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Recommended Non-Fiction titles for Yuletide 2018!

The best of 2018 - over two hundred and fifty of our top non-fiction recommendations!

Most books can be ordered within 7-10 days, subject to availability. If you need a book urgently, or by a specific date, you can always contact us before ordering to ask how long it will take
Standing Rock: Greed, Oil and the Lakota's Struggle for Justice - by Bikem Ekberzade - £12.99
In 2016, the world looked on as thousands set up camp within Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to protest the re-routing of the Dakota Access oil pipeline close to the Reservation's northern border. People from many Native American tribes were joined b ... more

Birds Art Life: The Art of Noticing the Small and Significant - by Kyo Maclear - £8.99
We live in a world that prizes the fast over the slow, the new over the familiar and work over rest. Birds Art Life Death is Kyo Maclear’s beautiful journey to stake out a sense of meaning amid the crushing rush.   One winter Kyo Maclear f ... more

Puzzle Ninja: Pit Your Wits Against The Japanese Puzzle Masters - by Alex Bellos - £8.99
From the Guardian’s very own puzzle master, Puzzle Ninja is a new collection following the bestselling Can You Solve My Problems?   The puzzle masters of Japan create the world’s most satisfying puzzles. Each has a distinctive style but wh ... more

Witches, Witch-Hunting, and Women - by Silvia Federici - £13.99
We are witnessing a new surge of interpersonal and institutional violence against women, including new witch hunts. This surge of violence has occurred alongside an expansion of capitalist social relations. In this new work that revisits some of the ... more

F in Exams: Back Again with More of the Funniest Exam Paper Blunders - by Richard Benson - £6.99
What was Sir Isaac Newton famous for? He invented gravity.   Another year has passed, which means more exams have been sat and more silly answers have been given by the children of our future. To make sure these hilarious blunders won’t be ... more

Why Dylan Matters - by Richard F. Thomas - £9.99
When the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Bob Dylan, the literary world was up in arms. How could the world’s most prestigious book prize be awarded to a famously cantankerous singer-songwriter in his Seventies, who wouldn’t even deign t ... more

How To Be Champion - by Sarah Millican - £7.99
Sarah Millican's autobiography will make you laugh, feel normal and probably sniff your leggings.   Hilarious, heartwarming and inspirational, this is the number 1 Sunday Times bestselling autobiography by comedian Sarah Millican. The funniest ... more

How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective - by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor (Editor) - £12.99
If Black women were free, it would mean that everyone else would have to be free." — Combahee River Collective Statement  The Combahee River Collective, a path-breaking group of radical black feminists, was one of the most important organizatio ... more

Propaganda Blitz: How the Corporate Media Distort Reality - by David Edwards and David Cromwell - £14.99
Do you trust the liberal media? While the tabloid and right-wing press - the Sun, The Times, the Mail and the Express - are constantly criticised for dangerous bias, outlets like the BBC and the Guardian are trusted by their readers to report in the ... more

Women in Battle - by Marta Breen & Jenny Jordahl - £9.99
Freedom. Equality. Sisterhood. Women in Battle is the book for anyone who wants to learn as much as possible about the history of feminism in as short a time as possible.  Presented as a graphic novel and spanning 150 years of recent history, Women ... more

The Inner Level - by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett - £20.00
Why is the incidence of mental illness in the UK twice that in Germany? Why are Americans three times more likely than the Dutch to develop gambling problems? Why is child well-being so much worse in New Zealand than Japan? As this groundbreaking stu ... more

How to Dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy Steps (Second Edition) - by Youssef El-Gingihy - £10.99
The blueprint that the government does not want you to see. The story of how your NHS was sold off and why you will have to buy private health insurance soon.  Events have spiralled since the first edition of How to Dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy ... more

War to Windrush: Black Women in Britain 1939-1948 - by Stephen Bourne - £12.99
From the author of Black Poppies, Fighting Proud and Evelyn Dove comes a timely new account exploring Britain’s diverse history from the Second World War to the Empire Windrush and beyond, told through the experiences of black British women.  ... more

Mandela: His Essential Life - by Peter Hain - £9.99
Mandela: His Essential Life chronicles the life and legacy of one of the twentieth century's most influential and admired statesmen. Charting his development from remote rural roots to city lawyer, freedom fighter, and then political leader, Peter Ha ... more

The Story of Brexit (Ladybirds for Grown-Ups) - by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris - £7.99
Whether Brexit makes you laugh or cry, Ladybird's The Story of Brexit will just make you laugh.  "Leaving was the will of the people," sighs Angelica's father. He voted to leave.  Angelica voted to remain, but she feels the same way. ... more

Cats on Catnip - by Andrew Marttila - £9.99
Cats enjoying catip! Professional animal photographer Andrew Marttila has captured wonderful split-second images of a variety of cats enjoying catnip (Nepeta cataria), which contains the oil nepetalactone. This non-addictive, harmless stimulant produ ... more

A-Z of Feliformia - by Lyndsey Green - £12.00
The A to Z of Feliformia is an illustrated alphabet book of cat-like carnivores.  Feliforms are the cat-like carnivores, but that doesn't mean this book is only about lions and tigers. They come in all shapes and sizes and live in a vast rang ... more

The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity and My Fight Against the Islamic State - by Nadia Murad - £9.99
'Telling my story of first, surviving genocide and then, as a captive of ISIS is not easy, but people must know.'   The remarkable and courageous story of Nadia Murad, a twenty-three-year-old Yazidi woman who is working with Amal Clooney to chall ... more

Wounds: A Memoir of War and Love - by Fergal Keane - £9.99
A family story of blood and memory and the haunting power of the past.   2018 WINNER OF THE CHRISTOPHER EWART-BIGGS MEMORIAL PRIZE 2017 WINNER OF THE NON-FICTION IRISH BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER  After nearly three de ... more

50 Ways to Help the Planet: Easy Ways to Live a Sustainable Life - by Sian Berry - £9.99
By following Siân's practical and helpful tips you can lead a more environmentally-friendly life.  We are becoming increasingly aware and engaged in environmental issues, but it's not always clear what the solutions are and how we can do our ... more

The Best Minds of My Generation: A Literary History of the Beats - by Allen Ginsberg, Edited by Bill Morgan - £11.99
A unique history of the Beats, in the words of the movement's most central member, Allen Ginsberg, based on a seminal series of his lectures   In 1977, twenty years after the publication of his landmark poem 'Howl' and Jack Kerouac's On the Road, ... more

In Praise of Disobedience: The Soul of Man Under Socialism and Other Writings - by Oscar Wilde - £14.99
Works of Wilde’s annus mirabilis of 1891 in one volume, with an introduction by renowned British playwright.   In Praise of Disobedience draws on works from a single miraculous year in which Oscar Wilde published the larger part of his great ... more

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body - by Roxane Gay - £8.99
From the New York Times bestselling author of Bad Feminist: a searingly honest memoir of food, weight, self-image, and learning how to feed your hunger while taking care of yourself.   'I ate and ate and ate in the hopes that if I made myself big, ... more

Life Lessons: The Case for a National Education Service - by Melissa Benn - £8.99
A radical agenda to make our education system fit for the twenty-first century.  Our education system has been damaged by politicians who have arrogantly imposed a regime of market-driven reforms. It is time to reframe education as an essenti ... more

Gaza: Preparing for Dawn - by Donald Macintyre - £10.99
A highly respected voice reveals the truth behind the myths in the Middle East's crucible of conflict.   Uniquely imprisoned, most Palestinians in Gaza cannot travel beyond the confines of the Strip, and in times of war escape is impossible. T ... more

In Search of Mary Shelley: The Girl Who Wrote Frankenstein - by Fiona Sampson - £9.99
Mary Shelley was brought up by her father in a house filled with radical thinkers, poets, philosophers and writers of the day. Aged sixteen, she eloped with Percy Bysshe Shelley, embarking on a relationship that was lived on the move across Britain a ... more

Economics for the Many - by John McDonnell (Editor) - £12.99
Our economy is rigged in favour of a wealthy elite. We need a new approach: an economics for the many.   Big challenges lie ahead for our society: the rise of automation and the threat of catastrophic climate change. But so, too, do the huge p ... more

Swell - by Jenny Landreth - £10.99
SHORLISTED FOR THE WILLIAM HILL SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR 2017   These days, swimming may seem like an egalitarian pastime, open to anyone with a swimsuit – but this wasn't always the case. In the 19th century, swimming was almost exclusively ... more

Browse: Love Letters to Bookshops Around the World - by Henry Hitchings (Editor) - £9.99
A cabinet of curiosities, a time machine, a treasure trove – we love bookshops because they possess a unique kind of magic. In Browse Henry Hitchings asks fifteen writers from around the world to reveal their favourite bookshops, each conjuring a s ... more

Science(ish): The Peculiar Science Behind the Movies - by Rick Edwards and Dr Michael Brooks - £8.99
A Sunday Times Book of the Year A New Scientist Gift Pick "Bright, nerdy and funny! Of course I loved it."(Dara Ó Briain) Can we resurrect dinosaurs? Is a Martian holiday good for your health? Can we build a time machine? (And more important ... more

Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging - by Afua Hirsch - £10.99
Where are you really from?   You’re British. Your parents are British. You were raised in Britain. Your partner, your children and most of your friends are British.   So why do people keep asking you where you are from?   Brit(ish) is abou ... more

Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold - by Stephen Fry - £8.99
The Greek Myths retold...   No one loves and quarrels, desires and deceives as boldly or brilliantly as Greek gods and goddesses.   In Stephen Fry's vivid retelling we gaze in wonder as wise Athena is born from the cracking open of the ... more

A Woman's Work - by Harriet Harman - £9.99
When Harriet Harman started her career, men-only job adverts and a 'women's rate' of pay were the norm, female MPs were a tiny minority - a woman couldn't even sign for a mortgage. But, she argues, we should never just be grateful that things are bet ... more

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told: An Oral History - by Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally - £19.99
At last, the full story behind Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman's epic romance, including stories, portraits, and the occasional puzzle, all telling the smoldering tale that has fascinated Hollywood for almost two decades.  Featuring anecdotes, ... more

The Peterloo Massacre - by Joyce Marlow - £9.99
Unity of the oppressed can make a difference in politically uncertain times.  A peaceful protest turned tragedy; this is the true story of the working class fight for the vote.  On August 16 1819, in St Peter’s Field, Manchester, a ... more

Parsnips, Buttered: How to win at modern life, one email at a time - by Joe Lycett - £9.99
A selection of funny letters, emails, tweets and other correspondence in which Joe offers readers his own unique approach to tackling the frustrations, injustices and ridiculousness of modern day life.  **THE BRILLIANT & IRREVERENT GUIDE FROM ... more

Dear Ijeawele: Or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions - by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - £5.00
From the best-selling author of Americanah and We Should All Be Feminists comes a powerful new statement about feminism today – written as a letter to a friend.   I have some suggestions for how to raise Chizalum. But remember that you might do ... more

How to Make Children Laugh - by Michael Rosen - £9.99
Learn the most beautiful skill in the world from the world expert in making children laugh, Michael Rosen.   Jokes, a jack-in-the-box, jelly and jumping beans make children laugh.   As do practical jokes, peekaboo, pantomine and poe ... more

Utopia for Realists: And How We Can Get There - by Rutger Bregman - £8.99
A Sunday Times Bestseller.  We live in a time of unprecedented upheaval, with questions about the future, society, work, happiness, family and money, and yet no political party of the right or left is providing us with answers. Rutger Bregman, a ... more

A Stranger's Pose - by Emmanuel Iduma, with a Foreword by Teju Cole - £10.99
A Stranger’s Pose is an evocative and mesmerising account of travels across different African cities.   With lyrical and absorbing prose, Emmanuel invites the reader to share in his travels, and the encounters he made along the way. Alongsi ... more

I Can't Breathe: The Killing that Started a Movement - by Matt Taibbi - £9.99
The incredible story of the death of Eric Garner, the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement and the new fault lines of race, protest, policing and the power of the people.   On July 17, 2014, a forty-three-year-old black man named Eric Garner d ... more

The Women's Atlas - by Joni Seager - £14.99
An invaluable feminist resource, hip cultural conversation about feminism, and example of cutting-edge data visualization, this beautifully designed new edition of Seager’s award-winning atlas matches the mood of the moment­ with bold, vivid infog ... more

Tell Me How it Ends: An Essay in Forty Questions - by Valeria Luiselli - £6.99
A moving, eye-opening polemic about the US-Mexico border and what happens to the tens of thousands of unaccompanied Mexican and Central American children arriving in the US without papers.  'We are driving across Oklahoma in early June when we ... more

You Had Better Make Some Noise: Words to Change the World - by Various authors - £6.95
A timeless collection of quotations by visionaries who have been catalysts for change - through the ages and across the globe.   You Had Better Make Some Noise brings together the words of social activists, revolutionaries, artists, writers, m ... more

2,024 QI Facts To Stop You In Your Tracks - by John Lloyd, James Harkin and Anne Miller - £9.99
QI is the smartest comedy show on British television. Here creator John Lloyd and QI elves James Harkin and Anne Miller bring together 2,024 brain-tickling brand new facts to stop you in your tracks...  Humans glow in the dark.  The P ... more

Imagine John Yoko - by John Lennon and Yoko Ono - £35.00
In 1971, John Lennon & Yoko Ono conceived and recorded the critically acclaimed album Imagine at their Georgian country home, Tittenhurst Park, in Berkshire, England, in the state-of-the-art studio they built in the grounds, and at the Record Plant i ... more

Bread for All: The Origins of the Welfare State - by Chris Renwick - £10.99
SHORTLISTED FOR THE LONGMAN-HISTORY TODAY PRIZE 2018 LONGLISTED FOR THE ORWELL PRIZE 2018   A landmark book from a remarkable new historian, on a subject that has never been more important - or imperilled   Today, everybody seems to agree tha ... more

CND At 60: Britain's Most Enduring Mass Movement - by Kate Hudson - £12.95
Kate Hudson’s new book charts the inside story of CND over six decades, as it became a byword for protest and radicalism.   This book is timed to coincide with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s 60th anniversary, drawing on archive m ... more

Protest Kitchen - by Carol J. Adams and Virginia Messina - £12.99
Protest Kitchen is an empowering guide to the food and lifestyle choices anyone can make for positive change in the face of the profound challenges of our time.  Our food choices have much more of an impact than most people imagine. They not only ... more

Bird Brain: Over 2,400 Questions to Test Your Bird Knowledge - by Various authors - £9.99
An ornithological quiz book packed with challenging questions for birders, based on the popular ‘Bird Brain of Britain’ contest at the annual BirdFair.  The British Birdwatching Fair, held every August at Rutland Water Nature Reserve, attra ... more

A James Connolly Reader - by James Connolly - £16.99
A stirring collection of James Connolly's most important speeches and writing.  Considered by many Ireland's most important revolutionary, James Connolly devoted his life to struggles against exploitation, oppression, and imperialism. Active ... more

Bloody Brilliant Women - by Cathy Newman - £20.00
A fresh, opinionated history of all the brilliant women you should have learned about in school but didn’t.  For hundreds of years we have heard about the great men of history, but what about herstory?  In this freewheeling history of modern ... more

Reporting the Troubles: Journalists tell their stories of the Northern Ireland conflict - by Deric Henderson and Ivan Little - £14.99
In Reporting the Troubles sixty-eight renowned journalists tell their stories of working in Northern Ireland during the Troubles the victims that they have never forgotten, the events that have never left them, and the lasting impact of the experienc ... more

You Know What You Could Be: Tuning into the 1960s - by Mike Heron and Andrew Greig - £12.99
A dual memoir written in tandem by Mike Heron, a founder member of the iconic sixties folk group The Incredible String Band and one of their greatest fans, bestselling author and winner of the Saltire Prize, Andrew Greig.  This singular book ... more

Belonging: The Story of the Jews 1492-1900 - by Simon Schama - £10.99
SHORTLISTED FOR THE BAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZE   SELECTED AS A BOOK OF THE YEAR 2017 BY THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, MAIL ON SUNDAY AND OBSERVER  Belonging is a magnificent cultural history abundantly alive with energy, character and colour. From the Jews ... more

Yes, You Are Trans Enough: My Transition from Self-Loathing to Self-Love - by Mia Violet - £14.99
With entertaining anecdotes and thoughtful observations, this memoir depicts the realities of being a trans woman - from bullying and botched coming out attempts to self-acceptance and love - whilst exploring the inaccuracies of trans representation ... more

From Pitt Street to Granby - by Prof. Mike Boyle, Tony Wailey, Madeline Heneghan - £6.99
This is an important second book from Writing on the Wall based upon the Granby community and shows how parts of that community had moved from the southern docks around Pitt street 'up the hill' to the present day area we know and love in Liverpool 8 ... more

My Father's Wake: How the Irish Teach Us to Live, Love and Die - by Kevin Toolis - £8.99
An intimate, lyrical memoir exploring the ancient rite of the Irish wake, and the Irish way of overcoming our fear of death - Being Mortal meets The Last Act of Love.  Death is a whisper in the Anglo-Saxon world. But on a remote island, off the c ... more

Private Eye Annual 2018 - by Ian Hislop - £9.99
The Private Eye Annual 2018 present's the year's best cartoons, jokes and spoofs from the UK's best selling satirical magazine. Illustrated in colour throughout with cartoons, sketches and photo-bubbles.   The Private Eye Annual remains both ... more

The Courage of Hopelessness: Chronicles of a Year of Acting Dangerously - by Slavoj Žižek - £9.99
In these troubled times, even the most pessimistic diagnosis of our future ends with an uplifting hint that things might not be as bad as all that, that there is light at the end of the tunnel.   Yet, argues Slavoj Žižek, it is only when we have ... more

The Russian Revolution: A View from the Third World - by Walter Rodney - £16.99
Renowned Pan-African and socialist theorist on the Bolshevik Revolution and its post-colonial legacy.   In his short life, Guyanese intellectual Walter Rodney emerged as one of the foremost thinkers and activists of the anticolonial revolution ... more

Well-Read Black Girl: Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves - by Glory Edim - £16.99
Remember that moment when you first encountered a character who seemed to be written just for you? That feeling of belonging remains with readers the rest of their lives--but not everyone regularly sees themselves in the pages of a book. In this time ... more

Women & Power: A Manifesto - by Mary Beard - £7.99
Why the popular resonance of 'mansplaining' (despite the intense dislike of the term felt by many men)? It hits home for us because it points straight to what it feels like not to be taken seriously: a bit like when I get lectured on Roman history on ... more

Viva La Revolucion: Hobsbawm on Latin America - by Eric Hobsbawm - £12.99
Viva La Revolucion is Hobsbawm's magisterial work on Latin America, the fruit of forty years' writing about the continent.   In his autobiography Interesting Times: A Twentieth Century Life, published in 2002 when he was eighty-five years old, the ... more

When The Clyde Ran Red: A Social History of Red Clydeside - by Maggie Craig - £9.99
When the Clyde Ran Red paints a vivid picture of the heady days when revolution was in the air on Clydeside. Through the bitter strike at the huge Singer Sewing machine plant in Clydebank in 1911, Bloody Friday in Glasgow’s George Square in 1919, t ... more

Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play - by Meagan Marie - £16.99
Take a celebratory look at accomplished women in the video game industry, ranging from high-level executives to programmers to cosplayers. This insightful and celebratory book highlights women who helped to establish the industry, women who disrupted ... more

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down: How to be Calm in a Busy World - by Haemin Sunim - £8.99
The Times Top 10 Bestseller   THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER, WITH OVER THREE MILLION COPIES SOLD AROUND THE WORLD  'Is it the world that's busy, or my mind?'   The world moves fast, but that doesn't mean we have to. In this timely guide to m ... more

The Infinite Monkey Cage: How to Build a Universe - by Prof. Brian Cox, Robin Ince and Alexandra Feachem - £9.99
The Infinite Monkey Cage, the legendary BBC Radio 4 programme, brings you this irreverent celebration of scientific marvels. Join us on a hectic leap through the grand and bizarre ideas conjured up by human imagination, from dark matter to consciousn ... more

Lovers and Strangers: An Immigrant History of Post-War Britain - by Clair Wills - £10.99
SHORTLISTED FOR THE ORWELL PRIZE 2018 TLS BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2017  The battered and exhausted Britain of 1945 was desperate for workers - to rebuild, to fill the factories, to make the new NHS work. From all over the world and with many motiv ... more

Repeal the 8th - by Una Mullally (Editor) - £9.99
Abortion is illegal in almost every circumstance in Ireland, making it the only democracy in the western world to have such a constitutional ban. This anthology, a national bestseller, is the definitive collection of the writing and art inspired by t ... more

Know Your Place: Essays on the Working Class by the Working Class - by Nathan Connolly (Editor) - £9.99
"In July 2016, a little over a month after the Brexit vote, Nikesh Shukla, the man behind The Good Immigrant, tweeted:   Someone should do a Good Immigrant-style state of the nation book of essays by writers from working class backgrounds.  Ou ... more

The Choice - by Edith Eger - £8.99
THE AWARD-WINNING INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER by Edith Eger, as seen on BBC Breakfast.   Little dancer', Mengele says, ‘dance for me’   In 1944, sixteen-year-old ballerina Edith Eger was sent to Auschwitz. Separated from her parents on ... more

The Classic University Challenge Quiz Book - by Steve Tribe - £9.99
University Challenge has been dazzling, delighting and puzzling viewers with its fiercely intelligent questions since 1962. From Bobby Seagull to Gail Trimble, the show has produced some iconic contestants and continues to be as popular as ever. This ... more

Entitled: A Critical History of the British Aristocracy - by Chris Bryant - £10.99
Exploring the extraordinary social and political dominance enjoyed by the British aristocracy over the centuries, Entitled seeks to explain how a tiny number of noble families rose to such a position in the first place. It reveals the often nefarious ... more

Twenty One: 21 Stories of Women Who Shaped Our City - by The Women - £9.99
*** This lovely book features NfN's Mandy - who is one of the 21 amazing women! ***   Since the suffragette movement in the UK first began to call for the overall emancipation of women in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the ... more

William Morris's Socialist Diary - by Florence Boos - £10.00
William Morris was the most prominent artist and writer to embrace the new socialist movement of the 1880s. As the leader of one of Britain’s two major socialist organisations from 1885 to 1890, his personal example and dedication inspired and enco ... more

50 Queer Music Icons Who Changed the World: A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Legends - by Will Larnach-Jones - £10.00
Featuring beautifully illustrated portraits and profiles, 50 Queer Music Icons Who Changed the World is a tribute to queer ground breakers who changed the face of music and popular culture.   LGBTQ+ musicians have been pushing for change sinc ... more

The Secret Life of Cows - by Rosamund Young - £7.99
****A Sunday Times bestseller*** ***A Times Book of the Year 2017***  WITH A FOREWORD BY ALAN BENNETT "A lovely, thoughtful little book about the intelligence of cows."(James Rebanks, author of The Shepherd's Life) Cows are as varied as ... more

Peak Inequality: Britain's Ticking Time Bomb - by Danny Dorling - £12.99
Inequality is the key political issue of our time. Danny Dorling wrote his seminal work Injustice: Why social inequality persists in 2010, and as an early proponent of rapidly reducing economic inequalities, he is now much sought-after as one of the ... more

Trans Britain: Our Journey from the Shadows - by Christine Burns (Editor) - £16.99
Over the last five years, transgender people have seemed to burst into the public eye: Time declared 2014 a ‘trans tipping point’, while American Vogue named 2015 ‘the year of trans visibility’. From our television screens to the ballot box, ... more

I, Maybot: The Rise and Fall - by John Crace - £7.99
Ever since Theresa May first whirred into inaction as prime minister, there has only been one reliable source of strength and stability: John Crace's political sketches for the Guardian. These doses of biting satire not only provided much-needed resp ... more

The Book Smugglers of Timbuktu: The Quest for This Storied City and the Race to Save its Treasures - by Charlie English - £9.99
Two tales of a city: The historical race to reach one of the world’s most mythologized places, and the story of how a contemporary band of archivists and librarians, fighting to save its ancient manuscripts from destruction at the hands of al Qaeda ... more

Civilisations: How Do We Look / The Eye of Faith - by Mary Beard - £15.00
Companion to the major new BBC documentary series Civilisations, presented by Mary Beard, David Olusoga and Simon Schama   The idea of 'civilisation' has always been debated, even fought over. At the heart of those debates lies the big questio ... more

The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book - by Gareth Moore - £14.99
Over 200 fiendish puzzles to find out who will be the ultimate map-master!   Are YOU the ultimate map-reader? Do you know your trig points from your National Trails? Can you calculate using contours? And can you fathom exactly how far the foo ... more

On the Front Line with the Women Who Fight Back - by Stacey Dooley - £14.99
Put yourself in their shoes.   In 2007, Stacey Dooley was a twenty-something working in fashion retail. She was selected to take part in the BBC series Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts which saw her live and work alongside Indian factory workers making c ... more

The Mental Load: A Feminist Comic - by Emma - £12.99
In her first book of comic strips, Emma reflects on social and feminist issues by means of simple line drawings, dissecting the mental load, i.e. all that invisible and unpaid organizing, list-making and planning women do to manage their lives, and t ... more

First Time Ever: A Memoir - by Peggy Seeger - £9.99
Born in New York City in 1935, Peggy Seeger enjoyed a childhood steeped in music and politics. Her father was the noted musicologist Charles Seeger; her mother, the modernist composer Ruth Crawford; and her brother Pete, the celebrated writer of prot ... more

The Secret Diary of Jeremy Corbyn - by Lucien Young - £9.99
In the grand tradition of The Diary of a Nobody comes the secret diary of the twenty-first century’s most unlikely leader: Jeremy Corbyn.   Jeremy Corbyn is a committed allotment holder, expert jam maker, dedicated manhole cover inspector... ... more

The Diary of a Bookseller - by Shaun Bythell - £8.99
Shaun Bythell owns The Bookshop, Wigtown - Scotland's largest second-hand bookshop. It contains 100,000 books, spread over a mile of shelving, with twisting corridors and roaring fires, and all set in a beautiful, rural town by the edge of the sea. A ... more

The Production of Money: How to Break the Power of Bankers - by Ann Pettifor - £8.99
What is money, where does it come from, and who controls it?  In this accessible, brilliantly argued book, leading political economist Ann Pettifor explains in straightforward terms history’s most misunderstood invention: the money system. Pettif ... more

Landscapes: John Berger on Art - by John Berger - £12.99
"John Berger teaches us how to think, how to feel how to stare at things until we see what we thought wasn’t there. But above all, he teaches us how to love in the face of adversity. He is a master."(Arundhati Roy, author of The God of Small Things ... more

Check Up: Our NHS at 70 - by Mark Thomas - £9.99
Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the NHS, award-winning comedian and activist Mark Thomas takes a look at our NHS, what state it’s in, where it’s going, and what we need to do to keep it. ... more

Scouse Pop - by Paul Skillen - £25.00
Scouse Pop is a journey into the personalities and music of the successful pioneering Liverpool pop bands of the late seventies and eighties. It examines their motivations, their uniqueness and the routes to success which made them into enduring musi ... more

Flesh and Blood: A History of My Family in Seven Sicknesses - by Stephen McGann - £8.99
His family survived famine-ravaged Ireland in the 1850s.  His ancestors settled in poverty-rife Victorian Liverpool, working to survive and thrive.  Some of them became soldiers serving on the Western Front.  One would be the last man to step off ... more

No is Not Enough: Defeating the New Shock Politics - by Naomi Klein - £9.99
Naomi Klein - award-winning journalist, bestselling author of No Logo, The Shock Doctrine and This Changes Everything, scourge of brand bullies and corporate liars - gives us the toolkit we need to survive our surreal, shocking age.  Remember ... more

Good As You: From Prejudice to Pride: 30 Years of Gay Britain - by Paul Flynn - £9.99
In 1984 the pulsing electronics and soft vocals of Smalltown Boy would become an anthem uniting gay men. A month later, an aggressive virus, HIV, would be identified and a climate of panic and fear would spread across the nation, marginalising an alr ... more

Call Them by Their True Names: American Crises (and Essays) - by Rebecca Solnit - £12.99
Beginning with the election of Donald Trump ("The Loneliest Man in the World") and expanding back and forth into American history, surveillance, violence against the individual, the denormalizing of misogyny and the rehumanizing of public space. &nbs ... more

Staying Power: The History of Black People in Britain - by Peter Fryer - £16.99
Staying Power is a panoramic history of black Britons. Stretching back to the Roman conquest, encompassing the court of Henry VIII, and following a host of characters from Mary Seacole to the abolitionist Olaudah Equiano, Peter Fryer paints a picture ... more

Attack of the 50 Ft. Women: How Gender Equality Can Save the World! - by Catherine Mayer - £9.99
Cometh the hour, Cometh the women.   In this inspirational book, the co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party sets out compelling evidence for the social and economic benefits of gender equality and lays bare the mechanisms holding wome ... more

Poverty Safari: Understanding the Anger of Britain's Underclass - by Darren McGarvey - £10.99
Winner of the Orwell Prize 2018.  Darren McGarvey has experienced poverty and its devastating effects first-hand. He knows why people from deprived communities all around Britain feel angry and unheard. And he wants to explain... So he invites yo ... more

Create Dangerously - by Albert Camus - £1.00
'To create today is to create dangerously'   Camus argues passionately that the artist has a responsibility to challenge, provoke and speak up for those who cannot in this powerful speech, accompanied here by two others.   Penguin Moder ... more

Radical Happiness: Moments of Collective Joy - by Lynne Segal - £9.99
What is the true meaning of happiness? Lynne Segal explores the radical potential of being together.   Why are we so obsessed by the pursuit of happiness? With new ways to measure contentment we are told that we have a right to individual joy. But ... more

Rewild Yourself: 23 Spellbinding Ways to Make Nature More Visible - by Simon Barnes - £14.99
We're not just losing the wild world. We're forgetting it. We're no longer noticing it. We've lost the habit of looking and seeing and listening and hearing.  But we can make hidden things visible, and this book features 23 spellbinding ways ... more

Adults In The Room: My Battle With Europe's Deep Establishment - by Yanis Varoufakis - £9.99
What happens when you take on the establishment? In this blistering, personal account, world-famous economist Yanis Varoufakis blows the lid on Europe's hidden agenda and exposes what actually goes on in its corridors of power.  Varoufakis sp ... more

Marx and Marxism - by Gregory Claeys - £8.99
An illuminating history of Marx's thought and intellectual influence from a leading historian of socialism.   Why was Marx so successful as a thinker? Did he have a system and if so, what does it consist of? How did Marxism develop in the twen ... more

Age of Anger: A History of the Present - by Pankaj Mishra - £9.99
How can we explain the origins of the great wave of paranoid hatreds that seem inescapable in our close-knit world - from American 'shooters' and ISIS to Trump, from a rise in vengeful nationalism across the world to racism and misogyny on social med ... more

The Terrible - by Yrsa Daley-Ward - £9.99
"A major literary talent... speaks about the power and powerlessness that young women are subject to in a wholly fresh, clear-eyed way... you'll find it hard to come away from The Terrible without a stab of recognition in your chest."(Stylist) 'You ... more

The Blue Badge Guide's Liverpool Quiz Book - by Peter J. Colyer - £7.99
Celebrating Liverpool’s cultural heritage, world-class sport and unrivalled musical legacy, this quiz book invites you to come on a wide-ranging exploration of this vibrant city.  Peel away its many layers in the company of one of Liverpool’ ... more

David Bowie Made Me Gay: 100 Years of LGBT Music - by Darryl W. Bullock - £12.99
From the birth of jazz in the red-light district of New Orleans, through the rock 'n' roll years, Swinging Sixties and all-singing and all-dancing disco days of the '70s, to modern pop, electronica and reggae – the LGBT community has played a cruci ... more

Roots, Radicals and Rockers: How Skiffle Changed the World - by Billy Bragg - £9.99
Roots, Radicals & Rockers: How Skiffle Changed the World is the first book to explore this phenomenon in depth – a meticulously researched and joyous account that explains how skiffle sparked a revolution that shaped pop music as we have come to ... more

Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens - by Eddie Izzard - £8.99
A memoir of love, death and jazz chickens, Eddie Izzard's fabulous Believe Me is his one and only autobiography...   'I know why I'm doing all this,' I said. 'Everything I do in life is trying to get her back. I think if I do enough things... that ... more

In Therapy: The Unfolding Story - by Susie Orbach - £9.99
In this complete and updated edition of the groundbreaking In Therapy, world-renowned therapist Susie Orbach reveals what really goes on in therapy.   Worldwide, increasingly large numbers of people are seeing therapists on a regular basis ... more

Resist! How to Be an Activist in the Age of Defiance - by Huck and Michael Segalov - £14.99
Resist! is the indispensable how-to guide for people looking to make a stand. Included are solid pieces of advice, practical tips and inspirational stories from those who have already successfully stood up and made a difference. Learn the principles ... more

The Pebbles on the Beach: A Spotter's Guide - by Clarence Ellis - £9.99
With a foreword by Robert Macfarlane.   Pebble-hunting is a pleasant hobby that makes little demand upon one’s patience and still less upon one’s physical energy. (You may even enjoy the hunt from the luxurious sloth of a deck chair). One of t ... more

Our Place: Can We Save Britain's Wildlife Before It Is Too Late? - by Mark Cocker - £18.99
Environmental thought and politics have become parts of mainstream cultural life in Britain. The wish to protect wildlife is now a central goal for our society, but where did these ‘green’ ideas come from? And who created the cherished institutio ... more

If the War Goes On... Reflections on War and Politics - by Herman Hesse - £9.99
A collection of essays on the absurdity of war, from the Nobel Prize laureate.   Herman Hesse remained clear-sighted and consistent in his political views and his passionate espousal of pacifism and the bloody absurdity of war from the start o ... more

The Pen is Mightier Than the Penis: Words for the Wise from the World - by Various authors - £7.99
For nasty women everywhere, The Pen is Mightier than the Penis is a feminist quote book celebrating female writers throughout the centuries, from Sappho to Margaret Atwood.   Find the perfect comeback for those infuriating 'you're not a feminist, ... more

The River of Consciousness - by Oliver Sacks - £9.99
Two weeks before his death, Oliver Sacks outlined the contents of The River of Consciousness, the last book he would oversee. The best-selling author of On the Move, Musicophilia, and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, Sacks is known for his ill ... more

The Way of the Hare - by Marianne Taylor - £9.99
"Taylor's book is so replete with leporine lore, so completely absorbed with the lives and (often grisly) deaths of our hares that you can't help but see the creatures with new eyes."(Alex Preston, The Guardian) To the people of rural Britain, har ... more

Logical Family: A Memoir - by Armistead Maupin - £9.99
"A sweet, filthy peach of a memoir from a cultural explosion of a man."(Caitlin Moran) Born in the mid-twentieth century and raised in the heart of conservative North Carolina, Armistead Maupin lost his virginity to another man “on the very spot ... more

Frida: The Biography of Frida Kahlo - by Hayden Herrera - £12.99
Frida is the story of one of the twentieth century's most extraordinary women, the painter Frida Kahlo. Born near Mexico City, she grew up during the turbulent days of the Mexican Revolution and, at eighteen, was the victim of an accident that left h ... more

Things Can Only Get Worse? Twenty Confusing Years in the Life of a Labour Supporter - by John O'Farrell - £8.99
"Hilarious, insightful and has that rare quality of making politics fun. A brilliant book everyone should read, whoever you vote for."(Owen Jones, author of The Establishment) From the giddy heights of New Labour's landslide victory in 1997 to the ... more

The Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis - by George Monbiot - £9.99
Today, our lives are dominated by an ideology of extreme competition and individualism. It misrepresents human nature, destroying hope and common purpose. But we cannot replace it without a positive vision, one that reengages people in politics and l ... more

And Then God Created the Middle East and Said 'Let There Be Breaking News' - by Karl reMarks - £6.99
'You may wonder why the Middle East gets so much airtime. Well, regions of the world were competing to host the apocalypse and the Middle East won.’   Online sensation Karl reMarks disagreed with the idea that reality had become too strange ... more

Where the Line is Drawn: Crossing Boundaries in Occupied Palestine - by Raja Shehadeh - £10.99
As a young boy, Raja Shehadeh was entranced by a forbidden Israeli postage stamp in his uncle's album, intrigued by tales of a green land beyond the border.He couldn't have known then what Israel would come to mean to him, or to foresee the future oc ... more

The Human Planet: How We Created the Anthropocene - by Simon Lewis and Mark Maslin - £8.99
An engrossing exploration of the science, history and politics of the Anthropocene, one of the most important scientific ideas of our time, from two world-renowned experts.  Meteorites, methane, mega-volcanoes and now human beings; the old fo ... more

Art Matters: Because Your Imagination Can Change the World - by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Chris Riddell - £9.99
A creative call to arms from the mind of Neil Gaiman, combining his extraordinary words with deft and striking illustrations by Chris Riddell. Art Matters will inspire its readers to seize the day in the name of art.   Be bold. Be rebellious. ... more

Insomnia - by Marina Benjamin - £9.99
"Insomnia reads with the surreal and suspended cadence of those lonely hours in the night that only the sleep-less experience. It is, therefore, a kind and intimate companion to our meandering, agitated, non-knowing, spiritually naked thoughts at suc ... more

Leeds Postcards - by Christine Hankinson & Craig Oldham - £12.00
For the past four decades, independent postcard press Leeds Postcards has been making oppositional, inspiring images; activism by design. The cards are not of Leeds; the name represents a defiant rejection of the hegemony of London. The images cover ... more

Long Road from Jarrow: A journey through Britain then and now - by Stuart Maconie - £8.99
Three and half weeks. Three hundred miles. I saw roaring arterial highway and silent lanes, candlelit cathedrals and angry men in bad pubs. The Britain of 1936 was a land of beef paste sandwiches and drill halls. Now we are nation of vaping and nail ... more

The NHS at 70: A Living History - by Ellen Welch - £12.99
At midnight on 5th July 1948, the National Health Service was born with the founding principal to be free at the point of use and based on clinical need rather than on a person’s ability to pay. Seventy years since its formation, these core princip ... more

When Ziggy Played Guitar: David Bowie, The Man Who Changed The World - by Dylan Jones - £9.99
On 6 July 1972, David Bowie, with a flame-orange cockade quiff, lavishly applied make-up, wearing a multi-coloured jumpsuit that looked as though it were made from fluorescent fish skin, and carrying a brand spanking new blue acoustic guitar, made hi ... more

Letter from Birmingham Jail - by Martin Luther King, Jr. - £1.00
'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.'   This landmark missive from one of the greatest activists in history calls for direct, non-violent resistance in the fight against racism, and reflects on the healing power of love.  ... more

What the Fuck! - by Luster (Editor) - £9.00
A collection of astonishing photos from around the world, which the editors stumbled upon during their many hours on the world wide web. The book is a cross between a cabinet of curiosities and a documentary on the human species, offering a unique in ... more

Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race - by Reni Eddo-Lodge - £8.99
LONGLISTED FOR THE BAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZE FOR NON-FICTION SHORTLISTED FOR A BOOKS ARE MY BAG READERS AWARD   What does it mean to be a person of colour in a world dominated by white privilege?   Exploring everything from eradicated black histo ... more

A New Politics from the Left - by Hilary Wainwright - £9.99
Millions of people passionately desire a viable alternative to austerity, authoritarianism and fear. They reject both corporate capitalism and an elite political system over which they have no control, but they are sceptical of the traditional weapon ... more

XXXXX - by Jamie Reid - £35.00
XXXXX is a fifty year-long survey of collages, paintings, & sketches by British artist, iconoclast, anarchist, punk, hippie, shit-stirring rebel & romantic Jamie Reid. This visual diary assembles Reid’s earliest graphic ventures out of art school, ... more

A Radical History of the World - by Neil Faulkner - £16.99
History is a weapon. The powerful have their version of events, the people have another. And if we understand how the past was forged, we arm ourselves to change the future.   This is the history of the struggle and revolution of human society ... more

The Secret Teacher: Dispatches from the Classroom - by Anon - £8.99
I will teach them literature, poetry, culture. I will teach them The Waste Land! I will be the Best Teacher Who Has Ever Lived! Or so The Secret Teacher thinks. On his first day at an inner-city state school he gets nuked.  The class he is made t ... more

The Master - by Audre Lorde - £2.00
From the self-described 'black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet', these soaring, urgent essays on the power of women, poetry and anger are filled with darkness and light.  Penguin Modern: fifty new books celebrating the pioneering spirit of the ic ... more

We Do Christmas: A Dung Beetle Book - by Miriam Elia - £8.99
In the latest in the Dung Beetle Learning series, Mummy, John and Susan are taken on a thrilling Christmas adventure.   “Come with me,” says Father Christmas, “and I will show you the magic of kindness.” “And I will undermine your vicio ... more

2019 Guide to the Night Sky - by Storm Dunlop, Wil Tirion and the Royal Observatory Greenwich - £6.99
A comprehensive handbook to the planets, stars and constellations visible from the northern hemisphere. 6 pages for each month covering January–December 2019.  This practical guide is both an easy introduction to astronomy and a useful refere ... more

Where We Go from Here: Two Years in the Resistance - by Bernie Sanders - £20.00
During his campaign for President in 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders stated over and over again that the future of America was dependent upon its willingness to start a political revolution. Real change never occurs from the top down – it always happe ... more

Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight: A Young Man's Voice from the Silence of Autism - by Naoki Higashida - £8.99
Following his ground-breaking international bestseller The Reason I Jump, written when he was only thirteen, Naoki Higashida offers equally illuminating and practical insights into autism from his current perspective as a young man.   Naoki Higash ... more

Jeremy Corbyn and the Strange Rebirth of Labour England - by Francis Beckett and Mark Seddon - £20.00
Post-war Labour England wasn’t a bad place to live, but after Labour’s 2015 election defeat, the prospect of a healthier, happier and fairer country seemed more remote than ever.   Who would have predicted that career backbencher and seria ... more

The Peterloo Massacre - by Robert Reid - £9.99
The Peterloo Massacre is a revealing and compelling account of that event, one of the darkest days in Britain's social history.   On 16 August 1819, a strong force of yeomanry and regular cavalry charged into a crowd of more than 100,000 worke ... more

Posters for Change: Tear, Paste, Protest: 50 Removable Posters - by Various artists - £21.99
The US presidential election in 2016 brought to a head myriad political activism around the world, around the rights of minorities, women, the LGBTQ community, and the environment. In the midst of this turmoil, nearly 300 designers from around the wo ... more

Don't Let My Past Be Your Future: A Call to Arms - by Harry Leslie Smith - £8.99
Don't Let My Past Be Your Future, Harry Leslie Smith's follow-up to Harry's Last Stand, is both a survival guide for today's generations and a memoir about persevering through difficult times with one's dignity and optimism intact.  THIS A CA ... more

Eat Up! Food, Appetite and Eating What You Want - by Ruby Tandoh - £8.99
TOP TEN SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER   Think about that first tickle of hunger in your stomach. A moment ago, you could have been thinking about anything, but now it's thickly buttered marmite toast, a frosty scoop of ice cream straight from the tu ... more

Rise: How Jeremy Corbyn Inspired the Young to Create a New Socialism - by Liam Young - £12.99
"Liam is one of Britain’s most brilliant young writers. He was ridiculed for believing a Corbyn-led Labour party could inspire people – but ultimately completely vindicated. If you want to know why the youth surge happened, this is an absolute mu ... more

We Were the Future - by Yael Neeman - £9.99
The kibbutzim are collective settlements in Israel which have been written about extensively over the years, and are praised as the only example in world history of entire communities attempting, voluntarily, to live in total equality. Conceived as a ... more

The Snooty Bookshop: Fifty Literary Postcards - by Tom Gauld - £12.99
A hilarious collection of fifty postcards celebrating multi-award-winning cartoonist Tom Gauld’s iconic Guardian comics – the perfect gift for book lovers everywhere.  Tom Gauld has created countless iconic strips for the Guardian over th ... more

Watling Street: Travels Through Britain and Its Ever-Present Past - by John Higgs - £9.99
A journey along one of Britain's oldest roads, from Dover to Anglesey, in search of the hidden history that makes us who we are today.   Long ago a path was created by the passage of feet tramping through endless forests. Gradually that path becam ... more

Don't Stop the Carnival: Black Music in Britain - by Kevin le Gendre - £19.99
Don’t Stop the Carnival is the story of Black music in Britain from Tudor times to the mid 1960s. It is a story framed by slavery, empire, colonialism and the flow of music around the Black Atlantic of Africa, the Caribbean, the USA and Great Brita ... more

Why Marx Was Right - by Terry Eagleton - £10.99
In this combative, controversial book, Terry Eagleton takes issue with the prejudice that Marxism is dead and done with. Taking ten of the most common objections to Marxism - that it leads to political tyranny, that it reduces everything to the econo ... more

Deeds Not Words: The Story of Women's Rights - Then and Now - by Helen Pankhurst - £25.00
On the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote, Helen Pankhurst - great-granddaughter of suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst and a leading women's rights campaigner - charts how women's lives have changed over the last century, and offers a pow ... more

k-punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher (2004-2016) - by Mark Fisher, edited by Darren Ambrose - £25.00
Edited by Darren Ambrose and with a foreword by Simon Reynolds, this comprehensive collection brings together the very best work of acclaimed blogger, writer, publisher, political activist and lecturer Mark Fisher (aka k-punk) who died in 2017.  ... more

May Made Me: An Oral History of the 1968 Uprising in France - by Mitchell Abidor - £12.99
The mass protests that shook France in May 1968 were exciting, dangerous, creative and influential, changing European politics to this day. Students demonstrated, workers went on general strike, factories and universities were occupied. At the height ... more

The Socialist Challenge Today: Syriza, Sanders, Corbyn - by Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin - £7.99
In what direction should the left move in the 21st century?  The so-called 'Third Way' lacked realism as well as imagination. The social democratic embrace of neoliberal globalization now lies threadbare amidst multiple economic, ecological, ... more

The Moth - All These Wonders: 49 New True Stories - by Catherine Burns (Editor) - £9.99
From storytelling phenomenon The Moth: a collection about risk, courage, and facing the unknown, drawn from the best stories ever told on their stages.  All These Wonders features The Moth's customary variety of voices. Storytellers range fro ... more

Goldilocks and the Water Bears: The Search for Life in the Universe - by Louisa Preston - £9.99
Today we know of only a single planet that hosts life: the Earth. But across a Universe of at least 100 billion possibly habitable worlds, surely our planet isn't the only one that, like the porridge Goldilocks sought, is just right for life?   ... more

Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from my Bipolar Life - by Ellen Forney - £16.99
Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from My Bipolar Life is the eagerly awaited companion book to Forney’s 2012 best-selling graphic memoir, Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me. Whereas Marbles was a memoir about her bipolar disorder, Rock S ... more

I Know There Are So Many of You - by Alain Badiou - £9.99
The history of humanity has only just begun. The Neolithic Revolution may have endowed us with unparalleled means of communication, subsistence and knowledge acquisition. However, it is clear in today’s world that inequality, power hierarchies and ... more

Some Old Bloke: Recollections, Obsessions and the Joys of Blokedom - by Robert Llewellyn - £16.99
When writer, comedian and Red Dwarf actor Robert Llewellyn's son scrawled a picture of him at Christmas and titled it 'Some Old Bloke', Robert was cast deep into thought about life and what it means to be a bloke and an old one at that.   In t ... more

Orwell on Freedom - by George Orwell - £9.99
With an introduction by Kamila Shamsie.   ‘Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.’   George Orwell is one of the world’s most famous writers and social commentators. Through his wr ... more

The Nature of Autumn - by Jim Crumley - £8.99
Longlisted for the Wainwright Golden Beer Book Prize 2017   In autumn nature stages some of its most enchantingly beautiful displays; yet it’s also a period for reflection, melancholy even, as the days shorten and winter’s chill approaches ... more

Ahed Tamimi: A Girl Who Fought Back - by Manal Tamimi, Paul Heron, Paul Morris and Peter Lahti - £13.99
Ahed Tamimi received prominent media coverage internationally when she was arrested by the Israeli Occupation authorities shortly before Christmas 2017. Israeli soldiers forced their way into the Tamimi’s home at night time, and arrested Nariman an ... more

Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2018 - by Tim Benson - £12.99
A blockbuster collection of the year’s funniest political cartoons, featuring the work of Mac, Steve Bell, Peter Brookes and many more...   2018 was the year that Brexit got serious, royals got married, football got (briefly) feverish, and Trump ... more

The Little Book of Snow - by Sally Coulthard - £10.00
Is it true that no two snowflakes are ever alike? How many Christmases have actually been white? Do the Inuit have dozens of words for snow? Can it ever be too cold to snow?   Our memories and imagination are buried in snow. It's the weather ... more

How Not To Be a Boy - by Robert Webb - £9.99
“It sounded to me that to be a gentleman, you needed both manners and bravery. And that thought was horribly fascinating. Because I thought only wimps needed manners. And only tough guys were brave”   Following Peep Show, and alongside Back, t ... more

We Shall Not Be Moved - by Brian Marren - £21.00
The city of Liverpool had frequently been prone to industrial unrest for most of its recent history, but it was the dawn of Thatcher and the sanctioning of neoliberal economic strategies which made Liverpool a nucleus of resistance against the encroa ... more

Insomniac City: New York, Oliver, and Me - by Bill Hayes - £12.99
A moving celebration of what Bill Hayes calls "the evanescent, the eavesdropped, the unexpected" of life in New York City, and an intimate glimpse of his relationship with the late Oliver Sacks.   Bill Hayes came to New York City in 2009 with a o ... more

The New Poverty - by Stephen Armstrong - £9.99
We are living in an age of unprecedented poverty. But who are the new poor? And what hope do they have?  The New Poverty is the story of an unreported Britain, betrayed by politicians and left stranded by the retreat of the welfare state. Tod ... more

So They Call You Pisher! A Memoir - by Michael Rosen - £9.99
The brilliant family memoir of the much-beloved poet and political campaigner.  In this hilarious, moving memoir, much-loved children’s poet and political campaigner Michael Rosen recalls the first twenty-three years of his life. He was born in ... more

Writer's Game: The Modern Authors (Card Game) - by Alex Johnson, with illustrations by Carla Fuentes - £12.99
Who had the most commercial success in their lifetime, Ernest Hemingway or Agatha Christie? Whose work has the most adaptations, F. Scott Fitzgerald or Franz Kafka? Who courted the most scandal, Colette or James Joyce?  Pit 32 of the world’s great ... more

The Battle For Paradise Puerto Rico: Takes on the Disaster Capitalists - by Naomi Klein - £8.99
"We are in a fight for our lives. Hurricanes Irma and María unmasked the colonialism we face in Puerto Rico, and the inequality it fosters, creating a fierce humanitarian crisis. Now we must find a path forward to equality and sustainability, a path ... more

Black Tudors: The Untold Story - by Miranda Kaufmann - £9.99
A Book of the Year for the Evening Standard and the Observer.   A black porter publicly whips a white Englishman in the hall of a Gloucestershire manor house. A Moroccan woman is baptised in a London church. Henry VIII dispatches a Mauritanian div ... more

Springwatch: The 2019 Almanac - by Michael Bright and Karen Farrington - £12.99
‘Beautiful, fun, a great book… the best book ever written!’ - Chris Evans   ‘It is a brilliant book, a toolkit, packed full of information – even I learnt a few new things!’ - Chris Packham   Explore the world outside your window. ... more

Eve Was Shamed: How British Justice is Failing Women - by Helena Kennedy - £20.00
What comes after #MeToo? One of our most eminent lawyers and defenders of human rights answers with this urgent, authoritative and deeply shocking look at British justice.   In Eve Was Shamed Helena Kennedy forensically examines the pressing new e ... more

Devotion: Why I Write - by Patti Smith - £6.99
From the renowned artist and author Patti Smith, an inspired exploration of the nature of creative invention.   A work of creative brilliance may seem like magic — its source a mystery, its impact unexpectedly stirring. How does an artist accomp ... more

The Luckiest Guy Alive - by John Cooper Clarke - £14.99
The Luckiest Guy Alive is the first new book of poetry from Dr John Cooper Clarke for several decades – and a brilliant, scabrous, hilarious collection from one of our most beloved and influential writers and performers. From the ‘Attack of the F ... more

The Joy of Forest Bathing: Reconnect With Wild Places & Rejuvenate Your Life - by Melanie Choukas-Bradley, illustrated by Lieke van der Vorst - £10.99
A simple antidote to our nature-starved lives, The Joy of Forest Bathing is an enticing and comprehensive introduction to forest bathing — or Shinrin-yoku, in Japan — the meditative practice of connecting with nature and disconnecting from the d ... more

Pocket Frida Kahlo Wisdom: Inspirational quotes and wise words from a legendary icon - by Frida Kahlo - £5.99
Frida Kahlo is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and influential painters of the 20th century and is widely considered a style icon thanks to her eclectic taste and love for colour, print and hauls of jewellery. From a young age, Kahlo forged he ... more

Vintage Minis: Austerity - by Yanis Varoufakis - £3.50
VINTAGE MINIS: GREAT MINDS. BIG IDEAS. LITTLE BOOKS.   How do we choose between what is fair and just, and what our debtors demand of us? Yanis Varoufakis was put in such a dilemma in 2015 when he became the finance minister of Greece. In this ... more

50 Years of Wildlife Photographer of the Year: How Wildlife Photography Became Art - by Natural History Museum and Rosamund Kidman Cox - £20.00
"This is a collection of work from the competition that, over the past half century, has become an international showcase for the very best wildlife photography - images that have the power to affect how we feel about the natural world and therefore ... more

Piggy Goes To University - by Miriam Elia and Ezra Elia - £9.99
Piggy goes to Uni is the story of a precocious young pig, and his rise to the forefront of the Anti-Piggest socialist Justice Movement. When he leaves his rural community for Central State University, he learns of the terrible legacy of Pig-Imperiali ... more

October: The Story of the Russian Revolution - by China Miéville - £9.99
Award-winning author China Miéville plunges us into the year the world was turned upside down.   On the centenary of the Russian Revolution, China Miéville tells the extraordinary story of this pivotal moment in history.   In February of 19 ... more

Me. You. Not a Diary - by Dawn French - £8.99
Me You is a pocket diary without the diary part. Or the pocket.   Me. You. Not a Diary is everything you loved about the original but without the calendar pages. To keep a working diary alongside Dawn, we recommend the hardback edition of Me. ... more

Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2019 - by Nick Kollerstrom - £8.99
You won't have to get up in the middle of the night to sow your carrots! Country folk know that planning their work in harmony with the rhythms of the moon produces better crops. It's that easy. They get higher yields and better flavour in vegetables ... more

Civilisations: First Contact / The Cult of Progress - by David Olusoga - £15.00
A companion to the major new BBC documentary series CIVILISATIONS, presented by Mary Beard, David Olusoga and Simon Schama   Oscar Wilde said 'Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.' Was he right? In Civilisations, David Olusoga tr ... more

National Geographic Almanac 2019 - by National Geographic Society - £12.99
A one-of-a-kind annual featuring surprising facts, stunning color photos, arresting infographics, and illuminating maps that present the world in a whole new way.   An almanac like you've never seen before, this arresting volume features key i ... more

1,342 QI Facts To Leave You Flabbergasted - by John Lloyd, John Mitchinson and James Harkin - £6.99
The sock-blasting, jaw-dropping, side-swiping phenomenon that is QI serves up a sparkling new selection of 1,342 facts to leave you flabbergasted.   Trees sleep at night. Google searches for ‘How to put on a condom’ peak at 10.28pm. There ... more

Global Discontents: Conversations on the Rising Threats to Democracy - by Noam Chomsky, with David Barsamian - £8.99
Global Discontents is an essential guide to geopolitics and how to fight back, from the world's leading public intellectual   What kind of world are we leaving to our grandchildren? How are the discontents kindled today likely to blaze and explode ... more

The Fall of the House of Fifa - by David Conn - £9.99
The Fall of the House of Fifa is the definitive story of Fifa's rise - and the most spectacular fall sport has ever seen.   1904: 'No person should be allowed to arrange matches for personal profit' - Fifa congress   A century later: 'F ... more

Riot Days - by Maria Alyokhina - £8.99
From activist, Pussy Riot member and freedom fighter Maria Alyokhina, a raw, hallucinatory, passionate account of her arrest, trial and imprisonment in a penal colony in the Urals for standing up for what she believed in.  People who believe in f ... more

Familiar Stranger: A Life Between Two Islands - by Stuart Hall - £9.99
'Sometimes I feel I was the last colonial'   This is the story, in his own words, of the extraordinary life of Stuart Hall: writer, thinker and one of the leading intellectual lights of his age. Growing up in a middle-class family in 1930s Jamaica ... more

Inferior: The True Power of Women and the Science That Shows It - by Angela Saini - £9.99
From intelligence to emotion, for centuries science has told us that men and women are fundamentally different. But this is not the whole story.  Shedding light on controversial research and investigating the ferocious gender wars in biology, psych ... more

The Seabird's Cry: The Lives and Loves of Puffins, Gannets and Other Ocean Voyagers - by Adam Nicolson, illustrated by Kate Boxer - £10.99
WINNER OF THE WAINWRIGHT PRIZE 2018 SHORTLISTED FOR THE JEFFERIES AWARD FOR NATURE WRITING 2017   The full story of seabirds from one of the greatest nature writers. The book looks at the pattern of their lives, their habitats, the threats they f ... more

Testosterone Rex: Unmaking the Myths of Our Gendered Minds - by Cordelia Fine - £8.99
WINNER OF THE 2017 ROYAL SOCIETY INSIGHT INVESTMENT SCIENCE BOOK PRIZE   Testosterone Rex is the powerful myth that squashes hopes of sex equality by telling us that men and women have evolved different natures. Fixed in an ancestral past that rew ... more

Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century - by Kehinde Andrews - £16.99
One of Britain’s most highly acclaimed Black educators presents the history of Black radicalism, reclaiming it for the twenty-first century.   Back to Black traces the long and eminent history of Black radical politics. Born out of resistanc ... more

The Deaths of the Poets - by Michael Symmons Roberts and Paul Farley - £9.99
From Chatterton’s Pre-Raphaelite demise to Keats’ death warrant in a smudge of arterial blood; from Dylan Thomas’s eighteen straight whiskies to Sylvia Plath’s desperate suicide in the gas oven of her Primrose Hill kitchen or John Berryman’ ... more

Of Women: In the 21st Century - by Shami Chakrabarti - £9.99
A powerful, urgent and timely polemic on why women still need equality, and how we get there.  It is the greatest human rights abuse on the planet. It blights first and developing worlds, rich and poor women's health, wealth, education, repre ... more

The Meaning of Birds - by Simon Barnes - £10.00
One of our most eloquent nature writers offers a passionate and informative celebration of birds and their ability to help us understand the world we live in. As well as exploring how birds achieve the miracle of flight; why birds sing; what they tel ... more

Zen Pencils - Creative Struggle: Illustrated Advice from Masters of Creativity - by Gavin Aung Than - £8.99
Gavin Aung Than, creator of the innovative Zen Pencils, shares his passion for creativity and reveals how you, too, can live a creative life.   Zen Pencils: Creative Struggle is a call to wake up the creative spirit inside you. Through Zen Penci ... more

Stick it to the Man - by Stickerbomb - £12.99
This timely sticker book brings together around 200 of the best protest stickers created by artists and activists around the world. Funny, irreverent, bold and poignant, the stickers tackle the range of key issues of acute concern today, including fe ... more

Ginger Pride: A Red-Headed History of the World - by Tobias Anthony - £9.99
Carrot-top. Ranga. Ronald. Rusty. Fire-crotch. Red.   Given redheads only make up two per cent of the global population, why has society dedicated itself to inventing ever-more insulting nicknames for them?  It’s obvious: jealousy.   ... more

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