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The Dispossessed

by Ursula Le Guin - £8.99  Orion Publishing Co (1999)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781857988826 | ISBN 10: 1857988825

Shevek is a brilliant physicist from the austerely isolationist and anarchic planet Anarres working on the Principle of Simultaneity which could revolutionize interstellar civilization by making instantaneous communication possible.
But Shevek's life work is threatened by jealous colleagues and so, in the face of intense hostility, he makes the unprecedented journey to the rich mother planet, Urras, hoping to find more tolerance there.
But the aggressive capitalism of Urras suits him no better than the anarachism of Anarres and Shevek soon finds himself a helpless political pawn.
Winner of both the Nebula and Hugo Awards, The Dispossessed is a profound and compelling story of idealism and Realpolitik, and is the most important utopian vision in modern science fiction.

"Splendidly ambitious, deeply humane."
(Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels)

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