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Enslaved : The New British Slavery

by Rahila Gupta - £8.99  Portobello Books (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781846270666 | ISBN 10: 1846270669

Here are the horrifying stories of people who have been trafficked, smuggled or duped into the UK to find themselves stripped of their passports and money, locked in cramped rooms, shackled involuntarily to work as domestic servants, brothel workers, fruit pickers or construction workers, beaten, raped and psychologically abused, and who if they seek their freedom are threatened with unending violence.
A brave and lucky handful escape from these barbaric conditions to report on their experiences to the outside world – often to find that there is not as much as support, sympathy or succour there as might be expected. Their testimonies are harrowing, but we cannot leave them unheard.

"Slavery does not belong to the past. It lives and breathes in our midst and Rahila Gupta’s powerful exposé opens a window on this secret world. This is one of the most shocking books you will read about contemporary Britain; that human beings should be treated with such degradation and cruelty is a disgrace we should find unbearable. I hope the author’s passion ignites a new anti-slavery campaign. Sign me up"
(Helena Kennedy )

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