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Gangs and Girls: Understanding Juvenile Prostitution

by Michel Dorais & Patrice Corriveau - £23.99  McGill-Queens University Press (2009)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780773534421 | ISBN 10: 0773534423

Gangs and Girls is the first major piece of qualitative research specifically aimed at understanding and analyzing the involvement of street gangs in female juvenile prostitution. Organized around a number of direct central questions, Michel Dorais and Patrice Corriveau document how street gangs control the lucrative trade in underage girls.
They discuss how young men are drawn to gang life, how young girls become attracted and attached to the gang members who eventually sell them into prostitution, and why it is so hard to infiltrate and dismantle the distinct but interrelated worlds of the procurer, victim, and client. Rooted firmly in first person testimony, this research deepens our understanding of juvenile prostitution by identifying and exploring the types of motivations and circumstances that lead teenagers into prostitution rings.
The ultimate focus is on prevention: the authors provide essential tools for parents and those trying to help adolescents in peril, support and intervention strategies for practitioners, and the tools and information necessary for policy makers to reflect on and design innovative social policy.

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