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A Snowflake's Guide to Christmas: How to Survive a Deeply Problematic Holiday

by Dave Skinner - £9.99  Atlantic Books (2020)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781838952099 | ISBN 10: 1838952098

Christmas is an ethical and political minefield. Luckily, this survival guide contains valuable advice on how to navigate the hazards of the holiday season.
Learn how to...
* launch a scathing dinner table takedown on your woefully unwoke relatives
* craft your own sustainable decorations that bring festive cheer without compromising the 2050 Paris Agreement
* splurge on Black Friday without propping up the neoliberal capitalist agenda
* build a body-positive snowperson that isn't a straight white male for once
* skilfully avoid eating meat or dairy without it becoming a whole thing you have to justify for an hour.
Whether it's a stocking filler for a left-leaning loved one, or a Secret Santa gift for a painfully earnest colleague, A Snowflake's Guide to Christmas is the perfect gift for anyone with a bleeding heart (and a sense of humour) this holiday season.

(Price & availability last checked: November 2020)

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