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Holding on and Hanging in

by Lorna Miles - £8.95  BAAF (2010)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781905664788 | ISBN 10: 1905664788

"This one story brings the theories, research, professional conferences and trainings to life. And makes all the effort worthwhile."
(Dan Hughes PH.D, clinical psychologist and author of Building the Bonds of Attachment)
This compelling story tracks Wayne’s journey from first being fostered by Lorna at the age of nine, in a therapeutic fostering placement, through nearly four years of family life. Wayne is traumatised by his early experiences of neglect and domestic abuse. Even when surrounded by a team of experienced foster carers, counsellors and therapists, helping him grow and heal will be along and difficult process. But Lorna and her family are determined not to give up hope...
This honest and heartfelt account takes us through the highs and lows of Lorna and her family’s dedicated perseverance to help Wayne move from despair and anger to health and recovery. Lorna describes her feelings and responses to the events that take place and is often able to portray the humour of situations, alongside the difficulties and frustrations, which present themselves.
Readers will gain an understanding of the different parenting styles and techniques that can be used in re-parenting children with attachment difficulties, often illustrated with actual dialogue. Wayne’s behaviour is, wherever possible, accompanied by explanations of what might have led to his actions. There is an emphasis on the importance of trying to understand what lies behind a child’s behaviour rather than just labelling them as naughty, bad or uncontrollable.
Holding on and Hanging in will be of particular relevance to foster carers, social workers, therapists and other professionals working in CAMHS.

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