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2021 Calendars

Our wonderful selection of calendars for 2021!

Most books can be ordered within 7-10 days, subject to availability. If you need a book urgently, or by a specific date, you can always contact us before ordering to ask how long it would take
2021 Peace Calendar - by Various artists - £11.99
Over the coming decade, we will either break the grip of fossil fuels or suffer ever-more extreme climate disasters. We hope this 50th Peace Calendar inspires action and support for efforts to stop the people, corporations and political actors bent o ... more

Women Who Rock Our World 2021 Wall Calendar - by Julie Johnson Olson - £9.99
Celebrate the feminine rising with the Women Who Rock Our World wall calendar. One part homage to female scientists, artists, writers, activists, athletes, and leaders and one part call to action, each month highlights one revolutionary woman's inspi ... more

William Morris Arts & Crafts Designs 2021 Wall Calendar - by William Morris - £9.99
William Morris’s florals are pure nineteenth-century elegance. Soft, flowing patterns are overlaid with delicate details in warm, rich colors. Designed to be printed on fabric and wallpaper, many of the ornate block-print patterns are still produce ... more

A Journey into 365 Days of Black History 2021 Wall Calendar - by Pomegranate Communications - £9.99
Honored here are the achievements of an outstanding group of black men and women, both celebrated and little known, who have made amazing inroads in their fields and significantly affected global culture. These individuals are unique in their attainm ... more

Posters for Peace & Justice 2021 Wall Calendar: A History of Modern Political Action Posters - by Various artists - £9.99
Amber Lotus is proud to present the Posters for Peace & Justice wall calendar, a survey of thought-provoking political protest poster art. Combining compelling graphics and succinct statements, these images are plastered on brick walls, stapled to po ... more

One World Calendar 2021 - by New Internationalist - £14.95
A unique large-format landscape calendar featuring striking and colourful photographs presenting a positive world view.  Each year, New Internationalist's One World Calendar portrays positive and inspiring images of people around the world. The phot ... more

Spike Milligan Mini Wall Calendar 2021 - by Spike Milligan - £5.99
Perhaps best known as the co-creator of and writer for the Goon Show, Spike Milligan has received accolades as a comedian, musician, poet and playwright. This mini wall calendar features a selection of his hilarious cartoons.   The datepad fe ... more

Haiku Japanese Art and Poetry 2021 Wall Calendar - by Various artists - £9.99
The traditional seventeen-syllable haiku always contains an evocative reference to a season and a distinct pause or interruption. Presented here are twelve haiku rendered in Japanese calligraphy, Romaji transliteration, and English translation. Each ... more

Bike Art 2021 Wall Calendar: In Celebration of the Bicycle - by Various artists - £9.99
This exciting collection of contemporary artwork pays tribute to the beloved bicycle. Full of color and varied styles of art, the work of twelve talented artists captures the spirit of the two-wheeled wonder. Each day you'll be reminded why bicycles ... more

Arts & Crafts Tiles: 2021 Mini Calendar - by Various artists - £5.99
Inspired by the natural world and the world of art, Motawi Tileworks handmade tiles display a sophisticated color palette and fine craftsmanship. From its studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Motawi artisans create a host of designs reflecting the ideals o ... more

Girl Power 2021 Wall Calendar - by Kelly Angelovic - £9.99
Bold. Strong. Confident. Today’s women are standing up and standing tall. A tidal wave of momentum is galvanizing sisters around the world to rise together.  This vibrant calendar features Kelly Angelovic’s colorful artwork and hand-lettered ... more

The Fight for Women's Rights 2021 Wall Calendar - by Posters from the Library of Congress - £9.99
Women’s centuries-long fight for equality sprang into the mainstream in the 1960s and 1970s, inspiring the colorful and iconic posters featured in this calendar. Buoyed by other social movements, including the fight for civil rights and protests ag ... more

The Reading Woman 2021 Mini Calendar - by Various artists - £5.99
Regardless of her station in life or her choice of reading materials, a reading woman makes an engaging subject. Artists such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet created elegant artworks on this simple theme. Inspiring quotations from notable w ... more

For the Love of Frida 2021 Wall Calenda: Art and Words Inspired by Frida Kahlo - by Various artists - £9.99
Frida Kahlo — feminist, visionary, provocateur, revolutionary — is an icon synonymous with creativity, originality, and empowerment. This bewitching wall calendar will inspire you to explore your inner Frida, ignite your creative fire, shake loos ... more

Every Hour of the Light: Paintings of Mary Sipp Green 2021 Wall Calendar - by Mary Sipp Green - £9.99
Mary Sipp Green’s jewel-toned landscapes are an atmospheric convergence of light and color. Sipp Green eliminates extraneous details and uses many layers of paint to capture the ethereal moments of dawn and dusk. She makes in situ sketches, and lat ... more

Georgia O'Keeffe 2021 Mini Calendar - by Georgia O'Keeffe - £5.99
Georgia O’Keeffe’s innovative flower paintings are infused with color and rich in detail. Under her brush, natural forms become sensually charged; the familiar becomes mysterious. Her work transfixed the public and critics alike, ultimately posit ... more

Paul Heussenstamm: The Trees of Life 2021 Wall Calendar - by Paul Heussenstamm - £9.99
“The roots connect you with your ancestors, and the tree reaches up to connect heaven and earth.”  Paul Heussenstamm’s Trees of Life paintings are often filled with his signature motif, the mandala. Typically circular and geometric in form ... more

Liverpool Heritage Wall Calendar 2021 - by Flame Tree Studio - £9.99
Step back in time with this stunningly nostalgic black and white wall calendar. With photography ranging from the 1950s right back to the late nineteenth century, you’ll get a real sense of Liverpool’s heritage. The past of this lively city is fa ... more

A Year of Mindful Living 2021 Mini Calendar - by Vision Antics - £5.99
Invite a calming moment into your daily life. Allow the hurried pace and chaos to fall away, and take a moment for yourself to centre and still your mind.  This calendar combines tranquil images and uplifting quotes to encourage mindfulness thro ... more

Bicycles: Vintage Posters 2021 Wall Calendar - by Various artists - £9.99
The get-up-and-go-anywhere bicycle dates back centuries, but its popularity blossomed in the late 1800s. Its pleasures were obvious, and perhaps especially welcome to women: no fuel required (beyond human muscular exertion), and no dependence on anyo ... more

Katie Daisy 2021 Mini Calendar - by Katie Daisy - £5.99
Live in the moment and awaken to the wonders around you on a year long journey with beloved artist Katie Daisy.   In this delightful wall calendar, Katie weaves thoughtful hand-lettered quotes with vibrant colours to reveal the simple joy and ... more

Llewellyn's 2021 Witches' Calendar - by Jennifer Hewitson - £13.00
Since 1998, Llewellyn's Witches Calendar has been a favourite way to mark the turning of the Wheel of the Year.  This beautiful calendar features magical wisdom, astrological data, and Witch s holidays, making it the perfect choice for bringing more ... more

Zen Art & Poetry Wall Calendar 2021 - by Flame Tree Publishing - £9.99
Zen is a way of life, providing a means of engaging on the great questions and of seeking enlightenment. Zen is also very much in the real world and you can see it around you in paintings, poetry, and nature.   This inspiring calendar feature ... more

Chris Pendelton's Birds: Mini Wall Calendar 2021 - by Chris Pendelton - £5.99
Artist Chris Pendleton is clearly a passionate lover of animals, having drawn and painted birds and wildlife for as long as he can remember.   In this charming mini calendar, you'll find many a beloved garden visitor - from a barn owl at moon ... more

One World Family Calendar 2021 - by New Internationalist - £9.95
Full of colourful images from around the world and designed to keep the family updated on the activities of the months to come.  With space for entries for up to five people, it is the ultimate calendar for you to plan your family year.  ... more

Arts & Crafts Block Prints by William S. Rice 2021 Wall Calendar - by William S. Rice - £9.99
William S. Rice’s elegant yet humble block prints faithfully portray the landscape in all seasons. An avid outdoorsman, Rice found enduring inspiration in nature—from a pair of peonies to a snow-covered cabin in the woods. In 1900 the Pennsylvani ... more

Chris Hardman's ECOlogical Calendar 2021 Wall Calendar - by Chris Hardman - £9.99
Chris Hardman’s revolutionary ECOlogical Calendar—like nature itself — marks time by the seasonal changes in life on Earth: from winter snows to spring flowers, from summer sun to autumn leaves. Four full-color panels (one for each season) ... more

Charles Addams: The Addams Family 2021 Wall Calendar - by Charles Addams - £9.99
Quirky to say the least, but really just lovably evil, the Addams Family has warmed our hearts and chilled our bones for nearly ninety years. Their creator, Charles Addams, drew relatable characters content with living on the fringe. Subversive and i ... more

Frida Kahlo Wall Calendar 2021 - by Frida Kahlo - £9.99
Mexican artist Frida Kahlo sought to define her identity, as well as that of Mexico. She explored themes of self-identity, gender, postcolonialism and popular culture from Mexico throughout her works.  Now regarded as a feminist and LGBT icon, as we ... more

Earth Pathways Wall Calendar 2021 - by Earth Pathways - £10.99
The 2021 Earth Pathways Calendar is a full colour, month-at-a-view wall calendar.   It includes the phases of the Moon, a Sun-sign forecast for 2021 and the eight Earth Festival dates, both calendar and lunar. ... more

Tiffany Wall Calendar 2021 - by Louis Comfort Tiffany - £9.99
A talented artist and designer, Louis Comfort Tiffany is best known for his beautiful stained-glass designs. Inspired by the ideals of the Arts & Crafts Movement, he used opalescent glass in a variety of colours and textures to create a stunning rang ... more

This Is My Bookstore: 2021 Wall Calendar - by Chronicle Books - £12.99
This dreamy calendar takes bibliophiles on a tour of the world's most charming, cozy, quirky, and gorgeous bookshops. From London to Mexico City, and New York City to Tokyo, spend a year in the bookstores of your dreams.   * A perfect gift or ... more

Angela Harding Wall Calendar 2021 - by Angela Harding - £9.99
Angela Harding has been working in the arts for over 30 years. Based in Rutland, she is inspired by the wealth of natural wildlife around her to create her stunning prints.  This calendar features the rare golden eagle, the everyday blackbird an ... more

Molly Hashimoto Trees: 2021 Mini Calendar - by Molly Hashimoto - £5.99
Molly Hashimoto’s block prints are crisp, bright portrayals of wilderness in the American West. Her work celebrates the flora and fauna of parks and natural areas, where she sketches daily. These twelve prints of trees gracing mountainsides, foothi ... more

Moomin Wall Calendar 2021 - by Tove Jansson - £9.99
A true Scandinavian classic, the Moomins, created by Tove Jansson, have been captivating audiences with their adventures – in both book and television form – for decades.  Featuring 12 touching illustrations of the much-loved characters of M ... more

Bicycle Bliss 2021 Wall Calendar - by Jered and Ashley Gruber (Photography) - £10.99
More than mere transportation, cycling brings a sense of excitement to every ride. Exercise expands into exploration; commuting becomes infused with the joy of freedom. In so many ways, the journey is so much more than just getting there.  The Bicyc ... more

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