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Made Up: An Anthology of LGBTQ+ Writing from Liverpool and Merseyside

by Various authors - £4.50  CreateSpace (2018)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781542462952 | ISBN 10: 1542462959

Do you know where Winnie the Pooh currently lives? Are you aware of the real reason Margaret Thatcher pursued her infamous Clause 28 anti-LGBTQ campaign? And what's it like to relive a Welsh gay love affair while sitting on a little green bus? Or spy post-coital Irish lesbians in their second flush of lust? What is the correct answer to the question, What is room? And exactly who does Beryl in the corner shop work for? What about obsession - just how strong can one woman's passion for another be? And finally, why do communists wear make-up?
You'll find the answers to these and other questions that you never knew that you needed to know, in this collection of LGBTQ writing. Mental illness, politics, love, sex, infatuation, fun, queerness, ballet and cigarettes are all in the mix.
Made Up gives voice to LGBTQ Scousers and Merseysiders and those who have chosen Liverpool and its environs as home. Liverpool is a city (in)famously dubbed "the pool of life" and the writing in this volume falls under that slogan. Sad, funny, strange, unique and yet universal, expect the unexpected.

Authors: Lauren Ankers, Steve Benson, Joseph Lavelle, Trisha McKeon, Marjorie H Morgan, Anthony Parry, Catherine Warner and Christopher Windsor.

(Price & availability last checked: January 2018)

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