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The Activist

by Alec Connon - £9.99  Ringwood Publishing (2015)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781901514254 | ISBN 10: 1901514250

Unfulfilled by student life, Thomas Durant and two friends decide to cycle the length of Britain during their summer holidays, dressed as superheroes. The experience of their short trip is enough to whet Thomasís appetite for further travel and set in motion his decision to drop out of uni and see the world for himself. Influenced by a burgeoning interest in marine conservation, what begins as a typical gap year develops into over decadeís worth of involvement and participation in animal rights activism. The story follows Thomas as his journey takes him around the globe, from his first tentative steps into the life of an activist in Vancouver, to his battles with the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean.
The Activist is Scottish author Alec Connonís debut novel. It is a novel of formation, describing not only a physical journey, but the spiritual journey of a young man in search of his calling in life. Connonís passion for the subject is apparent throughout, yet his writing is never preachy or didactic. His story of devotion to the conservation of our oceans and marine life leaves the reader with little doubt regarding the worth of this cause.

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