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The Philosophers' Secret Fire: A History of the Imagination

by Patrick Harpur - £9.99  The Squeeze Press (2009)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781906069063 | ISBN 10: 1906069069

In this dazzling history of the imagination, Patrick Harpur links together fields as far apart as Greek philosophy and depth psychology, Renaissance magic and tribal ritual, Romantic poetry and modern models of the Universe, to trace how myths have been used to make sense of the world. In so doing he uncovers that tradition which alchemists imagined as a Golden Chain of initiates, who passed their mysterious 'secret fire' down through the ages.
As this inspiring book shows, the secret of this perennial wisdom is of an imaginative insight: a simple way of seeing that re-enacts our existence and restores us to our own true selves.

"His flame-like knowlegde is central to the urgen seriousness of this book... Buy a copy before it vanishes."
(The London Magazine)
"It would be hard to overestimate the value of Harpur's book or to praise it too highly."
(Resurgence Magazine)
"Once we believed that the truth was 'out there', now we hold that it's 'in here', but if Harpur is right then it lies in the line of vision between the two."
(Independent on Sunday)

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