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A Year on Fire Mountain: An Occupation Diary

by Anna Habibti - £8.99  Anna Habibti (2014)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781502822291 | ISBN 10: 1502822296

Explosive toilets, stuffed giraffes, and "special milk".... Welcome to the Palestine that rarely makes it to the news.
A Year on Fire Mountain is Anna Habibti's diary of her year in Nablus, one of the most isolated cities in the West Bank of occupied Palestine territories.
It's a story of life in a community physically restricted by the constant presence of the Israeli army and socially and psychologically stunted by several years of occupation. But it's also a celebration of the resilience, inventiveness and determination of the residents of Nablus and the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories; not 'victims, not 'villains', just ordinary people trying to get by in extraordinary circumstances.
The bit of land between the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan may be tiny, but events there have had a massive impact on the modern Western world, inciting Osama bin Laden, the London 7/7 suicide bombers and countless others to take up their 'jihad' against the West. A Year on Fire Mountain gives an insight into why and how, with humour, honesty and a sense of the absurd.

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