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Art Therapy and Political Violence: With Art Without Illusion

by Debra Kalmanowitz & Bobby Lloyd (editors) - £28.99  Routledge (2005)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781583919569 | ISBN 10: 1583919562

Why art in war? The impact of political violence on individuals, families and communities can be extensive. Art therapy can provide an effective means of expressing, making meaning of, and at times transforming the resulting experiences of fear, loss, separation, instability and disruption.
Art Therapy and Political Violence brings together contributions from Northern Ireland, former Yugoslavia, Israel, the Occupied Territories of the West Bank and Gaza, Sri Lanka, Sudan, the Netherlands, USA, South Africa and the UK. It addresses the role that art making and art therapy has in supporting individuals, families and communities in coping with their experiences of political violence. Written from diverse theoretical backgrounds, contributions include clinical examples and images which vividly illustrate some of the central themes of this work: the importance of working with both the internal and external worlds of the individual, trauma, coping and resilience, timing, containment, witness, creativity, imagination, transformation, cultural issues and practical concerns.
Art therapists, expressive arts therapists, artists, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals working in the context of political violence or in countries of refuge will find the experiences recounted in the this book thought-provoking and will welcome the wealth of informatoin and insights provided.

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