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Walking on Water Street: A Stroll Along the Original Shoreline of the River Mersey

by Graham Jones - £49.95  Biddles Books (2022)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781915292483 | ISBN 10: 1915292484

"I am astonished at the amount of research which you've put into this book, and written with such a lightness of touch."
(Peter Elson, Blue Coat School Development Officer)
"Thank you so much another wonderful production on a par with your book on architect Ellis. The illustrations are superb."
(Roger Hull, Liverpool Record Office)
"The core of the city centre will continue to change and this will be a valuable resource to help understanding place and character as we work towards planning and policy advice."
(David Massey, Merseyside Civic Society)
"The book is a fantastic achievement and clearly a labour of love. I think you have done a wonderful service by publishing such visual riches."
(Joseph Sharples, Architectural Historian)
"What a magnificent piece of history - you have done a great service to Liverpool. So many fascinating facts and images."
(Colin Wilkinson, Bluecoat Press)
When walking around the Pier Head area of Liverpool's (now former) UNESCO World Heritage Site, many visitors - and perhaps even a few Liverpolitans - will be unaware that for much of the time they are walking above what once was the shore of the River Mersey. Through a series of historical journeys along part of that original waterfront the book describes some of the people, streets and buildings during the centuries of Liverpool's growth following King John's creation of his 'free borough on the sea' over 800 years ago.
Using archive material, particularly from the libraries of the Athenaeum and Liverpool Record Office, each chapter has been woven together using town plans and maps, architects drawings, street directories, paintings, photographs, postcards and artifacts together with valuable accounts of the area recorded by historians through the centuries. The 34 chapters are not arranged chronologically and can be read in any order. Each is a story in its own right - each location tracked through time - with frequent cross-referencing to other chapters where narratives overlap together with a comprehensive index.
Includes 800 illustrations.

(Price & availability last checked: October 2022)

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