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Common Wealth: For a Free, Equal, Mutual and Sustainable Society

by Martin Large - £10.00  Hawthorn Press Ltd (2010)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9781903458983 | ISBN 10: 1903458986

Just when 'the market' nearly took over all areas of life, the credit, climate and democratic crunches came along, challenging us to rebuild a society that works well for all. Common Wealth asks, 'How can we build a more free, equal, mutual and sustainable society?'
We know that we don't want a 'market state'. This turns our public services into businesses, uses relentless surveillance to secure compliance, destroys the planet for corporate growth and widens inequality. However, tripolar society is emerging as an alternative, where civil society, government and business push back the market, and work in partnership for the common good.
Common Wealth tackles key challenges for remaking society by:
•building a sustainable local economy, vibrant culture and community
•transforming capitalism for public good and for individual enterprise
•securing permanently affordable homes for all through community land trusts
•enabling social inclusion and individual initiative through the Citizen's Income
•freeing education from bureaucracy and children from commercialism
•leading and learning from the social future as it emerges
Martin Large facilitates cultural, social, and economic renewal. His motto is, 'Better to light fires than fill buckets!' He worked as an academic and in business. He enables community land trusts and social enterprise with Stroud Common Wealth.

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