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The Boy Who Grew Flowers

by Jen Wojtowicz, illustrated by Steve Adams - £5.99  Barefoot Books Ltd (2012)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781846867491 | ISBN 10: 1846867495

Rink Bowagon lives with his family in a faraway house up the winding path, through the thick forest, over Black Bear Crek, at the very top of Lonesome Mountain. The townspeople all agre that the Bowagons are quite strange - Rink's Uncle Dud tames rattlesnakes after all - but they are unaware of the most special of all of the Bowagan clan's talents. Whenever the moon is full, Rink sprouts beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers all over his body.
The budding blossoms are a wonderful sight, but Rink keeps this botanical secret to himself, and the other children are quick to ignore the shy boy because he is different. But what will happen when Rink has the opportunity to use his eccentric family to help one of his classmates?
Beautifully illustrated by Steve Adams, this unique story about courage, difference and friendship marks a notable debut for author Jen Wojtowicz.

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