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Nero: The Brave Little Bull

by Jodie Barchha Lang (Green Vegan) and Karolina Malolepsza - £6.99  Retreat Animal Rescue Sanctuary (2022)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781399929769 | ISBN 10: 1399929763

This book is based on the true story of Nero, a rescue bull who lives at the Retreat Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Kent. Nero was rescued with the helpful advice of Juliet Gellatley, Founder & Director of Viva!.
Nero's story teaches us that animals, just like humans, deserve care, compassion and happiness. The story gently guides children through Nero's journey as he faces tough and happy moments in his life and finally finds his safe forever home, where he is so loved.
Jodie Barchha Lang, otherwise known as Green Vegan, has been an animal lover all her life. Jodie has her own blog, Greenvegan1, on Instagram, volunteers at sanctuaries, gives educational talks, has featured in numerous vegan magazines and has raised awareness and encouraged more compassionate care for animals from all walks of life.
Jodie met Karolina when she made vegan cakes for a charity event to raise money for Nero’s eye operation, which was a success. Jodie and Karolina's relationship grew and together they have created this wonderfully illustrated children's book.
We couldn't wait to get Nero. I've got a small selection of vegan books for my 2 year old and Nero is one of our favourites. Whilst I feel its educational and informative the fact that its based on a true story and real life events makes it an extra special read
Claire wirral
Sharon Birmingham
Beautifully illustrated book aimed at children teaching them compassion in an easy to understand wording. Being a true story makes it more relatable for parents to explain to their children the truth and there can be a happy ending
Emily Kent
“Gentle, thought provoking and heart wrenching” Nero offers the reader and children a unique opportunity to see the life of a working farm cow from near disaster to salvation. Jodie weaves imagery and storytelling with a profound gentleness and kindness that will touch the hearts of longtime vegans and meat eaters alike. Nero catches your attention, strikes you in the heart and leaves you cheering for this unlikely hero throughout. A great read for kids and adults, alike.

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