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What Can I Do? The A-Z Guide to Eco-Friendly Internet Sites, Ideas and Information in the UK

by Lisa Harrow - £5.00  Eden Books,Transworld (2007)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781905811045 | ISBN 10: 1905811047

Are you hoping to save the planet?
In this handy little Yellow Pages of ethical choices, Lisa Harrow provides an A-Z of the UK's best websites and resources for sustainable living, with hundreds of suggestions of ways in which you can help, including:
Recharing your old car batteries,
Conserving our wildlife,
Building a 'green' home,
Making organic meals for your kids,
Buying fairtrade produce,
Generating your own electricity,
Recycling your mobile phone,
Reducing your carbon footprint.
Keep this inspirational book at your side and you and your family will be well on the way to making this world a better, healthier and greener place.

"This little book could change your life. Read it and use it and give it to anyone who is a parent, a grandparent, an aunt or uncle or citizen of the world who believes that we should leave the world as we had the luck to find it. This earth is not ours it is merely lent to us for our lifetimes and this book shows us how we may return it well looked after, rather than abused. This book inspires, educates and empowers."
(Helena Bonham Carter)
"I have seen the dying coral in the South Pacific, in the Caribbean and in the Sea of Cortez. I have tasted the smog in Los Angeles and Manila, and I have seen buildings crumbling into the streets rotted by pollution in Mexico City. I have witnessed the monumental waste of resources all over the world, and the governments' inertia or simple indifference. Now Lisa Harrow has given us a handbook to help each of us make a personal start on doing our bit to preserve the planet for future generations."
(Patrick Stewart)

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