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Now Where Did I Put My Glasses? Caring for Your Parents - A Practical and Emotional Lifeline

by Jackie Highe - £12.99  Simon & Schuster Ltd (2007)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780743295314 | ISBN 10: 0743295315

Approximately 10 million people in the UK are over 65 - and that number is growing fast. Every year, thousands of people face the traumatic challenges brought about by their ageing parents' ailing health. The question of care places a huge burden of financial and emotional stress on a growing number of families, who may feel overwhelmed but who want to do the right thing to ensure their parents' dignity.
Former editor-in-chief of Bella magazine Jackie Highe has written a book that is a lifeline for people who need emotional support and validation as they do their best to cope. With clearly laid-out guides to services and options, the book covers all the practicalities - everything from organising home care to power of attorney to how to choose a care home.
But it does much more, taking readers on a journey through their own feelings, from when the first changes appear - when talking can be difficult - through all the ramifications of ill-health to death itself. It tackles what can often be a murky and depressing subject with warmth and humanity, using true stories and deeply moving quotes from people who are living through the changes.
This book brings to life the rollercoaster of emotions that families live through - and provides clear practical help and support.

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