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2024 Calendars

Our wonderful selection of calendars for 2024!

Most books can be ordered within 7-10 days, subject to availability. If you need a book urgently, or by a specific date, you can always contact us before ordering to ask how long it will take
Women Who Rock Our World 2024 Calendar - by Julie Johnson Olson - £13.99
STAY ORGANIZED AND BE INSPIRED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: It's time to shine a light on the influential women who inspire us all to dream, love, grow, and thrive — and resist — even in the face of opposition. Part homage, part call to action, each mont ... more

One World Family Calendar 2024 - by New Internationalist - £11.95
The One World Family Calendar 2024 is full of fun and vibrant images from around the world and is indispensable for families on the go. The pictures, taken from the New Internationalist's best-selling One World range, show just how colourful our plan ... more

A Journey into 366 Days of Black History 2024 Wall Calendar - by Pomegrante - £9.99
With intuition, compassion, prowess, or just plain smarts and determination, the exemplary individuals featured here have contributed their brilliance to enhance the human experience across a wide range of disciplines, including the arts, education, ... more

Moomin Wall Calendar 2024 - by Flame Tree Studio - £10.99
A true Scandinavian classic, the Moomins, created by Tove Jansson, have been captivating audiences with their adventures – in both book and television form – for decades.  Featuring 12 touching illustrations of the much-loved characters of M ... more

Peace Calendar 2024 - by Various artists - £11.99
Twelve months of creative, powerful artwork to inspire our collective work of seeking justice, pursuing peace and creating a sustainable future.  Featuring stunning murals, illustrations, digital art and photography, this 53rd Peace Calendar wil ... more

Inuit Art: Kinngait (Cape Dorset) Calendrier 2024 Mini Wall Calendar - by Various artists - £4.99
In the Canadian Arctic community of Kinngait (Cape Dorset), Nunavut, Inuit artists have been making limited-edition prints for half a century. Twelve examples of their work adorn this mini wall calendar.   • 12 monthly grids and full-color ... more

One World Calendar 2024 - by New Internationalist - £16.95
The One World Calendar is a visual expression of shared humanity. Its purpose is to foster an understanding of and empathy with the world's diverse cultures and peoples.  The images selected for the calendar are beautiful, honest, insightful, and ... more

Empower 2024 Calendar - by Lolita Lorenzo - £13.99
STAY ORGANIZED AND BE INSPIRED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: Carol Muthiga-Oyekunle, also known as Lolita Lorenzo, is a Kenyan American artist whose stunning portraits radiate power and beauty. This collection of portraits depicts strong women in a fashion ed ... more

Zen Cat 2024 Mini Calendar: Paintings and Poetry by Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin - by Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin - £7.99
STAY ORGANIZED AND BE INSPIRED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: This calendar is a meditation in art and words on the interconnectedness of all life. Each month artist and author Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin uses painting and poetry to convey a message from the pure ... more

Spike Milligan Mini Wall Calendar 2024 - by Spike Milliagan - £5.99
Perhaps best known as the co-creator of and writer for the Goon Show, Spike Milligan has received accolades as a comedian, musician, poet and playwright. This mini wall calendar features a selection of his hilarious cartoons.  The datepad featur ... more

Bicycles: Vintage Posters 2024 Wall Calendar - by Various artists - £9.99
Bicycles have long promised adventure and freedom, progress and hope. Their popularity blossomed in the late 1800s, coinciding with the rise of lithography and lavishly illustrated posters. With stylish typography and eye-catching compositions, artis ... more

Cats & Books 2024 Wall Calendar - by Universe Publishing - £11.99
Curling up with a good book is the ideal activity for bibliophiles around the world-and curling up with your feline friend is even better!   The Cats & Books 2024 Wall Calendar features 12 of the best cat and book photographs to brighten your day ... more

Environmental Art 2024 Calendar : Contemporary Art in the Natural World - by Various artists - £13.99
STAY ORGANIZED AND BE INSPIRED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: The Environmental Art wall calendar is an exemplary collection of this modern art form. One of the most exciting art movements of our time, environmental art celebrates our connection to the natural ... more

Jewish Celebrations: Paintings by Malcah Zeldis 2024 Wall Calendar - by Malcah Zeldis - £9.99
The observances, festivals, and traditions that give shape and meaning to Jewish life find loving expression in the vibrant art of Malcah Zeldis. From everyday rituals to annual holidays to ceremonies that mark life’s milestones, the 13 images in t ... more

The Fight for Women's Rights 2024 Wall Calendar - by Various artists - £9.99
Women have fought for their liberties for centuries. They’ve marched for a more equal society as part of countless intersecting social movements over the years, from women’s suffrage and labor laws to reproductive freedom and civil rights.   ... more

World in Your Kitchen Calendar 2024 - by New Internationalist - £11.95
A unique wall calendar with specially commissioned colour illustrations and a delicious vegan or vegan adaptable recipe every month.   Recipes included: Syrian Casserole with Aubergine, Chocolate Rum Cake, Aviyal (Keralan Vegetable Curry), Roa ... more

We'Moon on the Wall 2024 Calendar - by Mother Tongue Ink - £19.99
We’Moon on the Wall is a beautiful full-color moon phase calendar with the major astrological transits, Sun & Moon signs, and more.   This wall calendar features exquisite women's art and inspirational writings from the We’Moon astrology plann ... more

British Wildlife Photography Awards Calendar 2024 - by Various photographers - £14.99
This calendar features twelve superb prize-winning images from the eleventh British Wildlife Photography Awards, with space for notes each day.  All Graffeg’s calendars are certified under the FSC system and are produced using materials from s ... more

Year of the Witch 2024 Wall Calendar - by Temperance Alden - £13.99
STAY ORGANIZED AND BE INSPIRED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: Manifest your own Wheel of the Year with the guidance of folk witch and author Temperance Alden. This wall calendar features inspiration to help you observe traditional practices with a modern appli ... more

Serenity: Kazuyuki Ohtsu 2024 Mini Wall Calendar - by Kazuyuki Ohtsu - £4.99
The sweet curvature of branch and blossom balances the strong lift of mountain and bamboo in the landscapes of Kazuyuki Ohtsu. His woodblock prints are poetic contemplations, drawing us into tranquil natural settings. The colors he uses are elemental ... more

For the Love of Frida 2024 Calendar: Art and Words Inspired by Frida Kahlo - by Various artists - £13.99
STAY ORGANIZED AND BE INSPIRED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: Frida Kahlo is an icon synonymous with creativity, originality, and empowerment. Beguiling portraits of this groundbreaking woman by contemporary artists are paired with the thoughts and musings of ... more

Haiku: Japanese Art and Poetry 2024 Wall Calendar - by Various artists - £9.99
The roots of Japanese haiku reach back over 1,000 years. In this poetic form, as in life, there is a pause, a shift, in which the poet celebrates sensory awareness of the season, perhaps suggested by the scent of plum blossoms or the silence of snow- ... more

This Day in Black History 365: 2024 Calendar - by Sourcebooks - £14.99
Discover the awe-inspiring men, women, and events from Black history.   From modern leaders to history's early activists, this yearlong calendar is a fierce reminder that Black history is each and every day. This record is filled with striking ... more

Moonwise Calendar 2024 - by William Morris, with illustrations by Jane Bottomley - £14.50
Large format 13 month calendar, in full colour, featuring illustrations by Jane Bottomley.  Compiled by William Morris  This is a calendar to help you keep in touch with natural cycles in the sky, the earth and yourself.  Each month begin ... more

Llewellyn's 2024 Witches' Calendar - by Llewellyn Publications - £16.00
Jazz up your new year with Llewellyn's 2024 Witches' Calendar. Featuring magnificent scratchboard art by Jennifer Hewitson and seasonal spells by skilled practitioners, this calendar has been the first choice for Witches and Pagans everywhere for mor ... more

Georgia O'Keeffe 2024 Wall Calendar - by Georgia O'Keeffe - £9.99
Bold in color and composition but with a remarkable, sensual sensitivity, Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower paintings stunned critics and the public alike. A pioneer of Modernism, she walked her own path in the art world, making noteworthy and influentia ... more

Arts & Crafts Tiles: Made by Motawi Tileworks 2024 Mini Wall Calendar - by Motawi Tileworks - £4.99
For 30 years, Motawi Tileworks has been crafting tiles inspired by art and nature. From original designs to works based on historic artists, the handmade tiles present bold, colorful patterns and impressive artisanship. Add some Arts & Crafts flair t ... more

Illuminated Rumi Wall Calendar 2024 - by Rumi - £13.99
STAY ORGANIZED AND BE INSPIRED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: The Illuminated Rumi wall calendar weaves together poetry and art to uniquely portray the spiritual wealth of Rumi's teachings. Michael Green's fascinating collage art, along with Coleman Barks's th ... more

The Reading Woman 2024 Mini Wall Calendar - by Various artists - £4.99
The affinity of women for literature has long been observed by artists: for centuries they have created stunning renderings of the reading woman. Regardless of the time and place of creation, each of the 12 scenes in this calendar features women shar ... more

A Year of Mindful Living 2024 Mini Calendar - by Amber Lotus - £7.99
STAY ORGANIZED AND BE INSPIRED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: Invite a calming moment into your daily life. Allow the hurried pace and chaos to fall away and take time to center yourself and quiet your mind. This calendar combines tranquil images and uplifting ... more

Earth Pathways Calendar 2024 - by Earth Pathways - £14.99
The 2024 Earth Pathways Wall Calendar is full of magical words and images inspired by a deep love for the Earth and positive environmental change. Hopeful, heart-led and celebratory, our 2024 edition not only looks good on the outside, it will make y ... more

Hiroshige 2024 Wall Calendar - by Utagawa Hiroshige - £9.99
With soft colors and saturated ambience, Utagawa Hiroshige’s artwork invites you to experience the natural world as he knew it.  One of the last great masters of Edo-period ukiyo-e painting and printmaking, Hiroshige created some of his most i ... more

Butterfly Safari Calendar 2024 - by Andrew Fusek Peters - £9.99
Calendar | 24 pages | 250 x 250mm   Twelve of Andrew Fusek Peters’s sensational butterfly images from his recent book Butterfly Safari are included in this 2024 calendar, together with insightful captions on each species presented alongside ea ... more

Frida Kahlo Mini Wall Calendar 2024 - by Flame Tree Studio - £5.99
Officially Licensed Frida Kahlo Corporation Product.   Mexican artist Frida Kahlo sought to define her identity, as well as that of Mexico. She explored themes of self-identity, gender, postcolonialism and popular culture from Mexico throughou ... more

The Artful Cat 2024 Calendar: Brush & Ink Watercolor Paintings of Endre Penovac - by Endre Penovác - £13.99
STAY ORGANIZED AND BE INSPIRED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: The Artful Cat wall calendar showcases Endre Penovác's furry feline portraits. With his unique fadeaway technique, the watercolor-and-ink seeps into the paper in every direction to perfectly mimic ... more

V&A: Women in Arts and Crafts Wall Calendar 2024 - by Flame Tree Studio - £10.99
The birth of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain in the late 19th century marked the beginning of a change in the value society placed on how things were made. This was a reaction to not only the damaging effects of industrialisation but also the ... more

Meditations & Healing Art 2024 Mini Wall Calendar: Art and Poetry by Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin - by Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin - £13.99
STAY ORGANIZED AND BE INSPIRED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: Artist and poet Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin explores the intersection of art, nature, and science through his paintings and writing. He passionately believes in the healing power of art, viewing it as ... more

Japanese Woodblocks Wall Calendar 2024 - by Flame Tree Studio - £10.99
This calendar is filled with a visually dazzling array of woodblock prints from masterful Japanese artists Utagawa Hiroshige I and II. The artworks feature dramatic mountains, natural beauty and serene landscapes, all created in a mesmerizing style a ... more

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