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New Books for Younger Children

Picture books and stories for children aged 0-6. (browse related category Childrens & Teenage Books )

Mindfulness Moments for Kids: Listen Like an Elephant (Board book) - by Kira Willey, illustrated by Anni Betts - £5.99
Part of the Mindfulness Moments for Kids series, this mindful meditation exercise featuring a colorful elephant helps kids feel focused, wherever they are.  With Listen Like an Elephant, kids learn to slow down, listen to the world around them, a ... more

World of Dance: A Barefoot Collection - by Heidi E.Y. Stemple, illustrated by Helen Cann - £12.99
This gorgeous, global collection of 8 tales will enchant young dancers, introducing them to waltz, Noh dancing, limbo, flamenco, polka, belly dancing, Scottish reels and Malian dance through the stories.  Eight pages of illustrated endnotes explain ... more

How the Stars Came to Be - by Poonam Mistry - £11.99
Have you ever wondered how the stars came to be?   How the Stars Came to Be is a beautifully illustrated new folk tale, showing us a new way to look up at the night sky.   The fisherman’s daughter loved to dance in the sunlight, and b ... more

It's a No-Money Day - by Kate Milner - £6.99
A gentle, poignant and powerful exploration of foodbanks and life below the poverty line, from the Klaus Flugge Prize-winning creator of My Name is Not Refugee.   Mum works really hard, but today there is no money left and no food in the cupboar ... more

A Child of Books - by Oliver Jeffers - £7.99
In this inspiring, lyrical tale about the rewards of reading and sharing stories, a little girl sails her raft "across a sea of words" to arrive at the house of a small boy. There she invites him to come away with her on an adventure.  Through fores ... more

The Last Wolf - by Mini Grey - £6.99
Once upon a time, Little Red set off into the woods to catch a wolf...   But the woods aren't all they seem - and are there even any wolves left?  Mini Grey re-imagines the classic Little Red Riding Hood fable in an entirely new way. Can Litt ... more

My Footprints - by Bao Phi, illustrated by Basia Tran - £6.99
Every child feels different in some way, but Thuy feels "doubly different". She is of Vietnamese origin and she has two mums.  Thuy walks home one winter afternoon, angry and lonely after a bully's taunts. Then a bird catches her attention and s ... more

Moon - by Patricia Hegarty, illustrated by Britta Teckentrup - £7.99
Have you ever wondered why the moon shines in the night-time sky?   As the moon waxes and wanes above, the world below is full of busy night-time creatures; from turtles laying their eggs on white sandy beaches, to migrating birds using th ... more

The Tide - by Clare Helen Welsh - £11.99
Grandad doesn't remember things like he used to. But I love him as much as I always have. And I know that he loves me.   A story about families, laughter, and how we can help a loved one with dementia live well. ... more

Once Upon a Wild Wood - by Chris Riddell - £6.99
Little Green Raincape is on her way to Rapunzel's party, deep in the wild woods. The way is long and dark, but Green is a smart girl. Smart enough to turn down apples offered by kindly old ladies, smart enough to turn down travel advice from helpful ... more

We Are Together - by Britta Teckentrup - £7.99
On our own, we're special, and we can chase our dream. But when we join up, hand in hand, together, we're a team.   Celebrate the power of love and friendship in this beautiful book by award-winning illustrator and author Britta Teckentrup. W ... more

The Naughtiest Unicorn - by Pip Bird - £5.99
Mira CAN’T WAIT to start Unicorn School. (Her big sister goes and won’t stop going on about it). But when Mira arrives on her first day all the unicorns are gone... except Dave!  Dave isn’t quite the sparkly unicorn Mira was expecting to fi ... more

Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue - by Paula Harrison, illustrated by Jenny Løvlie - £5.99
Join Kitty and her cat crew on the rooftops for a series of enchanting adventures by the light of the moon.   Here, Kitty will discover that being a superhero is about more than using her special abilities - she must learn to be courageous ... more

I Love My Teacher - by Giles Andreae, illustrated by Emma Dodd - £6.99
A colourful, fun-filled picture book all about school!   Put your coat on the hook, play with friends and join in all the day’s activities. Start with show and tell, reading and writing, then playtime, making things and singing. Teache ... more

My Pet Star - by Rosalind Beardshaw, by Corrinne Averiss - £6.99
A magical story about the importance of kindness and friendship.   When a little girl finds a lost star, she takes it home and cares for it, just like a beloved pet. She reads it stories, makes it special snacks and tucks it into bed at night. ... more

You Can Never Run Out of Love - by Helen Docherty, illustrated by Ali Pye - £6.99
A heart-warming and funny tale about the different kinds of love, and how no matter how much love you give you can never run out.   You can’t measure love in a bucket or cup. You don’t have to worry you’ll use it all up. Because love ... more

The Dinosaur Department Store - by Lily Murray, illustrated by Richard Merritt - £6.99
Our feisty heroine Eliza Jane isn’t your average child. Instead of a cute, fluffy bunny, she has her heart firmly set on a prehistoric pet. Join Eliza Jane and her parents on a marvellous magical tour of their local dinosaur department store.  ... more

Yasmin the Teacher - by Saadia Faruqi, illustrated by Hatem Aly - £5.99
Yasmin's teacher, Ms. Alex, gets called away and puts Yasmin in charge! Being a teacher will be a doddle But when things go wrong, Yasmin must think fast to get the class back on track before Ms. Alex gets back.   This book also contains fascina ... more

Go, Mo, Go! Monster Mountain Chase - by Mo Farah, with Kes Gray - illustrated by Marta Kissi - £5.99
From Olympic gold medal winner Mo Farah and bestselling author of Oi Frog!, Kes Gray, comes a fun fiction series which will get kids reading, and running too!  After returning home from a long cross-country run, it’s time for Mo and his friends ... more

Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights - by Rob Sanders, illustrated by Jared Andrew Schorr - £12.99
A primer for peaceful protest, resistance, and activism from the author of Rodzilla and Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag.   Protesting. Standing up for what’s right. Uniting around the common good—kids have questions ab ... more

Dare - by Lorna Gutierrez, illustrated by Polly Noakes - £6.99
This simple yet inspirational poem encourages children everywhere to dare to dream big, to help others and speak out for what is right, but also to take time for simple joys and to be comfortable in their own skin.  With charming rhymes and ener ... more

Dave and the Tooth Fairy - by Verna Wilkins - £6.99
Dave has a wobbly tooth. He wibbles and wobbles it, but it won't come out. But then one day Dave lets out an enormous sneeze and the tooth flies across the room and vanishes. Dave searches high and low, but it's nowhere to be seen. How will he get th ... more

The Red Suitcase - by Giles Baum - £11.99
A beautiful and touching journey of one little dragon fleeing a home that has become dangerous and finding refuge in a new place and with new friends. The Red Suitcase is a simple and allegorical story with evocative illustrations and minimal text d ... more

The Only Way is Badger - by Stella J Jones, illustrated by Carmen Saldaña - £6.99
Badgers are best. Or so Badger thinks.   “If it’s not black and white then it’s just not right!” he says. But what if he’s wrong?  A book about acceptance, difference and learning to say sorry. ... more

We're Having a Baby (Board Book) - by Marion Cocklico - £6.99
The Big Steps series is designed to help little ones cope with everyday experiences in their little lives.  In We're Having a Baby, Nancy is going to be a big sister. Her family help her prepare for the new baby. See Grandma and Grandpa come to look ... more

Ocean Meets Sky - by The Fan Brothers - £7.99
From the creators of The Night Gardener, comes a stunning new picture book about a young boy who sets sail to find a place his grandfather told him about... the spot where the ocean meets the sky.   It's a good day for sailing.   Finn l ... more

Yasmin the Superhero - by Saadia Faruqi, illustrated by Hatem Aly - £5.99
Superhero Yasmin!  She's got the cape. She's got the mask. Now she just needs a villain to defeat! While she's looking for one, she meets lots of friends and neighbours who need her help, but no villains. Then Yasmin discovers that she might not nee ... more

No Longer Alone - by Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Robyn Wilson-Owen - £6.99
A new picture book from award-winning performance poet, Joseph Coelho.   This touching picture book subtly deals with big emotions such as loss, with an uplifting and hopeful message about being yourself and the importance of family and talkin ... more

The Same But Different Too - by Karl Newson, illustrated by Kate Hindley - £6.99
These children and animals are all very different to each other. Some are big, some are small. Some are gentle, some are rough. Everyone is playful, but who’s the best at hiding? One thing’s certain: they all love a good bedtime story!  The ... more

Astro Girl - by Ken Wilson-Max - £11.99
Astrid has always loved the stars and space. "I want to be an astronaut!" she says. While Mama is away, Papa and Astrid have fun acting out the challenges an astronaut faces on a space mission - eating food from a tube, doing science experiments, liv ... more

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea! - by Ben Clanton - £5.99
Narwhal is a happy-go-lucky narwhal. Jelly is a no-nonsense jellyfish. The two might not have a lot in common, but they do they love waffles, parties and adventures. Join Narwhal and Jelly as they discover the whole wide ocean together.  A wonder ... more

Suzy Orbit, Astronaut - by Ruth Quayle, illustrated by Jez Tuya - £6.99
When Suzy Orbit and her boss, Captain Gizmo, hear that aliens have been spotted near their space station, they must act fast! But Captain Gizmo has no batteries for his space pod, his swanky new spacesuit is far too small, and there’s no chance of ... more

The Suitcase - by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros - £6.99
When a strange-looking animal arrives pulling a big suitcase, the other animals are curious. What on earth could be inside that suitcase? A teacup? Maybe. A table and chair? Perhaps. A whole home and hillside with trees? This stranger must be fibbing ... more

Once Upon a World: The Little Mermaid (Board Book) - by Hannah Eliot, illustrated by Nívea Ortiz - £5.99
A classic fairy tale gets a fresh twist in this vibrant Caribbean spin on the Little Mermaid!  The Little Mermaid longs to know about the world above the ocean. When she’s finally old enough to visit, she falls in love with a prince! A sea witc ... more

Billy and the Dragon - by Nadia Shireen - £6.99
Our fearless heroine Billy is back!  Whilst at a fancy-dress party, something terrible happens: Billy's loyal sidekick Fatcat is kidnapped by a fire-breathing dragon. Uh-oh!   But luckily for Fatcat, Billy won't stand for that: off she ... more

Yasmin the Chef - by Saadia Faruqi, illustrated by Hatem Aly - £5.99
Yasmin loves hosting parties! Music, friends, fun! But what she doesn't love is the spicy food her Pakistani family serves.  Yasmin puts on her chef's hat and plans to make her own amazing, fantastic recipe ... as soon as she works out what that is! ... more

Wakey Birds - by Maddie Frost - £6.99
The jungle is a fascinating place full of exotic creatures. The most interesting of these is the Wakey Bird.   Wakey Birds get their name because they have trouble sleeping, and tonight the littlest Wakey Bird is finding it harder than ever. W ... more

Lonesome Bog and Little Dog - by Iona Tulloch & Harry Woodgate - £6.99
Do you love wildlife, dogs and peaty brown places to play? If so, you’ll adore Lonesome Bog and Little Dog, an enchanting story by Iona Tulloch and award-winning illustrator Harry Woodgate.   Little Dog and Lonesome Bog are misfits in the w ... more

Little Feminist Picture Book - by Yelena Moroz Alpert, Lydia Ortiz and Patrick Rafanan - £14.99
Celebrate 25 amazing women throughout history with Mudpuppy's Little Feminist Picture Book.   With easy to process words by Yelena Moroz Alpert and colorful illustrations by Lydia Ortiz and Patrick Rafanan, this book is the perfect way to int ... more

Breathe with Me: Using Breath to Feel Strong, Calm, and Happy - by Mariam Gates, illustrated by Sarah Jane Hinder - £14.99
Breathe with Me guides young ones ages 4–8 through six exercises to promote body awareness, calm anger, feel stronger in new situations, energize in the morning, and relax at bedtime.   Through visualization and play, this engaging breath-by-br ... more

Grandma Z - by Daniel Gray-Barnett - £6.99
On an ordinary day, in an even more ordinary town, it was Albert's birthday.   When Grandma Z roars into town on her motorcycle, Albert is swept up in a very extraordinary adventure.  This glorious debut from Daniel Gray-Barnett is ... more

Pencil Dog - by Leigh Hodgkinson - £6.99
This thought-provoking story centres on a little girl who has a pencil dog as a companion. Pencil Dog is imaginative, creative, and always able to turn a rainy day into a time of sunshine. But as time goes on, Pencil Dog gradually grows smaller and s ... more

Matisse's Magical Trail - by Tim Hopgood, illustrated by Sam Boughton - £6.99
A beautiful, colourful and bold picture book that encourages children to notice the small things, think big, and express themselves!   Matisse is a young snail who loves to create beautiful drawings with his trail. The trouble is most of the t ... more

Somebody Swallowed Stanley - by Sarah Roberts, illustrated by Hannah Peck - £6.99
"Plastic bags don't belong in the sea!"   Everybody has a taste for Stanley, but he is no ordinary jellyfish. Most jellyfish have dangly-gangly tentacles, but Stanley has two handles. Other jellyfish have a magical glow, but Stanley has strip ... more

If All the World Were... - by Joseph Coelho, llustrated by Allison Colpoys - £6.99
A moving, lyrical picture book about a young girl's love for her granddad and how she copes when he dies, written by poet and playwright Joseph Coelho.   This beautifully illustrated, powerful and ultimately uplifting text is the ideal way to ... more

Princess Arabella Is A Big Sister - by Mylo Freeman - £6.99
The newest title in the popular Princess Arabella series!   Princess Arabella can’t wait to have a younger sibling to play with. But what would be most fun – a brother or a sister? Sisters seem great... until she meets Prince Mimoun’s s ... more

Look Up! - by Nathan Bryon. illlustrated by Dapo Adeola - £6.99
3 ... 2 ... 1 ... LIFT OFF.   Let science-mad chatterbox Rocket launch into your hearts in this inspiring picture book.   Rocket's going to be the greatest astronaut, star-catcher, space-traveller that has ever lived!  But...&n ... more

The Grotlyn - by Benji Davies - £6.99
A stunningly illustrated picture book full of mystery and suspense, from the bestselling author of The Storm Whale and Grandad's Island.   “I know when the Grotlyn’s been Slipping through your house unseen...”   What is the myste ... more

Errol's Garden - by Gillian Hibbs - £6.99
Errol loves gardening, but he doesn’t have a proper garden. Although his home is full of beautiful plants, he longs for an outdoor space where he can grow things. A chance discovery leads to a solution, but Errol can’t do everything on his own. L ... more

It's Your World Now! - by Barry Falls - £6.99
So go and play and live and learn. It’s your world now, this is your turn to think and ask and make and do. The world is magic, just like you! A beautiful and funny celebration of the world and the potential of each and every child. This is ... more

My Two Grandads - by Floella Benjamin, illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain - £6.99
Aston's Grandad Roy played in a steel band and Grandad Harry played the trumpet in a brass band. Aston always enjoyed going to visit them and listen to them practise. But soon he wanted to join in. So he asked Grandad Roy to teach him to play the ste ... more

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