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Minority Women and Austerity: Survival and Resistance in France and Britain by Leah Bassel and Akwugo Emejulu - £24.99
In the first book of its kind, Bassel and Emejulu explore minority women’s experiences of and resistances to austerity measures in France and Britain. Minority women are often portrayed as passive victims. However, Minority Women and Austerity demo ... more
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The Marginalized Majority: Claiming Our Power in Post-Truth America by Onnesha Roychoudhuri - £14.99
Ever since the 2016 election, pundits have been saying our country has never been more divided — that if progressives want to reclaim power, we need to be “pragmatic,” reach across the aisle, and look past identity politics.  But what i ... more
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The Future is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia by Masha Gessen - £10.99
In The Future is History Masha Gessen follows the lives of four Russians, born as the Soviet Union crumbled, at what promised to be the dawn of democracy. Each came of age with unprecedented expectations, some as the children or grandchildren of the ... more
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Freedom Fighter: My War Against ISIS on the Frontlines of Syria by Joanna Palani - £9.99
The gripping story of one woman’s war against ISIS on the frontlines of Syria.   Joanna Palani made headlines across the world when her role fighting ISIS in the Syrian conflict was revealed. She is one of a handful of western women who joined t ... more
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Call Them by Their True Names: American Crises (and Essays) by Rebecca Solnit - £12.99
Beginning with the election of Donald Trump ("The Loneliest Man in the World") and expanding back and forth into American history, surveillance, violence against the individual, the denormalizing of misogyny and the rehumanizing of public space. &nbs ... more
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Brexit, No Exit: Why (in the End) Britain Won't Leave Europe by Denis MacShane - £8.99
The UK's Brexit vote in 2016 and the inconclusive general election just 12 months later have unleashed a wave of chaos and uncertainty - on the eve of formal negotiations with the EU.  Denis MacShane - former MP and Europe minister under Ton ... more
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Cracks in the Wall: Beyond Apartheid in Palestine/Israel by Ben White - £9.99
After decades of occupation and creeping annexation, Israel has created an apartheid, one state reality in historic Palestine. Peace efforts have failed because of one, inconvenient truth: the Israeli maximum on offer does not meet the Palestinian mi ... more
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National Geographic Almanac 2019 by National Geographic Society - £12.99
A one-of-a-kind annual featuring surprising facts, stunning color photos, arresting infographics, and illuminating maps that present the world in a whole new way.   An almanac like you've never seen before, this arresting volume features key i ... more
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A People's History of Scotland by Chris Bambery - £10.99
A People’s History of Scotland looks beyond the kings and queens, the battles and bloody defeats of the past. It captures the history that matters today, stories of freedom fighters, suffragettes, the workers of Red Clydeside, and the hardship and ... more
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The Women's Atlas by Joni Seager - £14.99
An invaluable feminist resource, hip cultural conversation about feminism, and example of cutting-edge data visualization, this beautifully designed new edition of Seager’s award-winning atlas matches the mood of the moment­ with bold, vivid infog ... more
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Viva La Revolucion: Hobsbawm on Latin America by Eric Hobsbawm - £12.99
Viva La Revolucion is Hobsbawm's magisterial work on Latin America, the fruit of forty years' writing about the continent.   In his autobiography Interesting Times: A Twentieth Century Life, published in 2002 when he was eighty-five years old, the ... more
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Reporting the Troubles: Journalists tell their stories of the Northern Ireland conflict by Deric Henderson and Ivan Little - £14.99
In Reporting the Troubles sixty-eight renowned journalists tell their stories of working in Northern Ireland during the Troubles the victims that they have never forgotten, the events that have never left them, and the lasting impact of the experienc ... more
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Islander: A Journey Around Our Archipelago by Patrick Barkham - £9.99
Shortlisted for the Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year 2018 Shortlisted for the BBC Countryfile Magazine Country Book of the Year 2018   The British Isles are an archipelago made up of two large islands and 6,289 smaller ones. Some, like ... more
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Gaza: Preparing for Dawn by Donald Macintyre - £10.99
A highly respected voice reveals the truth behind the myths in the Middle East's crucible of conflict.   Uniquely imprisoned, most Palestinians in Gaza cannot travel beyond the confines of the Strip, and in times of war escape is impossible. T ... more
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Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House by Omarosa Manigault Newman - £20.00
#1 New York Times Bestseller   The former Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison in the Trump White House provides an eye-opening look into the corruption and controversy of the current admin ... more
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Citizens of Nowhere: How Europe Can Be Saved from Itself by Lorenzo Marsili and Niccolo Milanese - £9.99
With a Foreword by Tania Bruguera Afterword by Yanis Varoufakis  Europe might appear like a continent pulling itself apart. Ten years of economic and political crises have pitted North versus South, East versus West, citizens versus institut ... more
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The Battle For Paradise Puerto Rico: Takes on the Disaster Capitalists by Naomi Klein - £8.99
"We are in a fight for our lives. Hurricanes Irma and María unmasked the colonialism we face in Puerto Rico, and the inequality it fosters, creating a fierce humanitarian crisis. Now we must find a path forward to equality and sustainability, a path ... more
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May Made Me: An Oral History of the 1968 Uprising in France by Mitchell Abidor - £12.99
The mass protests that shook France in May 1968 were exciting, dangerous, creative and influential, changing European politics to this day. Students demonstrated, workers went on general strike, factories and universities were occupied. At the height ... more
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The Long Road to Harpers Ferry: The Rise of the First American Left by Mark A. Lause - £17.99
This is the first comprehensive history of pre-Civil War American radicalism, mapping the journeys of the land reformers, Jacksonian radicals and militant abolitionists on the long road to the failed slave revolt of Harpers Ferry in 1859.  Th ... more
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Queer Africa: Selected Stories by Karen Martin and Makhosazana Xaba (Editors) - £8.99
Queer Africa is a collection of unapologetic, tangled, tender, funny, bruising and brilliant stories about the many ways in which we love each other on the continent.   This collection draws together twenty-five stories selected from two ground br ... more
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Palestine in Black and White by Mohammad Sabaaneh - £10.99
Palestine in Black and White is an intimate and powerful portrayal of life under occupation from one of the most talented cartoonists working today.   Mohammad Sabaaneh has gained worldwide renown for his black and white sketches. His stark ge ... more
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Talking to North Korea: Ending the Nuclear Standoff by Glyn Ford - £14.99
North Korea's regime is often called 'crazy'. But what if we tried to understand the motivations of its leadership? This provocative insider account challenges the media myths which paint North Korea as a rogue state run by a mad leader, myths which ... more
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American Politics: A Graphic History by Laura Locker and Julia Scheele - £12.99
Following in the footsteps of the highly successful Queer: A Graphic History, illustrator Julia Scheele teams up with Dr Laura Locker in this comic-book introduction to the political history of the Land of Opportunity.  How did a political ou ... more
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City of Oranges: An Intimate History of Arabs and Jews in Jaffa by Adam LeBor - £10.00
The ancient port of Jaffa, now part of Tel Aviv, was once known as the 'Bride of Palestine'. It was one of the great cosmopolitan cities of the Mediterranean. Once the centre of Palestinian modernity, Jaffa was the country's cultural and political ca ... more
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Ten Poems from Russia by Various Authors - £4.95
These ten poems take us to the heart of human experience with all the passion of the Russian spirit.   We find poems of love and poems celebrating the beauty of birch-wood and steppe, alongside poems that touch on the anguish of being a poet i ... more
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The Beekeeper of Sinjar by Dunya Mikhail - £10.99
In The Beekeeper of Sinjar, the acclaimed poet and journalist Dunya Mikhail tells the harrowing stories of women from across Iraq who have managed to escape the clutches of ISIS. Since 2014, ISIS has been persecuting the Yazidi people, killing or ens ... more
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A Modest Proposal To Solve the Palestine-Israel Conflict by Karl Sabbagh - £10.00
The title of this book is ironic. sets out a solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict which is about as immodest as you could get – it will require a huge amount of effort, collaboration, fund-raising and organisation to achieve it. But in Karl ... more
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Lampedusa: Gateway to Europe by Pietro Bartolo and Lidia Tilotta - £9.99
The moving and essential testimony of an Italian doctor who has worked for twenty-five years on the front line of perhaps the largest mass migration in human history.   It is common to think of the refugee crisis as a recent phenomenon, but Dr ... more
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Watling Street: Travels Through Britain and Its Ever-Present Past by John Higgs - £9.99
A journey along one of Britain's oldest roads, from Dover to Anglesey, in search of the hidden history that makes us who we are today.   Long ago a path was created by the passage of feet tramping through endless forests. Gradually that path becam ... more
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The Russian Revolution: A View from the Third World by Walter Rodney - £16.99
Renowned Pan-African and socialist theorist on the Bolshevik Revolution and its post-colonial legacy.   In his short life, Guyanese intellectual Walter Rodney emerged as one of the foremost thinkers and activists of the anticolonial revolution ... more
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African Exodus: Mass Migration and the Future of Europe by Asfa-Wossen Asserate - £14.99
In 2015, ever more people from Africa and the Near East took flight and sought refuge in Europe. By the end of that year, some 1.8 million migrants had arrived in the EU, the vast majority across the Mediterranean. Since then, despite measures to hos ... more
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Crashing the Party: From the Bernie Sanders Campaign to a Progressive Movement by Heather Gautney - £9.99
A leading activist-scholar on what’s next in the Sanders revolution.   Bernie Sanders shocked the political establishment by winning 13 million votes and a majority of young voters in the 2016 Democratic primary. Since that upset, repeated p ... more
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A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid - £9.99
With a new preface by the author.  ‘If you go to Antigua as a tourist, this is what you will see...’   So begins Jamaica Kincaid’s powerful portrait of the damaged paradise that was her childhood home.  The island of Anti ... more
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Among the Summer Snows: In Search of Scotland's Last Snows by Christopher Nicholson - £8.99
As the summer draws to a close, a few snowbeds - some as big as icebergs - survive in the Scottish Highlands. Christopher Nicholson's Among the Summer Snows is both a celebration of these great, icy relics and an intensely personal meditation on thei ... more
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Trump / Russia: A Definitive History by Seth Hettena - £17.99
An award-winning investigative reporter for the Associated Press untangles the gripping story of Donald Trump’s long involvement with Russia in damning detail — including new reporting never before published.  As Special Counsel Robert Mu ... more
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The Book of Havana: A City in Short Fiction by Orsola Casagrande (Editor) - £9.99
Featuring Daniel Chavarria, Irina J. Davidenko, Eduardo del Llano, Ahmel Echevarría Peré, Jorge Enrique Lage, Laidi Fernández de Juan, Eduardo Heras León, Cinthia R. Paredes, Francisco López Sacha & Eduardo Angel Santiesteban   When a his ... more
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Bordered Lives: How Europe Fails Refugees and Migrants by Hsiao-Hung Pai - £9.99
Bordered Lives is Hsiao-Hung Pai’s landmark book in the reporting of what we know as Europe’s “refugee crisis” or “migrant crisis” - and a cry from the heart about an asylum system that is simply not fit for purpose.   Pai travels ... more
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Yugoslavia: Peace, War, and Dissolution by Noam Chomsky - £18.99
The Balkans, in particular the turbulent ex-Yugoslav territory, have been among the most important world regions in Noam Chomsky’s political reflections and activism for decades. His articles, public talks, and correspondence have provided a critic ... more
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Wild Guide Wales by Daniel Start and Tania Pascoe - £16.99
A new compendium of adventures, from the best-selling and award-winning Wild Guide series, now released for Wales and the Marches (Herefordshire and Shropshire).   Guiding you to over 1000 secret places and wild adventures, including slow foo ... more
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Bogota 39: New Voices from Latin America by Various authors - £12.99
An anthology of short stories by thirty-nine of the best Latin American writers under forty, from fifteen countries. The featured authors are: Carlos Manuel Álvarez, Frank Báez, Natalia Borges Polesso, Giuseppe Caputo, Juan Cárdenas, Mauro Javier ... more
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The Book Smugglers of Timbuktu: The Quest for This Storied City and the Race to Save its Treasures by Charlie English - £9.99
Two tales of a city: The historical race to reach one of the world’s most mythologized places, and the story of how a contemporary band of archivists and librarians, fighting to save its ancient manuscripts from destruction at the hands of al Qaeda ... more
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Brexit and Ireland: The Dangers, the Opportunities, and the Inside Story of the Irish Response by Tony Connelly - £9.99
Brexit represents the single greatest economic and foreign-policy challenge to the Irish state since the Second World War. There is hardly any area of Irish life that won't be affected.   More than any other journalist, RTE's long-time Brussels co ... more
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Rocking the Boat: Welsh Women who Championed Equality 1840-1990 by Angela V. John - £20.00
This insightful and revealing collection of essays focuses on seven Welsh women who, in a range of imaginative ways, resisted the status quo in Wales, England and beyond during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Written by an acclaimed biographi ... more
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Border: A Journey to the Edge of Europe by Kapka Kassabova - £9.99
Winner of the 2017 Saltire Society Scottish Book of the Year Winner of the Saltire Society Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2017 Shortlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction 2017 Shortlisted for the Gordon Burn Prize 2017   W ... more
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Dear Zealots: Letters from a Divided Land by Amos Oz - £10.99
"Concise, evocative... Dear Zealots is not just a brilliant book of thoughts and ideas – it is a depiction of the struggle of one man who, for decades, has insisted on keeping a sharp, strident and lucid perspective in the face of chaos and at time ... more
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Pay No Heed to the Rockets: Palestine in the Present Tense by Marcello Di Cintio - £8.99
Across Palestine, from the Allenby Bridge and Ramallah, to Jerusalem and Gaza, Marcello Di Cintio has met with writers, poets, librarians, booksellers and readers, finding extraordinary stories in every corner. Stories of how revolutionary writing is ... more
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One Woman Walks Wales by Ursula Martin - £12.99
Ursula Martin never thought she would walk 3700 miles around Wales, but following a cancer diagnosis it seemed like the only reasonable thing to do. In 17 months, she traversed beaches and mountains, farms and urban sprawl. She received unimaginable ... more
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So Many Islands: Stories from the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian and Pacific Oceans by Nicholas Laughlin (Editor) - £8.99
So Many Islands breaks out bold new writing from the distant shores of countries in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian and Pacific oceans. Here you will find poems about revolution and protest. You will be transported to Marakei, ‘the women’s i ... more
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My European Family: The First 54,000 Years by Karin Bojs - £9.99
Karin Bojs grew up in a small, broken family. At her mother's funeral she felt this more keenly than ever. As a science journalist she was eager to learn more about herself, her family and the interconnectedness of society. After all, we're all relat ... more
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Prague Noir by Pavel Mandys (Editor) - £12.99
Akashic Books continues its award-winning series of original noir anthologies, launched in 2004 with Brooklyn Noir. Each book comprises all new stories, each one set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the respective city. The noir quotient ... more
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Revolutionary Ride: On the Road in Search of the Real Iran by Lois Pryce - £10.99
Adventurer Lois Pryce ignores all warnings and embarks on a 3,000- mile journey across Iran, lifting the veil on a misunderstood country.   Shortlisted for the Edward Stanford Adventure Travel Book of the Year Award.   In 2011, at the ... more
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