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Poets, writers, artists and musicians ...

Collected Poems by Carol Ann Duffy - £20.00
Carol Ann Duffy has been a bold and original voice in British poetry since the publication of Standing Female Nude in 1985. Since then she has won every major poetry prize in the United Kingdom and sold over one million copies of her books around the ... more
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Clothes, Music, Boys. by Viv Albertine - £6.99
In 1970, Viv Albertine knew she wanted to be in a band, but had never seen a woman play electric guitar. Seven years later, she was the guitarist in the hugely influential all-female punk band, the Slits. This is the story of how, through sheer will, ... more
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PRIDE: Fifty Years of Parades and Protests from the Photo Archives of the New York Times by New York Times - £17.99
It began in New York City on June 28, 1969.   When police raided the Stonewall Inn — a bar in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, known as a safe haven for gay men — violent demonstrations and protests broke out in response. The Stonewall ... more
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Hope is the Thing with Feathers: The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson - £12.99
Part of a new collection of literary voices from Gibbs Smith, written by, and for, extraordinary women — to encourage, challenge, and inspire.   One of American’s most distinctive poets, Emily Dickinson scorned the conventions of her day i ... more
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Truth Street by David Cain - £7.99
On 15 April 1989, during the opening minutes of the FA Cup semi-final between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool, 96 men, women and children died in what remains the most serious tragedy in UK sporting history – the Hillsborough Stadium disaster. Thou ... more
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Protest Stencil Toolkit (Revised edition) by Patrick Thomas - £19.99
With this book anyone can create protest graphics. The 46 die-cut stencils, plus a bespoke typeface, can be combined to create both slogans and powerful visual messages, and are robust enough to be re-used any number of times.   There are cla ... more
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The Heart of a Boy: Celebrating the Strength and Spirit of Boyhood by Kate T. Parker - £13.99
It’s time to celebrate boys.  Against the backdrop of a growing national conversation about how to raise sons to become good people, Kate T. Parker is leading the way by turning her lens on boys. Author of the bestselling book about girls Str ... more
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The Moth Presents: Occasional Magic - 50 True Stories of Defying the Impossible by Catherine Burns (Editor) - £12.99
Before television and radio, people would gather on porches, on the steps outside their homes, and tell stories. Their bewitched listeners would sit and listen long into the night as moths flitted around overhead. Storytelling phenomenon The Moth rec ... more
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Dayglo! The Creative Life of Poly Styrene by Celeste Bell and Zoë Howe - £25.00
Poly Styrene was a singer-songwriter, an artist, a free-thinker, a post-modern style pioneer and a lifelong spiritual seeker: a true punk icon. But this rebel queen with the cheeky grin was also a latter-day pop artist with a wickedly perceptive gift ... more
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To Throw Away Unopened by Viv Albertine - £8.99
LONGLISTED FOR THE GORDON BURN PRIZE 2018   What was I fighting for? Even now I’m not sure. Something so old and so deep, it has no words, no shape, no logic.   Every memoir is a battle between reality and invention - but in her follow up to ... more
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Renegade Women in Film and TV by Elizabeth Weitzman, illustrated by Austen Claire Clements - £12.99
A charmingly illustrated and timely tribute to the women who broke glass ceilings in film and television, debuting during an historic time of change in the entertainment industry.   Renegade Women in Film and TV blends stunning illustrations, ... more
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Women Artists by Flavia Frigeri - £10.95
Focusing on fifty diverse women artists, from Lavinia Fontana and Artemisia Gentileschi through Judy Chicago, Ana Mendieta and the Guerrilla Girls to Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman and Louise Bourgeois, this book equips the reader with a general under ... more
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Bookworm: A Memoir of Childhood Reading by Lucy Mangan - £8.99
When Lucy Mangan was little, stories were everything. They opened up different worlds and cast new light on this one.   She was whisked away to Narnia – and Kirrin Island – and Wonderland. She ventured down rabbit holes and womble burrows ... more
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The Handmaid's Tale (Graphic novel) by Margaret Atwood, illustrated by Renee Nault - £20.00
Everything Handmaids wear is red: the colour of blood, which defines us.   Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead, where women are prohibited from holding jobs, reading, and forming friendships. She serves in the household of the Comm ... more
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Postcards to Europe by Various authors - £9.99
From Paris to Prague, from the past to the present, authors and artists explore what Europe means to them - and us - in this unique collection.  In these pages you'll find personal letters, reminiscences, poetry, art and brand new fiction from s ... more
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Womanhood: The Bare Reality by Laura Dodsworth - £20.00
100 women bare all in an empowering collection of photographs and interviews about Womanhood.  Vagina, vulva, lady garden, pussy, beaver, cunt, fanny… whatever you call it most women have no idea what’s ‘down there’. Culturally and pe ... more
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Feminist Cross-Stitch: 40 Bold and Fierce Patterns by Stephanie Rohr - £14.99
Make a statement—and smash the patriarchy, one stitch at a time—with these 40 feminist-themed cross-stitching patterns!   Crafty activists will love this snarky book with its 40 irreverent, vintage-inspired cross-stitch patterns. Whether you ... more
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The Opposite Is Also True: A Journal of Creative Wisdom for Artists by Cleo Papanikolas - £14.99
For visual artists or any creative person looking to push their art to thrive in unexpected ways, this beautifully illustrated guided journal challenges you to experiment both within and outside the box.   Using the premise that the creative ... more
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I'm Not Here to Give a Speech by Gabriel García Márquez - £9.99
Penguin presents I'm Not Here to Give a Speech, the complete speeches of Nobel laureate and beloved novelist Gabriel García Márquez collected and published in English for the first time.   Gabriel García Márquez has charmed generations of read ... more
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Invisible Britain: Portraits of Hope and Resilience by Paul Sng (Editor) - £20.00
Invisible Britain: Portraits of Hope and Resilience reveals untold stories from people who have been left out of the media narrative and left behind by government policy.   Featuring the work of accomplished documentary photographers, the book ... more
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Impro: Improvisation and the Theatre by Keith Johnstone - £14.99
In this landmark work Keith Johnstone provides a revelatory guide to rediscovering and unlocking the imagination. Admired for its clarity and zest, Impro lays bare the techniques and exercises used to foster spontaneity and narrative skill for actors ... more
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Wild Geese: A Collection of Nan Shepherd's Writing by Nan Shepherd - £14.99
Nan Shepherd (1893 - 1981) published three novels between 1928 and 1933: The Quarry Wood, The Weatherhouse and A Pass in the Grampians – as well as a collection of poems: In the Cairngorms.  Her reputation grew exponentially with the 1977 publi ... more
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Green Noise by Jean Sprackland - £10.00
Jean Sprackland is celebrated for her tactile, transformative poetry which makes the miraculous seem familiar and the domestic other-worldly. Her new collection is tuned to new and deeper frequencies. ‘Green noise’ is the mid-frequency component ... more
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What Kind of Creatures Are We? by Noam Chomsky - £11.99
Noam Chomsky is widely known and deeply admired for being the founder of modern linguistics, one of the founders of the field of cognitive science, and perhaps the most avidly read political theorist and commentator of our time. In these lectures, he ... more
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Ten Poems from Scotland by Various poets, selected and introduced by Don Paterson - £4.95
The ten poems in our revised and updated edition offer a taste of the poetry of Scotland. Some poems explore ideas around identity and change, exile and belonging. Others focus on landscape and place, or are principally about language itself. As Don ... more
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Ten Poems about Walking by Various poets, selected and introduced by Sasha Dugdale - £4.95
There seems to be a natural connection between walking and poetry. For Wordsworth, the regular rhythm of walking was a stimulus to writing, and he said that “nine-tenths of my verses have been poured out in the open air.”   This beautiful ... more
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Seven Dada Manifestoes and Lampisteries by Tristan Tzara - £8.99
This volume contains Tristan Tzara’s famous manifestos, which first appeared between 1916 and 1921 and became essential texts of the modern movement and models for Breton’s Surrealist manifestos. Art for Tzara was both deadly serious and a game, ... more
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Journalism by Joe Sacco - £14.99
"The blessing of an inherently interpretive medium like comics is that it hasn't allowed me to... make a virtue of dispassion. For good or for ill, the comics medium is adamant, and it has forced me to make choices. In my view, that is part of its me ... more
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Mindful Crafting: The Maker's Creative Journey by Sarah Samuel - £9.99
Apart from the sheer enjoyment of using our hands to create something new, crafting helps us to connect with who we are. Sarah Samuel casts fresh light on how the basic human need to create is often forgotten as mass-consumerism grows, and how we can ... more
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XXXXX by Jamie Reid - £35.00
XXXXX is a fifty year-long survey of collages, paintings, & sketches by British artist, iconoclast, anarchist, punk, hippie, shit-stirring rebel & romantic Jamie Reid. This visual diary assembles Reid’s earliest graphic ventures out of art school, ... more
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100 Poems by Seamus Heaney - £10.99
Seamus Heaney had the idea to form a personal selection of poems from across the entire arc of his writing life, small yet comprehensive enough to serve as an introduction for all comers. He never managed to do this himself, and no other edition exis ... more
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The Future by Neil Hilborn - £13.99
Filled with nostalgia, love, heartbreak, and the author’s signature wry examinations of mental health, Neil Hilborn’s second book helps explain what lives inside us, what we struggle to define. Written on the road over two years of touring, The F ... more
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Vertigo & Ghost by Fiona Benson - £10.00
*SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2018 FORWARD PRIZE*   Violence hangs over this book like an electric storm. Beginning with a poem about the teenage dawning of sexuality, Vertigo & Ghost pitches quickly into a long sequence of graphic, stunning pieces abo ... more
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Imagine John Yoko by John Lennon and Yoko Ono - £35.00
In 1971, John Lennon & Yoko Ono conceived and recorded the critically acclaimed album Imagine at their Georgian country home, Tittenhurst Park, in Berkshire, England, in the state-of-the-art studio they built in the grounds, and at the Record Plant i ... more
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The Unaccompanied by Simon Armitage - £10.99
After more than a decade and following his celebrated adventures in drama, translation, travel writing and prose poetry, Simon Armitage’s eleventh collection of poems heralds a return to his trademark contemporary lyricism. The pieces in this multi ... more
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Create Dangerously by Albert Camus - £1.00
'To create today is to create dangerously'   Camus argues passionately that the artist has a responsibility to challenge, provoke and speak up for those who cannot in this powerful speech, accompanied here by two others.   Penguin Moder ... more
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In Miniature: How Small Things Illuminate The World by Simon Garfield - £14.99
A delightful and illuminating exploration of the human instinct to make things small, from the bestselling author of Just My Type and On the Map.   A delightful, entertaining and illuminating investigation into our peculiar fascination with ma ... more
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Sincerity by Carol Ann Duffy - £14.99
The effortless virtuosity, directness, drama and humanity of Carol Ann Duffy’s verse have made her our most admired and best-loved contemporary poet.   Sincerity is Duffy’s final collection of poems as Poet Laureate, and the much-anticipated s ... more
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Why Dylan Matters by Richard F. Thomas - £9.99
When the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Bob Dylan, the literary world was up in arms. How could the world’s most prestigious book prize be awarded to a famously cantankerous singer-songwriter in his Seventies, who wouldn’t even deign t ... more
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Science(ish): The Peculiar Science Behind the Movies by Rick Edwards and Dr Michael Brooks - £8.99
A Sunday Times Book of the Year A New Scientist Gift Pick "Bright, nerdy and funny! Of course I loved it."(Dara Ó Briain) Can we resurrect dinosaurs? Is a Martian holiday good for your health? Can we build a time machine? (And more important ... more
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Don't Stop the Carnival: Black Music in Britain by Kevin le Gendre - £19.99
Don’t Stop the Carnival is the story of Black music in Britain from Tudor times to the mid 1960s. It is a story framed by slavery, empire, colonialism and the flow of music around the Black Atlantic of Africa, the Caribbean, the USA and Great Brita ... more
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Cassandra Darke by Posy Simmonds - £16.99
Cassandra Darke is an art dealer, mean, selfish, solitary by nature, living in Chelsea in a house worth £7 million.  She has become a social pariah, but doesn’t much care. Between one Christmas and the next, she has sullied the reputation ... more
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Christmas Lights: Ten Poems for Dark Winter Nights by Various authors - £4.95
The switching on of festive lights in towns and villages across the land announces the fact that Christmas is fast approaching. It also marks the start of real winter.  This delightful selection contains ten brand new poems by leading contemp ... more
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50 Years of Wildlife Photographer of the Year: How Wildlife Photography Became Art by Natural History Museum and Rosamund Kidman Cox - £20.00
"This is a collection of work from the competition that, over the past half century, has become an international showcase for the very best wildlife photography - images that have the power to affect how we feel about the natural world and therefore ... more
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Scouse Pop by Paul Skillen - £25.00
Scouse Pop is a journey into the personalities and music of the successful pioneering Liverpool pop bands of the late seventies and eighties. It examines their motivations, their uniqueness and the routes to success which made them into enduring musi ... more
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k-punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher (2004-2016) by Mark Fisher, edited by Darren Ambrose - £25.00
Edited by Darren Ambrose and with a foreword by Simon Reynolds, this comprehensive collection brings together the very best work of acclaimed blogger, writer, publisher, political activist and lecturer Mark Fisher (aka k-punk) who died in 2017.  ... more
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The Butch Lesbians of the '50s, '60s, and '70s Coloring Book by Avery Cassell and Jon Macy (Editors) - £16.99
Meet real life butches from all around the world in The Butch Lesbians of the 50s, 60s, and 70s Coloring Book.  From our cover butch, badass Moroccan lover and reputed witch Cherifa Amina, to the ground-breaking curator Adrienne Fuzee, to Honey ... more
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A Stranger's Pose by Emmanuel Iduma, with a Foreword by Teju Cole - £10.99
A Stranger’s Pose is an evocative and mesmerising account of travels across different African cities.   With lyrical and absorbing prose, Emmanuel invites the reader to share in his travels, and the encounters he made along the way. Alongsi ... more
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To Kill a Mockingbird (Graphic Novel edition) by Harper Lee, adapted and illustrated by Fred Fordham - £16.99
A beautifully crafted graphic novel adaptation of Harper Lee’s beloved American classic, voted the #1 Great American Read 2018.   ‘Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit ‘em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.’ ... more
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When Ziggy Played Guitar: David Bowie, The Man Who Changed The World by Dylan Jones - £9.99
On 6 July 1972, David Bowie, with a flame-orange cockade quiff, lavishly applied make-up, wearing a multi-coloured jumpsuit that looked as though it were made from fluorescent fish skin, and carrying a brand spanking new blue acoustic guitar, made hi ... more
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Starman Tarot (Tarot Card deck) by Davide De Angelis - £28.00
78 cards, measuring 75 x 140mm   The Starman Tarot is an emergent phenomena seeded and inspired by the artistic collaborations of Davide De Angelis with the iconic David Bowie.   This, combined with his deep desire to explore and visual ... more
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