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Civil War -

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  • Cover image of book War Child: A Boy Soldier
    War Child: A Boy Soldier's Story - by Emmanuel Jal

    £9.99   paperback   (2010) - ISBN 13: 9780349121253 | ISBN 10: 0349121257

    The extraordinary and inspirational story of a boy soldier in the Sudan People's Liberation Army.  Emmanuel Jal was seven years old when Sudan's bloody civil war separated him from everything he knew. Believing he was being sent to school, Emmanue ... more

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  • Cover image of book Sixteen Million One: Understanding Civil War by Patrick M. Regan
    Sixteen Million One: Understanding Civil War - by Patrick M. Regan

    £34.99   paperback   (2009) - ISBN 13: 9781594516207 | ISBN 10: 1594516200

    Sixteen million people have died in civil wars in the past 50 years. In view of that, civil wars may be the single most destabilizing force in world politics today. The only greater killer is the suffering that pushes individuals into them. Civil war ... more

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  • Cover image of book Salvador by Joan Didion
    Salvador - by Joan Didion

    £8.99   paperback   (2006) - ISBN 13: 9781862078680 | ISBN 10: 1862078688

    El Salvador, 1982, the height of a terrible civil war. Joan Didion travels from battlefields to body dumps, interviews a puppet president, considers the distinctly Salvadoran meaning of the verb 'to disappear' and trains a merciless eye not only on ... more

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