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Most books can be ordered within 7-10 days, subject to availability. If you need a book urgently, or by a specific date, you can always contact us before ordering to ask how long it would take
Where's Dom? Join Dom Cummings On a Sightseeing Tour of Britain - by Izzy Missing - £8.99
Can you find Dom and his friends as they travel around Britain on their lockdown adventures?   Dom Cummings has had a busy lockdown. From the Cheltenham Festival and his local VE Day street party, to the Downing Street Rose Garden via a cheeky Ba ... more

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories - by James Finn Garner - £8.99
In this bestselling classic, James Finn Garner has rewritten classic stories for more enlightened times; from Snow White's relationship with seven vertically challenged men, Little Red Riding Hood, her grandma and the cross-dressing wolf who set up a ... more

Confessions of a Bookseller - by Shaun Bythell - £8.99
Tricky customers, rude staff and everyone's favourite misanthropic bookseller: it's the second volume of the Sunday Times bestselling bookshop diaries, now available in paperback.  "Do you have a list of your books, or do I just have to stare ... more

Sex, Power, Money - by Sara Pascoe - £9.99
Award-winning comedian Sara Pascoe turns her attention to the things that really matter to humans – sex, power and money.  Following her hit book Animal, Sara Pascoe decides to confront her fear of the male libido, and turns her attention to th ... more

The Secret Political Adviser: The Unredacted Files of the Man in the Room Next Door - by Michael Spicer - £9.99
This hilarious journal contains satirical advice to politicians ranging from Boris Johnson to Kim Jong-un, from The Man in the Room Next Door.   Just who is the secret political adviser calling himself The Man in the Room Next Door? No one k ... more

Ayoade On Top - by Richard Ayoade - £8.99
At last, the definitive book about perhaps the best cabin crew dramedy ever filmed: View From the Top starring Gwyneth Paltrow.   In Ayoade on Top, Richard Ayoade, perhaps one of the most ‘insubstantial’ people of our age, takes us on a journe ... more

The Feminist Quiz Book - by Sian Meades-Williams and Laura Brown - £9.99
Test yourself on what you really know about feminism and find out what your teachers should have taught you...  Delve into the fascinating history of women who refused, dared, led, asked and discovered, from Jeanne Baret to Michelle Obama, from ... more

Tall Tales and Wee Stories - by Billy Connolly - £8.99
In December 2018, after fifty years of belly-laughs, energy and outrage, Billy Connolly announced his retirement from live stand-up comedy. It had been an extraordinary career.  When he first started out in the late sixties, Billy played the banj ... more

Dishonesty is the Second-Best Policy: And Other Rules to Live By - by David Mitchell - £9.99
** THE NEW BOOK FROM THE AWARD-WINNING COMEDIAN AND WRITER **   David Mitchell's 2014 bestseller Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse must really have made people think - because everything's got worse. We've gone from UKIP surge to Brexit sh ... more

Funny Ha, Ha: 80 of the Funniest Stories Ever Written - by Paul Merton (Editor) - £15.00
The Sunday Times Humour Book of the Year.   80 of the funniest stories ever written, selected and introduced by Paul Merton. From Anton Chekhov to Ali Smith, from P.G. Wodehouse to Nora Ephron, the greatest writers are those who know how to l ... more

Five Go Absolutely Nowhere - by Bruno Vincent - £8.99
'Ah! This is the dream!' says Julian one morning. 'With good old British common sense and community spirit like this, there's no reason that we couldn't exist on the island like this for the rest of our days!'   What could possibly go wrong...? & ... more

Klopp Actually: (Imaginary) Life with Football's Most Sensible Heartthrob - by Laura Lexx - £9.99
A hilarious diary of married life with the sensible, no-nonsense man of all our dreams: Jurgen Klopp, from critically-acclaimed comedian and Twitter sensation Laura Lexx.  Inspired by the viral tweet: 'If I ever met Jurgen Klopp I'd say "omg ... more

More Than a Woman - by Caitlin Moran - £20.00
A decade ago, Caitlin Moran thought she had it all figured out.  Her instant bestseller How to Be a Woman was a game-changing take on feminism, the patriarchy, and the general 'hoo-ha' of becoming a woman. Back then, she firmly believed 'the ... more

The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks - by Amy Kean and J Milton - £9.99
A fairy tale of everyday bravery and beautifully illustrated feminist handbook for the modern day.  This is the story of a brave young girl, Elodie-Rose, who one day decides to change the world and keep all her fucks in her basket.  Waaaaaaa ... more

What Would Jurgen Klopp Do? Life Lessons from a Champion - by Tom Victor - £9.99
THE PERFECT GIFT FOR FOOTBALL FANS – A HERO FOR DIFFICULT TIMES  There’s no one quite like Klopp. Players love him, Liverpool fans love him – even those who should hate him, want a hug from him. He’s charismatic, charming, a master ta ... more

Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come: An Introvert's Year of Living Dangerously - by Jessica Pan - £9.99
What would happen if a shy introvert lived as an out-and-out extrovert for one year? Jessica Pan is about to find out...   When she found herself jobless and friendless, sitting in the familiar Jess-shaped crease on her sofa, she couldn't help ... more

The Little Book of Pride: The History, the People, the Parades - by Lewis Laney - £7.99
Celebrate the LGTBQ community with this small but perfectly formed guide to Pride.  What began as a protest for gay rights following the Stonewall riots of 1969 in New York has grown to become a global celebration of LGBTQ culture. In the 50-odd ... more

The Little Book of Pride: LGBTQ+ Voices That Changed the World - by Various authors - £5.99
50 years of Pride in the words of those who changed the world.   Half a century has passed since 2,000 people marched in the very first Pride march, in New York City. It was a moment when the LGBT+ community rose up against centuries of hatred ... more

Barn 8 - by Deb Olin Unferth - £9.99
One disaffected administrator, one disenchanted teenager, four hundred and twenty-one vegan extremists, sixty trucks, and nine hundred thousand grumpy layer hens awaiting liberation. In barns. Six barns. No, wait, seven. No, wait...  Two auditors ... more

Wow, No Thank You. - by Samantha Irby - £9.99
Staring down the barrel of her fortieth year, Samantha Irby is confronting the ways her life has changed since the days she could work a full 11 hour shift on 4 hours of sleep, change her shoes and put mascara on in the back of a moving cab and go fr ... more

How Do You Want Me? - by Ruby Wax - £9.99
The autumn 2002 publication of Ruby Wax's memoirs was greeted with shock - and delighted acclaim. In the tradition of the best memoirs, such as The Moon's a Balloon and Billy, Ruby Wax revealed, surprised and captured the public more than was ever pr ... more

I Will Judge You By Your Bookshelf - by Grant Snider - £11.99
A look at the culture and fanaticism of book lovers, from beloved New York Times illustrator Grant Snider.  It's no secret, but we are judged by our bookshelves. We learn to read at an early age, and as we grow older we shed our beloved books ... more

Jeremy Hardy Speaks Volumes: Words, Wit, Wisdom, One-Liners and Rants - by Jeremy Hardy - £20.00
'Well good evening, my name is Jeremy Hardy and I'm a comedian who likes to make wry witty satirical observations about the society we live in - but I prefer to keep them to myself, thank you very much.'  Edited by his wife, Katie Barlow and ... more

I Can't Remember the Title But the Cover is Blue - by Elias Greig, illustrated by Phillip Marsden - £8.99
Hilarious, unpredictable and, at times, touching, this compilation is the perfect gift for fans of Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops and The Diary of a Bookseller.  As any retail or service worker will tell you, customers can be irrational, d ... more

The Escape Manual for Introverts - by Katie Vaz - £9.99
Feeling cornered at a wedding reception by gossipy guests? Stuck at a holiday party that lasts forever? This beautifully illustrated book is the ultimate funny, sometimes absurd guide to escaping those painfully awkward situations.   Trapped ... more

Abject Quizzery: The Thoroughly Depressing Quiz Book - by Karl Shaw - £12.99
SNUFF OUT YOUR INNER OPTIMIST AND JUSTIFY YOUR CONSTANT GLOOM WITH THE ULTIMATE QUIZ BOOK FOR THESE DEPLORABLE TIMES.  Contains 834 questions, all with dispiriting answers, such as: 1. At what age does the human brain begin to deteriorate? 2. ... more

Strange Planet - by Nathan Pyle - £12.99
Based on the phenomenally popular Instagram comic, a hilariously perceptive and hugely addictive look at an alien world not unlike our own.  From the mind of New York Times-bestselling author Nathan W. Pyle comes an adorable and profound univ ... more

Decline and Fail: Read in Case of Political Apocalypse - by John Crace - £9.99
'Optimism, mojo, complete bollocks. That's what the country is crying out for.'  There is now only one certainty in life. When things can't possibly get worse, they absolutely will. And so, after three years of Maybot malfunctioning and Brexit bu ... more

The Penguin Book Quiz: From The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Ulysses - by James Walton - £9.99
Which Haruki Murakami novel shares its title with a Beatles song? In Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, what is Charlie's surname? What is heavy-drinking Rachel Watson known as in the title of a 21st-century bestseller? And what do you g ... more

Cain's Jawbone: A Novel Problem - by Torquemada - £20.00
Six murders. One hundred pages. Millions of possible combinations... but only one is correct. Can you solve Torquemada's murder mystery?   In 1934, the Observer's cryptic crossword compiler, Edward Powys Mathers (aka Torquemada), released a n ... more

Barack Obama: Quotes to Live By - by Barack Obama - £5.99
Barack Obama: Quotes to Live By is a life-affirming collection of over 170 quotes from one of the world's most admired and respected public figures.  Excelling academically, professionally and as a community organizer, Barack Obama showed promi ... more

The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2020 - by Lia Leendertz - £10.00
A perfect toolkit connecting with the world around us and the year ahead as it unfolds – all in a compact and pocket size that just begs you to pick it up and browse.  The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2020 reinvents the tradition of the rural a ... more

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, Vol. 3 - by Paul Joynson-Hicks & Tom Sullam - £9.99
It's time to dust off your camera, pick up your binoculars and head back to the great outdoors as the much-loved Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards return once again with the best, as well as never-before-seen, photographs of wildlife; a waving pola ... more

Last Night a Bidet Drenched My Wife... And Other Misheard Lyrics - by @Trouteyes with Moose Allain - £6.99
'Six o'clock already I was just in the middle of a dream. I was kissing Danny DeVito by a crystal blue Italian stream.' 'I was loooking for some action and all I found were cygnets and a waterfall.' 'When I get that feeling I need saxophone clean ... more

Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2019 - by Various artists - £12.99
A hilarious companion to the year's political turmoil, featuring the work of Martin Rowson, Steve Bell, Peter Brookes, Nicola Jennings and many more...   2019 was the year of Brexit, obviously. But it was also the year that Donald Trump went h ... more

A Cloud A Day - by Gavin Pretor-Pinney - £20.00
The stresses of the digital world mean that it’s more important than ever to engage with the natural world. And no matter where you are, looking up at the clouds is good for the soul. The sky is the most dramatic and evocative aspect of nature. Eve ... more

The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Tour of Britain - by Gareth Moore - £14.99
The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book was the biggest-selling puzzle book of 2018. And now it is back, with brand new maps, and bigger and better brainteasers!   In The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Tour of Britain map your way around Britain in 40 new regiona ... more

The Big Hippo Guide To Democracy, Referendums, General Elections (And All That) - by Bob Marshall Andrews and Martin Rowson - £8.99
The world of Westminster laid bare in cool, understated prose brimming with irony and seen through Martin Rowson’s sharp, satirical eye. What happens when your referendum goes haywire, your election fails to deliver and lies, truth and fake-news ba ... more

MacTrump - by Ian Doescher and Jacopo della Quercia - £11.99
For readers craving a humorous antidote to the sound and the fury of American politics, this clever satire, written in iambic pentameter in the style of Shakespeare, wittily fictionalizes the events of the first two years of the Trump administration. ... more

How To Be Right: In a World Gone Wrong - by James O’Brien - £8.99
Every day, James O’Brien listens to people blaming hard-working immigrants for stealing their jobs while scrounging benefits, and pointing their fingers at the EU and feminists for destroying Britain. But what makes James’s daily LBC show such es ... more

Trump v Trump - by Seven Dials - £6.99
Can you tell the Trumpisms from the hot air?!?!  The big bad media just keeps on spreading tall tales, but at long last here is a book that can help you hone your skills of fishing the truth from the lies! On each page of this book, you’ll ... more

The Shitshow - by Steve Lowe and Alan McArthur - £12.99
It was shit. Then the shit hit the fan. Would someone find a way of making it worse? Of course they would! Welcome to THE SHITSHOW...'  There's a lot going on these days. Trump, Brexit, Call the Midwife... The rise of the robots... The rise of Ea ... more

Calypso - by David Sedaris - £9.99
If you've ever laughed your way through David Sedaris's cheerfully misanthropic stories, you might think you know what you're getting with Calypso. You'd be wrong.  When he buys a beach house on the Carolina coast, Sedaris envisions long, rel ... more

The Little Book of Brexit Bollocks - by Alistair Beaton and Tom Mitchelson - £4.99
If any event in recent British history has spawned more bollocks than Brexit, it is hard to remember when. Now, in a successor volume to the perennial bestsellers The Little Book of Complete Bollocks and The Little Book of Management Bollocks, comes ... more

Festive Spirits: Three Christmas Stories - by Kate Atkinson - £6.99
'Lucy would have challenged anyone not to cry at the sight of their child in a Nativity Play. Even a sheepish Maude, even a scowling Beatrice - currently attempting a Chinese burn on an adjacent angel. A shepherd shouted something incomprehensible to ... more

Born Lippy: How to Do Female - by Jo Brand - £8.99
HOLD MY CHIPS, THE WOMEN ARE REVOLTING! A darkly funny guide to life as a woman from Britain's favourite comedian.  Sometimes it's hard to be a woman and sometimes it's time to be a hard woman... This is a book for all those times.  Once upon ... more

Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel Quiz Book - by Lonely Planet - £7.99
Pit your worldly wits against family and friends, or just challenge yourself, with this ultimate travel trivia book. With head-scratching questions on everything from geography and culture to history, wildlife and transport, it’s a fun and challeng ... more

Private Eye Annual 2019 - by Ian Hislop (Editor) - £9.99
The Private Eye Annual 2019 presents the year's best cartoons, jokes, parodies and topical sketches from the UK's most successful satirical news and current affairs magazine.   The Private Eye Annual remains a perennial Christmas bestseller, ... more

The Little Red Book of Klopp - by Giles Elliott - £9.99
'I told my players during the break: Since we're here anyway, we might actually play a bit of football.'  The Little Red Book of Klopp celebrates the best witticisms, sayings, and insults from Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, accompanied by illus ... more

Led By Donkeys: How Four Friends with a Ladder Took on Brexit - by Led by Donkeys - £10.00
The official account – complete with full-colour illustrations – of how four ordinary people managed to expose the government’s hypocrisies through a nationwide guerrilla advertising campaign.  Seeking to highlight the hypocrisy of our poli ... more

The Older Person's Guide to New Stuff - by Mark Leigh - £9.99
THE PERFECT GIFT FOR THE OLDER PERSON IN YOUR LIFE!  A handy guide for anyone who says, ‘The Facebook’ or ‘The Google’ or who asks, ‘Do they deliver emails on Sunday?’ This is a book for the elderly and not-so-elderly who are bamb ... more

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