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New Books for Younger Children

Picture books and stories for children aged 0-6. (browse related category Childrens & Teenage Books )

Most books can be ordered within 7-10 days, subject to availability. If you need a book urgently, or by a specific date, you can always contact us before ordering to ask how long it would take
Boys Dance! - by John Robert Allman, illustrated by Luciano Lozano - £13.99
A lively and encouraging picture book celebrating boys who love to dance, from the renowned American Ballet Theatre.  Boys who love to dance are center stage in this encouraging, positive, rhyming picture book about guys who love to pirouette ... more

A Gift for Amma: Market Day in India - by Meera Sriram, illustrated by Mariona Cabassa - £6.99
In this #OwnVoices book inspired by the author’s hometown of Chennai, India, a girl explores the vibrant rainbow of delights in a southern Indian street market as she searches for a gift for her amma (mother).  Educational endnotes explain all ... more

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth (Book & CD) - by Oliver Jeffers - £8.99
#1 New York Times Bestseller and #1 TIME Best Book of the Year for 2017. Audio Production Awards, Audio Performer of the Year - Gold Winner, 2018   This book and CD edition of the exquisite and thought-provoking Here We Are comes with heartfe ... more

Pirate Stew - by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Chris Riddell - £12.99
Meet LONG JOHN McRON, SHIP'S COOK.... and the most unusual babysitter you've ever seen.   Long John has a whole crew of wild pirates in tow, and - for two intrepid children - he's about to transform a perfectly ordinary evening into a riotous ... more

My Nana's Garden - by Dawn Casey, illustrated by Jessica Courtney-Tickle - £6.99
Grandmother's Garden is tangled with weeds, "Wildflowers, says grandma, food for the bees."   A little girl visits her grandmother in summer and winter, and together they explore the wonders of Grandmother's garden.   One day, Grandmother i ... more

The Boy Who Loved Everyone - by Jane Porter - £7.99
A sweet and charmingly illustrated picture book about the ways we express love.   "I love you," Dimitri tells everyone, from his friends at nursery to the big tree in the playground. But why does no one say it back? Dimitri worries no one lov ... more

King Leonard's Teddy - by Phoebe Swan - £6.99
Shortlisted for The Little Rebels Children's Book Award 2020 Finalist 'Teach Early Years Awards 2019: Picture Books category'   King Leonard is so rich that he can buy whatever he wants. Anything old or broken is thrown onto the growing pil ... more

Sneaky Beak - by Tracey Corderoy - £6.99
Is your bath BUBBLY enough? Is your bed BOUNCY enough? Is your cereal CRUNCHY enough? Don't delay - call Sneaky Beak TODAY for deals beyond your wildest dreams!   Bear and Hamster are perfectly content... until gadget-mad salesman, Sneak ... more

The Littlest Yak - by Lu Fraser - £6.99
Perfect for fans of Rachel Bright and Julia Donaldson, The Littlest Yak is joyous, rhyming caper that teaches little ones to celebrate their own unique talents! On the tip of the top of a mountain all snowy, where the ice-swirling, toe-curling b ... more

The World Made a Rainbow - by Michelle Robinson and Emily Hamilton - £6.99
Let's paint a big rainbow to put on display.  When people pass by it and see it, they'll say ... 'All rainstorms must end, and this rainstorm will too.'  And they'll feel a bit happier, all thanks to you.   Light can't shine without dar ... more

How Am I Feeling? A Little Guide to My Emotions (Board book) - by Dorling Kindersley Ltd - £4.99
This cute board book helps young children understand their emotions and how their feelings can influence their actions.  It is often difficult for children, and adults, to articulate their emotions and to understand why they act the way they do. ... more

In Every House, on Every Street - by Jess Hitchman and Lili la Baleine - £6.99
In every house, on every street... there is laughter and tears. There are friends. There is family. And there is love.   A heartwarming celebration of homes...  and all the families that make them.   Recommended for readers aged 3-6. ... more

My Hair (Board book) - by Danielle Murrell Cox - £6.99
A fresh and fun celebration of natural hair for babies and toddlers! My Hair is the perfect introduction to an array of beautiful hairstyles for tiny naturalistas-in-training!   Known for her popular Black Queens and Black Kings coloring books for ... more

Never Show A T-Rex A Book! - by Rashmi Sirdeshpande and Diane Ewen - £6.99
What would happen if you showed a T-Rex a book? Well, she wouldn't know what to do with it... would she?  A madcap, super silly adventure story rooted in the transformative power of books, created by incredible new picture-book duo Rashm ... more

Super Snail - by Elys Dolan - £6.99
Meet Kevin: ordinary slug by day, fearless, shell-wearing Super Snail by night. The superhero you didn't know you were waiting for - from the acclaimed creator of Weasels and Steven Seagull, Elys Dolan.   Kevin must prove his worth to the leg ... more

Kindness Makes Us Strong (Board book) - by Sophie Beer - £6.99
Whether we share a toy or rescue an animal, all acts of kindness – no matter how big or small – make our community stronger! ... more

All Kinds of Families - by Sophy Henn - £6.99
A wonderful celebration of the diversity of family life that is perfect for pre-schoolers, from award-winning author/illustrator Sophy Henn the creator of Where Bear?, Pass It On and the Lifesize series.   Just like us, animal families are al ... more

Meesha Makes Friends - by Tom Percival - £6.99
Meesha loves making things... but there's one thing she finds difficult to make - friends. She doesn't know quite what to do, what to say or when to say it, and she struggles reading and responding to social cues.  But one day she discovers t ... more

Freedom, We Sing - by Amyra Leon and Molly Mendoza - £11.99
I wonder, then, what freedom is. Is it a place? Is it a thought? Can it be stolen? Can it be bought?   As powerful as it is beautiful, Freedom, We Sing is a lyrical picture book designed to inspire and give hope to readers around the world. ... more

Clean Up! - by Nathan Bryon - £6.99
The sequel Nathan and Dapo's debut Look Up!  Join lovable, passionate Rocket as she sets off on a mission to save a Caribbean island from plastic pollution!   When Rocket goes for a holiday to visit her grandparents, she's shocked by ... more

Thank You, Heroes: A Celebration of Our Key Workers - by Patricia Hegarty and Michael Emmerson - £5.00
The world is full of heroes, and we are thankful for every single one!Let's hear it for all our helper heroes, from NHS staff to teachers and delivery drivers to carers, who are always there for us when the going gets tough. Spend time giving thanks ... more

Our Children Can Soar: A Celebration of Rosa, Barack, and the Pioneers of Change - by Michelle Cook - £6.99
This unique picture book is part history, part poetry, and entirely inspirational.   It takes the reader step by simple step through the cumulative story of the US Civil Rights Movement, showing how select pioneers' achievements led up to the ... more

One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference - by Katie Smith Milway, illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes - £9.99
Inspired by true events, One Hen tells the story of Kojo, a boy from Ghana who turns a small loan into a thriving farm and a livelihood for many.  After his father died, Kojo had to quit school to help his mother collect firewood to sell at t ... more

My Monster and Me - by Nadiya Hussain, illustrated by Ella Bailey - £6.99
The very first picture book from the winner of The Great British Bake Off and national treasure, Nadiya Hussain, beautifully illustrated by Ella Bailey.   A touching story about a little boy whose worry monster follows him everywhere he goes. ... more

That's My Daddy! - by Ruth Redford, illustrated by Dan Taylor - £6.99
You Choose meets My Dad is Brilliant in this celebration of daddies everywhere.   This engaging picture book encourages children to identify their daddies in a fun and interactive way.   Daddies come in all shapes and sizes but what i ... more

Cool Cuts - by Mechal Renee Roe - £12.99
Boys and their cool, natural hair are celebrated in this bright, joyful read-together picture book that will have kids everywhere chanting the book's chorus: "I am born to be awesome!"  When the stars shine, the world is mine! I am born to be awe ... more

Like the Ocean We Rise - by Nicola Edwards and Sarah Wilkins - £12.99
Our planet is vast and it's beautiful too, But it needs our help; it needs me, it needs you.   This timely peek-through picture book explores humans' impact on our Earth and how we can all make a difference.   Celebrate the international youth ... more

Love Makes a Family (Board Book) - by Sophie Beer - £10.99
This fun, inclusive board book celebrates the one thing that makes every family a family...  ...and that's LOVE.  Love is baking a special cake. Love is lending a helping hand. Love is reading one more book.  In this exuberant board book, ... more

Antiracist Baby (Board Book) - by Ibram X. Kendi, illustrated by Ashley Lukashevsky - £6.99
From the National Book Award-winning author of Stamped from the Beginning and How to Be an Antiracist comes a fresh new board book that empowers parents and children to uproot racism in our society and in ourselves.   Take your first steps with An ... more

Dear Earth - by Isabel Otter, illustrated by Clara Anganuzzi - £11.99
When Tessa writes a love letter to the Earth, it's the beginning of a glorious adventure.   She blows bubbles with whales, soars with birds and joins in with the noisy rainforest hullabaloo!   Tessa wants everyone to know how special our plan ... more

Boonoonoonous Hair - by Olive Senior, illustrated by Laura James - £6.99
In this vibrant and exquisitely illustrated picture book, written by Commonwealth Prize-winning Jamaican-Canadian Olive Senior, and with pictures by the acclaimed artist Laura James (the team that created Anna Carries Water), a young girl learns to l ... more

Happy Animals: Friends Not Food - by Liora Raphael and Glenn Saks, illustrated by Susan Szecsi - £14.99
This cheerful and beautifully illustrated children’s book provides an entertaining introduction to the meaning and compassion behind the choice to live a vegan lifestyle.   Kids will meet six named characters from the animal kingdom and lea ... more

I Don't Like Books. Never. Ever. The End. - by Emma Perry and Sharon Davey - £11.99
Once upon a time there was a little girl called Mabel. A girl who didn't like books...  A gorgeously warm picture book, celebrating the boundless potential of stories to inspire and delight. Sharon Davey’s superb illustrations add warmth, life ... more

Why Do We Cry? - by Fran Pintadera and Ana Sender - £14.99
A sensitive, poetic picture book using metaphors to explain the reasons for our tears, making it clear that everyone is allowed to cry, and that everyone does.  In a soft voice, Mario asks, "Mother, why do we cry?" His mother thinks for a moment, ... more

Bake a Rainbow Cake! (Board Book) - by Amirah Kassem - £11.99
Pour it! Mix it!  Bake it! Frost it! Make a wish! With wheels to spin, flaps to open, and tabs to pull, this board book is perfect for little bakers!In this interactive board book, create Flour Shop’s incredible rainbow explosion cake that, ... more

Superkitty versus Mousezilla - by Hannah Whitty, illustrated by Paula Bowles - £6.99
It's the day of the picnic party and the residents of Big City are busy making preparations, when disaster strikes... the shelves of Mr Fizz's Pop Shop are empty and nothing remains but a trail of crumbs at Mrs Appleton's Bakery!  But there's ... more

Animalphabet - by Julia Donaldson and Sharon King-Chai - £9.99
A hugely entertaining animal ABC guessing game with peep-through pages and amazing fold-out flaps, by the bestselling Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo, and award-winning illustrator Sharon King-Chai.  With eye-catching artwork and an e ... more

From My Window - by Otávio Júnior, illustrated by Vanina Starkoff - £7.99
What do you see from your window?   This #OwnVoices picture book from Brazil offers a first-hand view of what children growing up in the favelas of Rio de Janiero see everyday.   A vibrant and diverse celebration of urban community livi ... more

Number 7 Evergreen Street - by Julia Patton - £6.99
Pea lives in a flat at Number 7 Evergreen Street. It's a grey building in a grey street, in a grey city. Inside the building, however, it's not grey at all. Pea and her parents have lots of amazing, colourful neighbours.   One day, an army of ... more

My Friend Earth - by Patricia MacLachlan, illustrated by Francesca Sanna - £12.99
Celebrate Earth Day with this valentine to our wonderful planet from the Newbery Award-winning author of Sarah, Plain and Tall.  Our friend Earth does so many wonderful things! She tends to animals large and small. She pours down summer rain ... more

The Undefeated - by Kwame Alexander, illustrated by Kadir Nelson - £6.99
This is for the unforgettable. The unafraid. The undefeated.   From New York Times bestselling-author Kwame Alexander comes this powerful and important ode to black history: the strength and bravery of everyday people and the grit, passion, and pe ... more

The Weed - by Quentin Blake - £12.99
An inspiring fable about the power of nature, encouraging children and adults alike to care for the environment and each other.  The members of the Meadowsweet family suddenly and unexpectedly find themselves at the bottom of a giant crack in th ... more

Every Child A Song - by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Marc Martin - £6.99
When you were born, a song began...   So begins this lyrical and unique non-fiction picture book by award-winning children’s author Nicola Davies. With tenderness and heart, Nicola introduces young readers to the universal rights that every ... more

No! My First Book of Protest (Board book) - by Julie Merberg and Molly Egan - £9.99
What's YOUR child's favourite word?  Little ones will love to chime in with NO, NO! as they learn about speaking up for important issues like equality, education and the environment.   Fun, rhyming text introduces iconic activists from Martin ... more

The Extraordinary Gardener - by Sam Boughton - £6.99
Joe is a boy just like any other, but Joe loves to imagine. Joe lives in a pretty ordinary tower block, in a rather ordinary city. His world is rather grey. However, he spends his time imagining a wonderful world filled with exotic plants and unusual ... more

The Song of the Tree - by Coralie Bickford-Smith - £14.99
A lyrical, heart-warming new tale from the award-winning designer and creator of The Fox and the Star.  Bird loves to sing in the towering tree at the heart of the jungle. It feels like home. When the season changes she must say goodbye, b ... more

This Land Is Your Land - by Woody Guthrie (words and music) and Kathy Jakobsen (illustrations) - £14.99
Since Woody Guthrie wrote “This Land Is Your Land” in the 1940s, it has become one of the most familiar and best-loved folk songs in America. This is the only fully illustrated edition of the song in the marketplace.   Now more timely than ... more

Isle of You - by David LaRochelle, illustrated by Jaime Kim - £7.99
A deep breath and a little imagination are key in this gentle, beautifully illustrated story that will inspire little ones to lift their own spirits – and remember that they are loved.  Some days are harder to get through than others, but when ... more

Otto Blotter, Bird Spotter - by Graham Carter - £6.99
The Blotter family are famous bird spotters, who stay in their hide all day. All except for Otto – he’d rather go out and have big adventures.   When he follows the BIGGEST footprints he’s ever seen, he finds an extraordinary baby bird a ... more

The Garden Of Hope - by Isabel Otter and Katie Rewse - £6.99
A little girl finds courage and purpose as she transforms an overgrown and neglected garden into a place of beauty, love... and ultimately hope. ... more

Hey Black Child (Board book) - by Useni Eugene Perkins, illustrated by Bryan Collier - £5.99
Six-time Coretta Scott King Award winner and four-time Caldecott Honor recipient Bryan Collier brings this classic, inspirational poem to life, written by poet Useni Eugene Perkins.  Hey black child, Do you know who you are? Who really are ... more

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