hewn from the rock to a converte ... more

Two Tribes: Liverpool, Everton and a City on the Brink - by Tony Evans - £18.99
Cup Final Day, 1986, and the eyes of the world are on Liverpool and Everton as they walk out on to Wembley’s lush green turf. Pumped with pride and passion, the two best teams in Europe are about to engage in a gladiatorial battle in front of 100,0 ... more

Arthur Bee Has a Secret - by Shaun Millea, illustrated by Carole Chevalier - £7.99
Arthur Bee has a secret!   It's a secret that he's too embarrassed to talk about. It's secret that bees aren't expected to have, and the whole beehive is affected.   How will Queen Bee react when she finds out Arthur's secret? ... more

Never Mind the Toffees 2: Another Ultimate Everton Quiz Book - by Gavin Buckland - £7.99
If you enjoyed the first volume of the definitive quiz book on Everton Football Club, this all-new sequel is for you. Packed with over 300 carefully researched questions, it will test the breadth and depth of your Toffees knowledge – from the famil ... more

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