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Twenty One: 21 Stories of Women Who Shaped Our City

by The Women - £9.99  The Women (2018)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9781910580271 | ISBN 10: 1910580279

*** This lovely book features NfN's Mandy - who is one of the 21 amazing women! ***
Since the suffragette movement in the UK first began to call for the overall emancipation of women in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the rights they lobbied for so vigorously are, unfortunately, still not fully enshrined. The struggle continues.
The rise of the women's organisations that pursued these entitlements was a determining factor in getting the message across and in Liverpool such resolute activists as Eleanor Rathbone and Bessie Braddock were stamping their mark on society. These distinctive women laid down a legacy that has encouraged others today to continue striving to deliver equality and opportunities for latter-day generations of women.
It has been 21 years since The Women's Organisation in Liverpool picked up the baton of equal opportunities and this book is a celebration of the organisation's efforts and ambitions. It features 21 outstanding women who have helped shape the Liverpool city region, and beyond.
They come from a wide cross section of backgrounds in business, politics, the arts, social work and cultural activities and have a diverse and expansive wealth of experience and achievement. They symbolise the empowerment of women that was the ultimate aim of those early suffragettes.

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