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National Geographic: The Photographs

by Leah Bendavid-Val - £11.99  National Geographic (2008)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9781426202919 | ISBN 10: 1426202911

This stunning volume was the gift book of the year when it was first published, and the images that grace its pages remain iconic. The Photographs offers readers an inside look at the National Geographic's award-winning photographs, the facts behind them, and the inside stories of the men and women who took them.
The images capture rare moments in nature and the lives of animals, along with defining events in the lives of people everywhere. Many earlier pictures place the old ones in perspective, illustrating how National Geographic has created a unique photographic approach and maintained its tradition over decades, while evolving in response to changing realities that the photography documents.
Five chapters cover the Society's major themes: wildlife on land and under water, cultures in the United States and around the world, and science - from astronomy to archaeology to the human senses. On page after page, stunning images reveal the skill and imagination of Geographic photographers.
Accompanying the images are the photographer's accounts of adventures in the field - sometimes humourous, sometimes terrifying, always vividly compelling. Author Leah Bendavid-Val writes about the photographer's achievements from technical, journalistic and artistic points of view.
An introductory chapter chronicles the evolution of photographic principles at National Geographic and the visionaries who believed in the revolutionary idea that photography had the power to tell important truths about the world.

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