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The Student Vegetarian Cookbook: 150 Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes to Suit All Budgets

by Beverley LeBlac - £9.99  Virgin Books (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780753515440 | ISBN 10: 075351544x

Simple, healthy and delicious recipes even a first-time cook can whip up in no time.
One of the hardest things when you're a student is maintaining a healthy diet whilst on a strict budget. And if you're a vegetarian, your choices can often seem limited.
The Student Vegetarian Cookbook is full of easy, mouth-watering recipes that won't put a strain on your overdraft but which are a bit more interesting than the usual bland student fare. From Asian curries, Chinese stir-fries and Spanish tortillas to Mexican enchiladas and Russian Stroganoff, the recipes have international flavours but are simple and inexpensive to prepare.
* How to maintain a healthy veggie diet
* A guide to preparing fruit and vegetables
* An introduction to using herbs and spices
* Tasty soups, snacks and salads
* Basic dishes and ideas for light meals
* Recipes for vegans too
* Lots of money-saving shopping tips
* Clever ideas for making the most of leftovers
* Weekend cooking and cheap ways to feed a crowd
* Tempting deserts
* Great cocktails - and hangover busters for the next day.
This is a cookbook you will want to keep in your kitchen long after your student days end.

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