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The Comical Tragedy or Tragical Comedy of Mr Punch

by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean - £14.99  Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (2015)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781408869741 | ISBN 10: 1408869748

"He threw the baby out of the window. Then he battered his wife to death. He killed a policeman who came to arrest him. He caused the hangman to be hanged in his place. He murdered a ghost, and outwitted the devil himself.
He never died.
And Mister Punch still lives - to travel up and down the countryside, amusing and delighting both old and young."

In his grandfather's failing seaside arcade, a young boy encounters a mysterious Punch and Judy man with a dark past, and a woman who makes her living playing a mermaid.
As their lives intertwince and their stories unfold, the boy is forced to confront family secrets, strange puppets and a nightmarish world of violence and betrayal in this fantastic novel.

"Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's marvelous evocations of magic and losss.. A complex art not often seen in mainstream comics. Mr Punch is just cause for celebration."
(The Comics Journal)

(Price & availability last checked: May 2018)

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