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Newspeak in the 21st Century

by David Edwards and David Cromwell - £21.99  Pluto Press (2009)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780745328935 | ISBN 10: 0745328938

Since 2001, Media Lens has encourgaed thousands of readers to challenge the distorted version of the world presented by major newspapers and broadcasters. The media responses included in Newspeak expose the arrogance and servility to power of leading journalists and editors, starring Andrew Marr, Alan Rusbridger, Roger Alton, Mark Urban, David Aaronovitch, Jeremy Bowen and many more.
Newspeak is packed with forensic media analysis, revealing the lethal bias in "balanced" journalism. Even the best UK media - the Guardian, the Independent, the Observer, Channel 4 News and the BBC - turn out to be cheerleaders for government, business and war.
Alongside an A-Z of BBC propaganda, and chapters on Iraq and climate change, Newspeak focuses on the demonisation of Iran and Venezuela, the Israel-Palestine conflict, the myth of impartial reporting and the dark art of smearing dissidents.
Praise for Media Lens:

"Regular critical analysis of the media has never been more important. Media Lens has performed a major public service by carrying out this task with energy, insight, and care."
(Noam Chomsky)
"Media Lens does an outstanding job of pressing the mainstream media to at least follow their own stated principles and meet their public service obligations. [The result] is fun as well as enlightening."
(Edward S. Herman)

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