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A Casualty of War: The Arcadia Book of Gay Short Stories

by Edited by Peter Burton - £7.99  Arcadia Books (2009)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781906413316 | ISBN 10: 1906413312

In this new anthology of gay-themed short stories, readers will find themselves consumed in a whirlwind of enthusiasm over these carefully-selected and arresting works about the conflicts of war.
The title story follows the actions of a small troop of American soldiers on patrol in war-torn Baghdad, and is at once as sweeping and topical as a newspaper headline and as chillingly disturbing as only the presence of mindless evil can be.
Including stories from such established and acclaimed authors as Neil Bartlett, Francis King, Hugh Fletwood and Richard Zimler, as well as highlighting the work of less mainstream but no less potent writers, such as Scott Brown, Alan James, Neal Drinnan and Patrick Roscoe, "A Casualty of War" manages in sixteen stories to represent writers from all corners of the world, including Australia, Britain, Canada and the US, and encompasses a wide range of locales and themes.
Sometimes serious, often sinister, at times light-hearted and always absorbing, these stories contain something to satisfy readers of all tastes.

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