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by Ted Rall - £11.99  Seven Stories Press (2016)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781609806989 | ISBN 10: 1609806980

Bernie Sanders puzzles the establishment. A self-identified socialist from the tiny state of Vermont, long affiliated with neither the Democratic nor Republican parties, Sanders is now pushing more than 30 percent in most opinion polls against the "inevitable" Hillary Rodham Clinton. And he's proudly doing it on a shoestring budget without Super PAC or Wall Street contributions.
What is it about Bernie Sanders that triggered his seemingly overnight rise from marginal figure to national player?
Two-time Kennedy Award-winning journalist Ted Rall’s biography of Sanders, Bernie, told in graphic novel form, explores the personal and political development of the man who is shaking up the 2016 presidential campaign, redefining the left wing of the Democratic Party, and, win or lose, setting a new benchmark for the revival of progressivism within a party that has rejected it for half a century.
Snowden, Rall’s recent graphic biography of the eponymous whistleblower, was widely praised for its accessible form and incisive content. Noam Chomsky described it as "a dramatic, evocative, thoughtful and very accessible account of one of the most important stories of the century,” and Ralph Nader called it “essential reading.” Now Rall brings his signature insights and cartoon drawings to the story of the anti-establishment figure who has rallied the country in surprising and unprecedented ways.

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