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Voyage of the Damned: A Shocking True Story of Hope, Betrayal and Nazi Terror

by Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan-Witts - £9.99  JR Books Ltd (2009)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781906779047 | ISBN 10: 190677904x

In May 1939, the SS St Louis set sail from Hamburg carrying 937 German Jews seeking asylum from Nazi persecution. While the whole world watched and waited, the unfortunate travellers embarked on a strange and terrifying journey. Unknown to the captain, the ship was merely a pawn of Nazi propaganda. Amongst the crew were members of the dreaded Gestapo and the steward himself was on a mission for the SS.
Voyage of the Damned is the gripping, day-by-day account of how those refugees on board the liner struggled to survive. The ship sailed to Cuba where the refugees were refused entry as either tourists or political asylum seekers. Two tried to commit suicide. They sailed on to the States where Roosevelt refused the passengers permission to land. In Canada they were refused permission again. And they found themselves returning to Europe and an uncertain fate...
A gripping true story of their attempt to escape from the Nazi horror, this is an extraordinary human document that is hard to put down.

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