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Liverpool Irish Famine Trail: Revive

by Liverpool Irish Festival - £25.00  Liverpool Irish Festival (2022)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9781739664008 | ISBN 10: 1739664000

Historical, bold and purposeful, Liverpool Irish Famine Trail: Revive revisits the establishment of the Liverpool Irish Famine Trail; reviving sites of importance and detailing Ireland’s influence on Liverpool.
In 2021 Liverpool Irish Festival began revitalising the Liverpool Irish Famine Trail, originally established in the 1990s. Documenting the start of the project, Liverpool Irish Famine Trail: Revive describes the first year of research, undertaken by a dedicated volunteer History Research Group and the wrap-around development of the project. It considers the recent chronology of the Trail and the complex history that led to its creation, based on the origin story of The Irish Famine and its effects on Liverpool and the region. Revive is a call to action to revisit heritage, increase interest and find understanding in a period of time that continues to affect people and place today. Illustrating 15 sites of historical importance, and giving voice to some of the lead activists in the Trail’s development, readers will learn about Liverpool’s unparalleled connection with Ireland.
Marking Stage One/Year One of what is likely to be a five stage, five-year plan - Revive celebrates the work of the Liverpool Great Hunger Commemoration Committee and honours The National Lottery Heritage Fund, which funded the work. Revive explores a process of reflection, rejuvenation, remembrance and reconnection.
Liverpool Irish Famine Trail: Revive documents an ambitious adventure, commemorating the lives of almost 1.24million people and the lasting impact many of them have had on Liverpool.

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