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Surviving Domestic Violence: Gender, Poverty and Agency

by Paula Wilcox - £78.00  Palgrave Macmillan (2006)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9781403941138 | ISBN 10: 1403941130

Sorry, there is no paperback edition of this book. (last checked September 2008)
How do women survive domestic violence? What actions do they take? How important are their children? How do they relate to their home? Are they able to keep their jobs? What responses do they get from their families, their friends and the wider community? How can levels of support be enhanced?
Surviving Domestic Violence follows a group of women on their journeys through and away from abusive relationships. Using a gendered lens, seven influential social dimensions are examined: power, emotion, children, home, economic resource, informal and community support. Struggling with domestic violence and poverty, women actively pursue safety for themselves and their children. A gendered analysis of external structural contexts, as well as individual responses reveals the constraints women face in achieving support to gain safety. The book concludes that an overall strategy to decrease domestic violence needs to focus on economic independence for women, enhancing responses towards them and their children not only from the formal agencies but also from informal support networks and the wider community.

"It is the voice of these women - individually and collectively - that makes this book such an extremely powerful read. I am confident that this will be a valuable text for those new to this field and to others who often feel frustrated at the 'clinical' way in which issues of domestic violence are often presented"
(Melanie McCarry, Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law )
"It is written in an accessible style and offers analyses of the multiple factors that are relevant for understanding the material and psychological dimensions of violence...offers an invaluable resource for helping professionals, academics and policy makers working with women and children affected by domestic violence."
(Claudia Bernard, British Journal of Social Work )

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