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Violence and Sex Work in Britain

by Hilary Kinnell - £30.99  Willan Publishing (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781843923503 | ISBN 10: 1843923505

Violence and Sex Work in Britain explores violence and homicide in the context of sex work, showing how current law and repressive policing tactics exacerbate vulnerability. It exposes inadequacies in the criminal justice system, leading to failures in investigations and prosecutions and failures to prevent violence from known offenders. It attacks the radical feminist ideology currently driving government policy, arguing that its stigmatization of sex workers’ clients ignores sex workers’ own experiences and testimony while colluding with policies that make sex work more dangerous.
The book also describes the unique role of outreach projects in addressing violence against sex workers, analysing sex workers’ own accounts of attacks. From these and other sources, it demonstrates that violence against sex workers rarely comes from paying clients, and highlights the risks imposed by criminalization.
The book also explores the phenomenon of community and institutional violence against sex workers, with a personal perspective on residents’ actions to drive out street sex workers from Balsall Heath, Birmingham in the 1990s.It analyses the characteristics and alleged motives of attackers and killers, based on research into prosecutions for non-fatal attacks and over 100 homicides of sex workers in Britain. The crimes of Peter Sutcliffe, Steve Wright and many other less notorious killers are investigated in relation to vulnerability, policy and policing issues.

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