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The Circling Song

by Nawal El Saadawi - £18.99  Zed Books (2009)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781848132269 | ISBN 10: 1848132263

Hamida and Hamido are twins, grown from a single embryo inside one womb. Violently parted, they search the city in the darkening circles of a dream, only to find, lose and again find each other, each time as if it were the first. Their journey - terrifying and exact - leads to an unbroken cycle of corruption and brutality.
With a precise and hypnotic intensity, Nawal El Saadawi pursues the conflicts of sex, class, gender and military violence deep into the psyche.

"Without doubt the most prominent and prolific female author in Arabic: Nawal El Saadawi has the uncanny ability to place her finger on the hot buttons that inflame Arab readers."
(Fedwa Malti-Douglas)
"To read this book is like looking into a kaleidoscope; as each new element in the story is added, so a new configuration is formed."
"Nawal El Saadawi writes with directness and passion."
(New York Times)

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