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Dahlia Season: Stories and a Novella

by Myriam Gurba - £13.99  Manic D Press,U.S. (2007)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781933149165 | ISBN 10: 1933149167

Chicana. Goth. Dykling. Desiree Garcia knows she's weird and a weirdo magnet. To extinguish her strangeness, her parents ship her to St Michael's Catholic High School, then to Mexico, but neurology can't be snuffed out so easily: screwy brain chemistry holds the key to Desiree's madness.
As fellow crazies sense a kinship with her, Desiree attracts a coterie of both wanted and unwanted admirers, including a pair of racist deathrock sisters, a pretty Hispanic girl who did time in California's most infamous mental asylum, and a transnational stalker with a pronounced limp.
Combining the spark of Michelle Tea, the comic angst of Augusten Burroughts, and the warmth of Sandra Cisneros, Mexican-American author Myriam Gurba has created a territory all of her own. Dahlia Season contains not only the title novella, but also several of Gurba's acclaimed short stories.

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