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Argentina - From Anarchism to Peronism: Workers, Unions and Politics, 1855-1985

by Ronnie Munck, with Ricardo Falcon and Bernardo Galitelli - £15.99  Zed Books Ltd (1987)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780862325718 | ISBN 10: 0862325714

This book by three Argentinian authors traces the history of Latin America's oldest - and for many years its largest - working class. After outlining its mid-19th century origins in migration from overseas and internal proletarianization, the authors relate the long history of Argentinian workers' clashes with both the state and the employers. What makes their experiences of special interest is the preponderant influence that anarchists and syndicalists - as opposed to social democrats and communists - had over the labour movement in the early 20th century, and the upsurge in labour militancy that this involved.
The unique path of the Argentinianworking class became even clearer following the rise of Peronism after 1945; its subsequent history has been dominated by its relationship with this nationalist movement. Indeed, following the defeat of Peronism at the polls in 1983 at the end of a long period of military rule, the labour movement has suffered a new crisis out of which fundamental changes in its organization and orientation may again emerge.
The authors tell a lively story focussing on the interactions between workers, trade unions and politics which set the main lines of the labour movement's history. They also reflect generally on the politics of labour histotiography, the appropriate methods of labour research and on the makings of a working class.

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