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The Environmental Responsibility Reader

by Edited by Martin Reynolds, Chris Blackmore and Mark J. Smith - £19.99  Zed Books Ltd (2009)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781848133174 | ISBN 10: 1848133170

The Environmental Responsibility Reader is a collection of classic and contemporary environmental works that offer a comprehensive overview of the issues involved in environmental responsibility, steering the reader through each development in thought with a unifying and expert editiorial voice.
This essential text expertly explores seemingly intractable modern-day environmental dilemmas - including climate change, fossil fuel consumption, fresh water quality, industrial pollution, habitat destruction and biodiversity loss. Starting with Silent Spring, the book draws on contemporary ideas of environmental ethics, corporate social responsibility, ecological justice, fair trade, global citizenship and the connections between environmental and social justice, configuring these ideas into practical notions for responsible action with a unique global and integral focus on responsibility.

"In these tumultous times, I shall keep this rich mix of classic texts close at hand. They combine inspiration, ethics and pragmatic reflection on why we have reached the crisis we face today and tomorrow. This kind of deep thinking will be key to whether we can shift to become global citizens with an eye to the future."
(Camilla Toulmin, director, International Institute for Environment and Development)
"A welcome and timely reminder that we need to take up our environmental responsibilites now, following the inspiring guidance provided by this excellent collection."
(Wendy Harcourt, editor of Development and the forthcoming Zed Book series Gender and Environment)

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