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Project Fear: How an Unlikely Alliance Left a Kingdom United But a Country Divided

by Joe Pike - £12.99  Biteback Publishing (2015)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781849549318 | ISBN 10: 1849549311

It was a unique and bizarre moment in British political history: the three main Westminster parties working together to prevent the break-up of the United Kingdom. Yet despite sustaining a defeat that caused the resignation of Scotland’s longest-serving First Minister Alex Salmond, the Scottish National Party has grown stronger than ever. They have turned their referendum failure into a stunning general election success, almost wiping out their rivals, and creating a dynamic new force at Westminster.
Based on over fifty off-the-record interviews with key figures, Project Fear begins with a tour through the travails of the referendum’s much-criticised ‘No’ campaign. From the secret preparations for the TV debates, to the eleventh-hour opinion poll showing the ‘Yes’ campaign ahead for the first time, and the nail-biting wait for results.
It then explores the dramatic aftermath, the SNP’s tsunami surge of support and how Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon made headlines at the UK’s most unpredictable election in a generation. This is the first in-depth account of what was really happening behind the scenes as the 2014 referendum and 2015 general election left a kingdom united, but a country divided.

(Price & availability last checked: November 2015)

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