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Miscarriages of Justice: A Review of Justice in Error

by Clive Walker & Keir Starmer (editors) - £55.00  Blackstone Press (1999)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781854316875 | ISBN 10: 1854316877

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Infamous miscarriages of justice, such as the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six, inspired the editors' previous book Justice in Error, published in 1993. These cases, and others which have followed, highlighted a number of grave and recurrent problems within criminal justice institutions and processes which required identification, explanation and remedy. Since that time, there has been a sustained official response, first in the shape of the Runciman Commission's Report on Criminal Justice, and then in its legislative implementation and other reforms.
Miscarriages of Justice focusses on the reforms which have taken place within the police, legal professions, courts and beyond. It questions whether the concerns expressed earlier have been adequately addressed. Entirely new chapters include the treatment of victims of miscarriages of justice, public interest immunity, the judiciary, the role and impact of journalism, as well as a greatly extended survey of comparable jurisdictions.
Based on the research and experiences of both academics and prominent practictioners, this book is essential reading both as an authoritative source book and as a critical analysis for everyone working within the UK criminal justice system.

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