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Making the Most of Your Glorious Glut: Cooking, Storing, Freezing, Drying & Preserving Your Garden

by Jackie Sherman - £12.95  Green Books (2011)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781900322966 | ISBN 10: 190032296x

Making the Most of Your Glorious Glut is the answer to the perennial problem of an over-abundance of wonderful fruit and vegetables. From courgettes to spinach or tomatoes to blackcurrants, most gardeners will recognise the sinking feeling that creeps over you when you have had such a good harvest that you cannot face picking, cooking or eating any more. And even if you havenít grown them yourself, it is easy to end up with too many fruit or vegetables after just one visit to the local pick-your-own centre or a trip to a country hedgerow.
With the help of this book you will be able to make the most of any glut. As well as over 250 recipes for using fresh produce in new and exciting ways, you will learn how to pickle, preserve, dry, bottle or juice all your surplus fruit and vegetables so they can be enjoyed throughout the year. From pizza to preserves and pates, and casseroles to cakes and curries, recipes for every occasion and every part of the meal are featured.

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