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The Strength to Say No: One Girl's Fight Against Forced Marriage

by Rekha Kalindi with Mouhssine Ennaimi - £10.99  Peter Owen Publishers (2015)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780720617924 | ISBN 10: 0720617928

An inspiring true-life story that will resonate among those who decry the oppression of women, Rekha Kalindiís book has been a publishing sensation in France and is now published in English for the first time. Kalindiís story and her advocacy of the rights of women and girls bears comparison with that of Nobel laureate and activist Malala Yousafzai.

In a remote village in Bengal, eleven-year-old Rekha and her large family live by rolling handmade cigarettes. She observes the abrupt departure of her friends who marry and go to live with their mothers-in-law, where they are often treated like slaves. In spite of her youth, Rekha is aware of the harm done to these little girls. When, in their turn, her parents find a husband for her, a man she doesnít know, she flies into a blinding rage at the idea of being taken away from school for good. After persuading them not to marry her off against her will, Rekha goes from village to village to tell her story and to explain the tragic consequences of early marriages. Thanks to her, dozens of children in the region found the courage to say no to this tribal tradition. Her exemplary journey gained her the recognition of the highest courts in the land, and she went on to become a recipient of Indiaís National Bravery Award.

Written with the collaboration of Mouhssine Ennaimi, The Strength To Say No, translated from Ennaimiís acclaimed French edition, is a documentary portrait of one girlís monumental struggle and an inspiring story to young women all over the world.

Translated from the French by Sarah Lawson

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