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The Social One: Why Jurgen Klopp was a Perfect Fit for Liverpool

by Marios Mantzos - £12.99  Pitch Publishing Ltd (2023)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781801503860 | ISBN 10: 1801503869

The Social One sets out why Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool Football Club are a match made in heaven. In 2015, a romantic German who had once dreamed of becoming a doctor found a pulse in the city of Liverpool and set about leading an intubated club back to the top of the English and European game.
Klopp is not just the reformer of Liverpool FC, but a true leader and authentic father figure who has created the most beautiful working environment in modern football, based on his faith in the principles of teamwork and a love for his fellow human being.
In the stronghold of socialism, Klopp, a man who says he would never vote for the right, spoke to the heart of the city, became an honorary Scouser and - in the eyes of many - the reincarnation of the legendary Liverpool leader Bill Shankly.
Deep and engrossing, this detailed portrait of Klopp is not just a football book but a study of leadership and motivation.

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