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SoulPancake: Chew on Life's Big Questions

by Rainn Wilson - £20.00  Hyperion Books (2010)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781401310332 | ISBN 10: 1401310338

In this digital, turbocharged era, few of us stop to consider life’s big questions. Rainn Wilson, known for his deft portrayal of Dwight on NBC’s The Office, would like to change that. Together with some friends, he launched a Web site called SoulPancake. As Wilson describes it, “We want to make discussions about spirituality, creativity, and philosophy cool again. Were they ever cool? I have no idea. But it seems like a good idea.” SoulPancake is a big think book that attempts to “de-lamify” talking about what it means to be human. The book will provide readers with an artistic, interactive venue to independently explore and chew on Life’s Big Questions, such as:
What do you hope happens when you die?
What do you do to find calm in a chaotic world?
For what would you be willing to chop off your little toe?
SoulPancake will pose a series of Life’s Big Questions — each paired with art from up-and-coming artists — that cover topics such as life and death, love and sex, science and religion, and more. Ultimately, the book offers a striking experience for the reader that is irreverent and serious, timeless and timely, not to mention hip, exciting, and just plain fun.

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