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2022 Calendars

Our wonderful selection of calendars for 2022!

Most books can be ordered within 7-10 days, subject to availability. If you need a book urgently, or by a specific date, you can always contact us before ordering to ask how long it would take
2022 Peace Calendar - by Various artists - £13.99
A Full Year of Inspirational Art!   A beautiful wall calendar featuring art and photographs from twelve artists. ... more

Women of the World Wall Calendar 2022 - by New Internationalist - £10.95
This 2022 Women of the World Calendar features 12 women who are rewriting the rules. At a time when women are grabbing the spotlight, it’s also the moment for a calendar that inspires the current and next generation of women who go against the grai ... more

Posters for Peace and Justice Wall Calendar 2022 - by Various artists - £9.99
Amber Lotus is proud to present the Posters for Peace & Justice wall calendar, a survey of thought-provoking political protest poster art.   Combining compelling graphics and succinct statements, these images are plastered on brick walls, sta ... more

The Artful Cat 2022 Wall Calendar - by Endre Penovac - £9.99
With a distinctive watercolor and ink technique, renowned international artist Endre Penovác brings animals to life with breathtaking detail. The Artful Cat wall calendar showcases twelve of Penovác's furry feline forms, so instinctively and loving ... more

Bike Art: In Celebration of the Bicycle: 2022 Wall Calendar - by Various artists - £9.99
This exciting collection of contemporary artwork pays tribute to the beloved bicycle.  Full of color and varied styles of art, the work of twelve talented artists captures the spirit of the two-wheeled wonder. Each day you'll be reminded why bicycle ... more

Wanderlust: Trekking the Road Less Travelled: 2022 Wall Calendar - by Marco Grassi - £9.99
Celebrate the call of the open road with the Wanderlust: Trekking the Road Less Traveled wall calendar.   Wanderlust illuminates the spirit of walking and the lure of adventures that await those who veer off the beaten path. Spectacular photo ... more

Hebrew Illuminations 2022 Wall Calendar - by Adam Rhine - £9.99
The ancient and enduring spirit of Jewish tradition comes alive in the Hebrew Illuminations wall calendar.  This unique calendar features sixteen original paintings by Jewish artist Adam Rhine's that illuminate the names of the most well-known proph ... more

Haiku: Japanese Art and Poetry: 2022 Wall Calendar - by Various artists - £9.99
Traditional haiku are paired with elegant Japanese prints to celebrate the seasons in this 2022 wall calendar.  Each month features a woodcut accompanied by a poem presented in Japanese calligraphy, Romaji transliteration, and English translatio ... more

Women Who Rock Our World: 2022 Wall Calendar - by Julie Johnson Olson - £9.99
Celebrate the feminine rising with the Women Who Rock Our World wall calendar.  One part homage to female scientists, artists, writers, activists, athletes, and leaders and one part call to action, each month highlights one revolutionary woman's ... more

One World Wall Calendar 2022 - by New Internationalist - £15.95
Food can be functional: simple fuel for our bodies that fills a hole and keeps hunger from the door. In many parts of the world the everyday meal still basically involves one staple crop. At the other end of the spectrum, food is a source of endless ... more

For the Love of Frida: 2022 Wall Calendar - by Angi Sullins - £9.99
Frida Kahlo — feminist, visionary, provocateur, revolutionary — is an icon synonymous with creativity, originality, and empowerment. This bewitching wall calendar will inspire you to explore your inner Frida, ignite your creative fire, shake loos ... more

The Power of Now 2022 Wall Calendar - by Eckhart Tolle - £9.99
In the best-selling book The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle spells out in remarkably clear terms how living in the Now is the truest path to happiness and enlightenment.  Each month pairs quotes of wisdom by Tolle with the spectacular nature images ... more

Zen Cat: Mini 2022 Calendar - by Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin - £5.95
The teachings of the Zen Cat are born in awareness and the oneness of existence. They demonstrate the love, peace and joy that unfold in our hearts as we embrace the sacredness and beauty of all life. The Zen Cat mini calendar is a meditation in art ... more

The Red Squirrel Mini Wall Calendar - by Catriona Komlosi - £6.99
Calendar | 24 pages | 200 x 200mm   One of British nature’s most recognisable but equally rare creatures, the red squirrel has been captured in 12 spectacular shots by Catriona Komlosi for this 200 x 200mm wall calendar. Supplied board-bac ... more

The Hare Mini Wall Calendar 2022 - by Hare Preservation Trust - £6.99
Calendar | 24 pages | 200 x 200mm   Published in association with The Hare Preservation Trust, The Hare Calendar 2022 features twelve stunning images of hares in the British countryside, photographed by talented members of the Trust and high ... more

A Journey into 365 Days of Black History: 2022 Wall Calendar - by Pomegranate - £9.99
The exemplary individuals featured here have contributed their brilliance to enhance the human experience across a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, science, law, journalism, education, sports, and activism. These trailblazers’ accompl ... more

Georgia O'Keefe Mini 2022 Wall Calendar - by Georgia O'Keefe - £4.99
Georgia O’Keeffe’s stunningly sensual flower paintings brought her to public attention in the 1920s and 1930s. From her first solo exhibition in 1917 to her death in 1986 at the age of 98, Georgia O’Keeffe completed over 2,000 works, an oeuvre ... more

Thich Nhat Hanh 2022 Wall Calendar - by Thich Nhat Hanh, with paintings by Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin - £9.99
The Thich Nhat Hanh wall calendar combines Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin's meditation paintings, infused with transcendental and archetypal symbols, with the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, renowned Zen master and peace activist from Vietnam. Thich Nhat Hanh's ... more

Jewish Museum 2022 Wall Calendar - by Various artists - £9.99
The extraordinary works of art reproduced here communicate the aesthetic values and skill of their creators while revealing different aspects of Jewish culture.  Paintings, prints, sculptures, and ceremonial objects all speak as evocatively about th ... more

Arts and Crafts Block Prints by William S. Rice: 2022 Wall Calendar - by William S. Rice - £9.99
William S. Rice made a name for himself with his block prints, thanks to their stylized line art and bold colors. From coastal outcroppings and floral arrangements to rural towns and proud peacocks, the avid outdoorsman Rice found endless inspiration ... more

The Fight for Women's Rights: 2022 Wall Calendar - by Various artists - £9.99
Women have fought for their freedoms centuries. They’ve marched for a more equal society, alongside other social movements, from union strikes to civil rights protests.   Inspired by their efforts, activist artists throughout the decades have c ... more

William Morris Arts and Crafts Designs: 2022 Calendars - by William Morris - £9.99
A leader in both the styles and politics of his time, William Morris’s designs are more than just intricate patterns full of plants and the occasional bird. In response to the industrial designs and manufacturing of the Machine Age, Morris created ... more

A Year of Mindful Living: Mini 2022 Wall Calendar - by Various authors - £5.95
Invite a calming moment into your daily life. Allow the hurried pace and chaos to fall away, and take a moment for yourself to center and still your mind. This calendar combines tranquil images and uplifting quotes to encourage mindfulness throughout ... more

The World In Your Kitchen Wall Calendar 2022 - by New Internationalist - £10.95
A unique wall calendar with specially commissioned colour illustrations by Lindsay Pollock and a delicious vegan or vegan adaptable recipe every month.  Potato Kibbeh (Lebanon) Peanut Soup with Rice Balls (Ghana) Stuffed Aubergine (Egypt) ... more

You Can Heal Your Life: 2022 Wall Calendar - by Louise L. Hay - £9.99
The inspirational You Can Heal Your Life wall calendar features text from the New York Times best-selling book of the same name. In her powerful and pioneering work, Louise L. Hay, widely regarded as one of the founders of the self-help healing movem ... more

Environmental Art 2022 Wall Calendar - by Various artists - £9.99
The Environmental Art wall calendar is an exemplary collection of this modern art form. One of the most exciting art movements of our time, environmental art celebrates our connection to the natural world through beauty, science, metaphor, and ecolog ... more

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