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A Love Letter to Europe: An Outpouring of Love and Sadness from Our Writers, Thinkers and Artists - by Various writers - £16.99
Great writers, artists, musicians and thinkers in British life say what Europe means to them: an outpouring of love and sadness. With pieces from Frank Cottrell Boyce, Melvyn Bragg, Margaret Drabble, Alan Hollinghurst, Will Hutton, Holly Johnson, Pen ... more

Bloc Life: Stories from the Lost World of Communism - by Peter Molloy - £9.99
There was life before the fall.   1989 was a year of astonishing and rapid change: the fall of the Berlin Wall marked the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and an end to an entire way of life for millions of people behind the Iron Curtain. B ... more

A Little Gay History of Wales - by Daryl Leeworthy - £11.99
A Little Gay History of Wales tells the compelling story of Welsh LGBT life from the Middle Ages to the present day.   Drawing on a rich array of archival sources from across Britain, together with oral testimony and material culture, this pionee ... more

On Sheep: Diary of a Swedish Shepherd - by Axel Lindén - £8.99
Why do we keep sheep? Alex Lindén ruminates as he watches his sheep ruminating. Naive and inexperienced, he has ditched his doctoral studies in order to move to a fully working farm in the country with his family, where he is tasked with the respons ... more

The Last Sanctuary in Aleppo - by Alaa Aljaleel by Diana Darke - £9.99
From Diana Darke, the acclaimed author of My House in Damascus and The Merchant of Syria, comes the extraordinary true story of a heroic ambulance driver who created a cat sanctuary in the midst of war-torn Aleppo.   “I’ll stay with them n ... more

The Stopping Places: A Journey Through Gypsy Britain - by Damian Le Bas - £8.99
*BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week*  'I needed to get to the stopping places, so I needed to get on the road. It was the road where I might at last find out where I belonged.'   Damian Le Bas grew up surrounded by Gypsy history. His great-grandmoth ... more

The Wind in My Hair: My Fight for Freedom in Modern Iran - by Masih Alinejad - £9.99
BBC RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK   This memoir is the extraordinary story of how one Iranian woman overcame enormous adversity to fight for what she truly believed and founded a major movement for women around the world with the simple removal of her ... more

North Korea Journal - by Michael Palin - £14.99
A glimpse of life inside the world’s most secretive country, as told by Britain’s best-loved travel writer.  In May 2018, former Monty Python stalwart and intrepid globetrotter Michael Palin spent two weeks in the notoriously secretive De ... more

Liberia's Women Veterans: War, Roles and Reintegration - by Leena Vastapuu, illustrated by Emmi Nieminen - £19.99
The Liberian civil wars of the 1990s and 2000s became notorious for their atrocities, and for the widespread use of child soldiers. Girls and young women accounted for up to 40 per cent of these soldiers, but their unique perspective and experiences ... more

The Biggest Prison on Earth: A History of the Occupied Territories - by Ilan Pappe - £12.99
Shortlisted for the Palestine Book Awards 2017   A powerful, groundbreaking history of the Occupied Territories from one of Israel's most influential historians.   From the author of the bestselling study of the 1948 War of Independence ... more

Chinese Fairy Tales and Legends - by Richard Wilhelm (Editor) - £12.99
Fearless heroes, feisty princesses, sly magicians, terrifying dragons, talking foxes and miniature dogs. They all feature in this enthralling compendium of Chinese fairy tales and legends, along with an array of equally colourful characters and capti ... more

Going Home: A Walk Through Fifty Years of Occupation - by Raja Shehadeh - £14.99
In Going Home, Orwell Prize winning author Raja Shehadeh travels Ramallah and records the changing face of the city. Walking along the streets he grew up in, he tells the stories of the people, the relationships, the houses, and the businesses that w ... more

Women Artisans of Morocco: Their Stories, Their Lives - by Susan Schaefer Davis, with photographs by Joe Coca - £29.99
Gold Winner for the 31st Annual Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Award.   Morocco is a wildly diverse land, a confluence of cultures, and home to myriad ancient craft traditions still thriving today. Women spin wool and w ... more

The Border: The Legacy of a Century of Anglo-Irish Politics - by Diarmaid Ferriter - £8.99
For the past two decades, you could cross the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic half a dozen times without noticing or, indeed, turning off the road you were travelling. It cuts through fields, winds back-and-forth across roads, and we ... more

The Kabul Peace House: How a Group of Young People are Daring to Dream in a Land of War - by Mark Isaacs - £14.99
This is a story of hope and resilience in Afghanistan, a country constantly under siege from within and without.   Refugee advocate, activist and author Mark Isaacs takes us inside a remarkable and unlikely peace project established in Afghan ... more

Afropean: Notes from Black Europe - by Johny Pitts - £20.00
A Guardian Best Book of 2019 so far.  'Afropean. Here was a space where blackness was taking part in shaping European identity ... A continent of Algerian flea markets, Surinamese shamanism, German Reggae and Moorish castles. Yes, all this was pa ... more

From the Air: Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way - by Raymond Fogarty - £8.99
Raymond Fogarty’s spectacular drone photography brings a new and thrilling aerial perspective to one of the world’s longest coastal touring routes - Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way.   The Wild Atlantic Way covers 2500km, passing through an inc ... more

The Scottish Clearances: A History of the Dispossessed, 1600-1900 - by T. M. Devine - £9.99
Eighteenth-century Scotland is famed for generating many of the enlightened ideas which helped to shape the modern world. But there was in the same period another side to the history of the nation. Many of Scotland's people were subjected to coercive ... more

A Chip Shop in Poznan: My Unlikely Year in Poland - by Ben Aitken - £12.99

The Book of Tehran: A City in Short Fiction - by Fereshteh Ahmadi (Editor) - £9.99
Featuring Atoosa Afshin-Navid, Fereshteh Ahmadi, Kourosh Asadi, Azardokht Bahrami, Hamed Habibi, Mohammad Hosseini, Amir-Hossein Khorshidfar, Payam Nasser, Goli Taraghi & Mohammad Tolouei   Foreword by Orkideh Behrouzan.  A city of ... more

Shenzhen: A Travelogue From China - by Guy Delisle - £12.99
Guy Delisle's work for a French animation studio requires him to oversee production at various Asian studios on the grim frontiers of free trade. His employer puts him up for months at a time in 'cold and soulless' hotel rooms where he suffers the us ... more

Syria after the Uprisings: The Political Economy of State Resilience - by Joseph Daher - £22.99
Syria has been at the centre of world news since 2011, following the beginnings of a popular uprising in the country and its subsequent violent repression. Eight years on, Joseph Daher analyses the resilience of the regime and the failings of the upr ... more

A People Betrayed: The Role of the West in Rwanda's Genocide - by Linda Melvern - £12.99
Linda Melvern’s classic, investigative account of the Rwandan genocide, now with a new Introduction.  Events in Rwanda in 1994 mark a landmark in the history of modern genocide. Up to one million people were killed in a planned public and p ... more

The Beekeeper of Sinjar - by Dunya Mikhail - £8.99
In The Beekeeper of Sinjar, the acclaimed poet and journalist Dunya Mikhail tells the harrowing stories of women from across Iraq who have managed to escape the clutches of ISIS. Since 2014, ISIS has been persecuting the Yazidi people, killing or ens ... more

Africa: Altered States, Ordinary Miracles - by Richard Dowden - £10.99
Every time you try to say 'Africa is...' the words crumble and break. From every generalisation you must exclude at least five countries. And just as you think you've nailed down a certainty, you find the opposite is also true. Africa is full of surp ... more

In Defense of the US Working Class - by Mary-Alice Waters - £6.00
"Without understanding the devastation of the lives of working-class families in regions like West Virginia, and the vast increase in class inequality since the 2008 crisis, you can’t understand what’s happening in the United States."   A ... more

The Book of Cairo: A City in Short Fiction - by Ralph Cormack (Editor) - £9.99
Featuring Hassan Abdel Mawgoud, Eman Abdelrahim, Nael Eltoukhy, Areej Gamal, Hatem Hafez, Hend Jaʿfar, Nahla Karam, Mohamed Kheir, Ahmed Naji & Mohamed Salah al-Azab.   A police officer tortures one last suspect in the most important assignment ... more

Lights In The Distance: Exile and Refuge at the Borders of Europe - by Daniel Trilling - £8.99
A mother who puts her children into a refrigerated lorry and asks, ‘What else could I do?’ A runaway teenager who comes of age on the streets and in abandoned buildings. A student who leaves his war ravaged country behind because he doesn’t wan ... more

House of Trump, House of Putin: The Untold Story of Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia - by Craig Unger - £9.99
House of Trump, House of Putin offers the first comprehensive investigation into the decades-long relationship among Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and the Russian Mafia that ultimately helped win Trump the White House.   It is a chilling story ... more

We Are Displaced: My Journey and Stories from Refugee Girls Around the World - by Malala Yousafzai - £16.99
Nobel Peace Prize winner and bestselling author Malala Yousafzai introduces some of the faces behind the statistics and news stories we read or hear every day about the millions of people displaced worldwide.   Malala’s experiences visiting refu ... more

A Walk Through Paris: A Radical Exploration - by Eric Hazan - £9.99
A walker’s guide to Paris - taking us through its past, present and possible futures.  Eric Hazan, author of the acclaimed Invention of Paris, takes the reader on a walk from Ivry to Saint-Denis, roughly following the meridian that divides Pari ... more

Walking in Ireland - by Christopher Somerville - £12.99
Walking has never been a more popular pastime and nowhere is more beautiful for walkers to explore than Ireland.  In this beautifully written and superbly researched guide, Christopher Somerville draws on his very popular column for the Irish In ... more

Amsterdam Noir - by René Appel and Josh Pachter (Editors) - £11.99
Akashic Books continues its award-winning series of original noir anthologies, launched in 2004 with Brooklyn Noir. Each book comprises all new stories, each one set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the respective city.  Brand-new st ... more

Postcards to Europe - by Various authors - £9.99
From Paris to Prague, from the past to the present, authors and artists explore what Europe means to them - and us - in this unique collection.  In these pages you'll find personal letters, reminiscences, poetry, art and brand new fiction from s ... more

Our History Is the Future: Standing Rock Versus the Dakota Access Pipeline - by Nick Estes - £16.99
How two centuries of Indigenous resistance created the movement proclaiming “Water is life.”  In 2016, a small protest encampment at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, initially established to block construction of the Dakota Acce ... more

From Here to Eternity: Travelling the World to Find the Good Death - by Caitlin Doughty - £8.99
A New York Times bestseller - an eye-opening, entertaining and thought-provoking account of a mortician's journey around the world to discover how other cultures care for their dead   As a practising mortician, Caitlin Doughty has long been fascin ... more

Freedom Fighter: My War Against ISIS on the Frontlines of Syria - by Joanna Palani - £9.99
The gripping story of one woman’s war against ISIS on the frontlines of Syria.   Joanna Palani made headlines across the world when her role fighting ISIS in the Syrian conflict was revealed. She is one of a handful of western women who joined t ... more

Lagos Noir - by Chris Abani (Editor) - £12.99
An uncompromising anthology of noir stories set in the tumultuous metropolis, Lagos, written by some of the most versatile and fascinating Nigerian authors working today. Fans of the darker side of literature will revel in these tales from Nigeria’ ... more

Ecovillages Around the World: 20 Regenerative Designs for Sustainable Communities - by Frederica Miller (Editor) - £16.99
Including more than 300 full-color photographs and diagrams, this beautiful book highlights 20 best practice designs from ecovillages around the world to show how we can live lightly on the planet no matter where on earth we live. Features Findhorn i ... more

War And An Irish Town - by Eamonn McCann - £14.99
War and an Irish Town is Eamonn McCann's classic account of growing up Catholic in a Northern Irish ghetto.   McCann’s account of what it is like to grow up a Catholic in a Northern Irish ghetto — first published in 1974 — quickly becam ... more

Revolutionary Dublin, 1912-1923: A Walking Guide - by John Gibney with Donal Fallon - £12.99
Step back in time with this accessible walking guide to the revolutionary history of Dublin. John Gibney and Donal Fallon have spent years leading historical walking tours through the city, and now guide readers at their own pace through this radical ... more

One Woman's Struggle in Iran: A Prison Memoir - by Nasrin Parvaz - £10.00
In 1979, Nasrin Parvaz returned from England, where she had been studying, and became a member of a socialist party in Iran fighting for a non-Islamic state in which women had the same rights as men. Three years later, at the age of 23, she was betra ... more

A New Hope for Mexico: Saying No to Corruption, Violence, and Trump's Wall - by Andrés Manuel López Obrador - £12.99
On 1 July 2018, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was elected as the next President of Mexico. AMLO's decisive victory speaks volumes about the corrupt state of the Mexican political elite, the temperament of the country's people, and the election of anoth ... more

Subterranean Fire: A History of Working-Class Radicalism in the United States - by Sharon Smith - £15.99
This accessible, critical history of the U.S. labor movement examines the hidden history of workers' resistance.   Workers in the United States have a rich tradition of fighting back and achieving gains previously thought unthinkable, from the ... more

Insurgent Supremacists: The U.S. Far Right's Challenge to State and Empire - by Matthew N. Lyons - £20.99
A major study of movements that strive to overthrow the U.S. government, that often claim to be anti-imperialist and sometimes even anti-capitalist yet also consciously promote inequality, hierarchy, and domination, generally along explicitly racist, ... more

Minority Women and Austerity: Survival and Resistance in France and Britain - by Leah Bassel and Akwugo Emejulu - £24.99
In the first book of its kind, Bassel and Emejulu explore minority women’s experiences of and resistances to austerity measures in France and Britain. Minority women are often portrayed as passive victims. However, Minority Women and Austerity demo ... more

The Marginalized Majority: Claiming Our Power in Post-Truth America - by Onnesha Roychoudhuri - £14.99
Ever since the 2016 election, pundits have been saying our country has never been more divided — that if progressives want to reclaim power, we need to be “pragmatic,” reach across the aisle, and look past identity politics.  But what i ... more

The Future is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia - by Masha Gessen - £10.99
In The Future is History Masha Gessen follows the lives of four Russians, born as the Soviet Union crumbled, at what promised to be the dawn of democracy. Each came of age with unprecedented expectations, some as the children or grandchildren of the ... more

Call Them by Their True Names: American Crises (and Essays) - by Rebecca Solnit - £12.99
Beginning with the election of Donald Trump ("The Loneliest Man in the World") and expanding back and forth into American history, surveillance, violence against the individual, the denormalizing of misogyny and the rehumanizing of public space. &nbs ... more

Brexit, No Exit: Why (in the End) Britain Won't Leave Europe - by Denis MacShane - £9.99
The UK's Brexit vote in 2016 and the inconclusive general election just 12 months later have unleashed a wave of chaos and uncertainty - on the eve of formal negotiations with the EU.  Denis MacShane - former MP and Europe minister under Ton ... more

Cracks in the Wall: Beyond Apartheid in Palestine/Israel - by Ben White - £9.99
After decades of occupation and creeping annexation, Israel has created an apartheid, one state reality in historic Palestine. Peace efforts have failed because of one, inconvenient truth: the Israeli maximum on offer does not meet the Palestinian mi ... more

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