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Focus: Love - Your World, Your Images

by Various artists - £9.99  Lark Books (2010)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9781600595639 | ISBN 10: 1600595634

Our world is filled with beauty, intrigue, and surprises - everyday fodder that may appear ordinary until we see it with not only new eyes, but through the lens of a camera. Simply through careful observtion and joyful inspiration, all of us, whether beginners or avid enthusiasts, are taking engaging digital photos. No wonder we're eager to share what we see with others via online image-hosting sites. Now the passion of this vibrant community is brilliantly captured in the Focus series of books, each showcasing the work of photographers from across the globe about a specific subject.
In Focus: Love, the first entry in the series, the evocative heart shape, whether handcrafted or naturally formed, takes center stage. From a limestone mosaic to peeling paint on the side of a house, 250 stunning images are featured. Here is the perfect gift for loved ones and friends alike - anyone who touches your heart.

(Price & availability last checked: November 2018)

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