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The Social Entrepreneur: Making Communities Work

by Andrew Mawson - £14.99  Atlantic Books (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781843546610 | ISBN 10: 1843546612

'Community comes from two Latin words; com and munos, translated literally as "together in gift". This is Andrew's starting point as it should be for any social entrepreneur. Buy this book, even if you think it's not relevant for you in your life.' (Tim Smit, founder of The Eden Project).
We all see problems in our neighbourhoods - problems with education, integration, housing, enterprise and healthcare provision. Many fine words are spoken and grand schemes posed by the government and charitable sector, but rarely do they seem to produce lasting, tangible results.
Tired with policy and academic theory, social entrepreneurs are doing things differently - to great effect. They look to a very practical culture of change based on 'learning by doing', embracing human creativity and diversity, and applying business ideas to social questions. Andrew Mawson, one of the UK's leading social entrepreneurs, did just that in the East End of London where he established the Bromley-by-Bow Centre, a focal point for the community which provides healthcare and education, creates jobs and generates wealth for the area, delivering services in new ways to overcome the daily difficulties in people's lives.
Here, he tells his inspiring story and poses a direct challenges: get real and learn from entrepreneurial ways of working to make a genuine difference.

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